The Wild Woman

I am a wild woman here me rawrrr!!! Over the past few years, I’ve been getting the DEEP soul call to return to my true NATURAL self.  Since I was little, I adored nature. Momma Earth was my mother and my richest nourishment came through my communion with her. I grew up backpacking into the woods and jumping into rivers. Throughout the years I continued camping and hiking, but there was a deeper relationship apprenticeship that my heart was calling for.

I found myself growing out my bleach blond hair and revealing my ROOTS.  I traded in my hills for bare feet and my bra just HAD to go! My diet became more organic and I yearned to lay under the stars… what was happening? This transition was conscious, it was like going through a second puberty, but I still don’t know what the underlying motivate for change was. It was a challenging transition letting go of cultural safeties (ready more about my transition here), so WHY? Why did I do it…? Because my inner wild nature… my essence as a woman and all my my female lineage, raged with Pele thunder (literally when I was in Hawai’i) for me to come back to my wild and expressed roots! Now, no one has to go too extreme… nature is balance.  I’ve come to a beautiful middle ground of expressing my beauty and civilized nature in a way that works for me.

During this time I worked intensively on honoring and releasing for what was passed down to me from my female lineage. Muccccch of what we experience and manifest in our present lives, stem from women passed. It is one of my great passions clearing the line and reconnecting to our tribal souls so that we feel all of our archetypes as mothers, sisters, daughters and wise women pulsing through our veins.

I pay tribute to my ancestors, my grandmothers, my mother and all of my loving sisters along the way for loving me and teaching me who I am. I pay homage to all the storytellers and courageous women of the past, Clarissa Pinkola Estés (author of Women Who Run with the Wolves), and Alexandra Schueler of Wild Women Speaks for giving me strength and inspiration to be more of my wild + free self!


Feminine Wholeness ~ Womb and Ancestral Empowerment!

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