By Bridget Nielsen

As seen on Gaia TV. If you saw a painting you liked on the episode, original paintings and affordable prints may be available. Updated gallery, coming soon! Please contact Bridget through the website for details…

Spiritual Art Foretells Consciousness

Spiritual art delivers transcendence and breathes new life into the human soul. Throughout history, art has foretold the emergence of human consciousness. How does one express the unexplainable? … The subtle frequencies, while newly born from higher realms, are only graspable through abstraction, vibration and color, therefore necessary for conceptual articulation to take place. Art encapsulates the future in a timeless moment of awe. It is translated through the vessel of the artist who is acting as a momentary creator for the human collective.

The grandeur of human potential and archetypal spiritual symbology has been the cornerstone of art for millennia, shifting our perspective back and forth from the realization of our Godhood to the humility of our mortality. Caravaggio captures this through the masterful play of dark and luminosity, while Michelangelo reveals the emotional side of humanity. Are we God? Are we human? The artist is the vessel, traversing Jacob’s ladder to grasp answers, using abstract or clear transmissions to help us understand universal consciousness.

“Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.”  – James Turrell

The Purpose Of My Artwork

My paintings are portals into unseen realms, allowing a greater connection to the spirit world and one’s higher self! This artwork is an ascension tool that maintains high energy in your space to elevate your personal awakening journey.  For much of history, original spiritual art has been locked away in the homes of the rich, art galleries and religious institutions. It is my passion to make these sacred tools available for you to bring reflections of the sacred to your home and inspire your daily experience.

Original, spiritual art invokes a spark and impression from higher realms. This transcendent moment is captured and held by its physical form and can be easily tapped into, through its energetic imprint. I follow the Eastern tradition of infusing my original paintings with chi (life-force energy) during its creation, and throughout the drying process. I imbue the art with deep prayers and living frequencies to assist the client’s spiritual expansion. I have had several clients share that they’ve seen orbs and energies come through my paintings. Thus, I recommend original paintings for your home, however big, over digital prints. An original energy painting will act as a long-term guide and energetic signature to uplift you.

If you do not feel drawn to one I have already painted (paintings below), I would be honored to intuit a painting for you. Share with me your intentions of what you would like it to bring into your life: high energy, inspiration, guidance, play, support, etc. We can also collaborate on a specific color pallet.

Spiritual Art To Enlighten Your Home & Life

My original spiritual eco oil paintings range from $395-$4,500 (plus shipping) depending on painting & size (pmt plans available), my realistic portraits (people and animals) start at $495 and my underwater watercolors start at $295. Many of my watercolor paintings, and some of my abstract spiritual art, are available for as very affordable digital prints. Please contact me for details!


I use natural, pigment based paints with cold pressed oils and NO toxic paint thinners. I transitioned from toxic petroleum based paints and thinners for 2 reasons:

HEALTH + SUSTAINABILITY: I was tested for high levels of neurotoxins after years of painting, and getting high, off of toxic paints and fumes. Using these materials is extremely unhealthy to me as I paint, to the environment and to YOU. Even if you don’t smell paint after it dries, the toxicity is still present. The new paints I use are far less toxic.

ENERGY: I create spiritual art so the frequency of the materials is the foundation for the energy to flow. The white paints I use (in every painting) are made of ground quartz crystals (which can be easily infused with energy), granite and titanium. Many of my green and violet Italian pigments are from the ones used by famous Renaissance painters. It is very excited for me to work with such beautiful and precious pigments.

Watercolor Gallery


Seeing The Unseen Series 2012


London Series 2013

Pencil Portrait Gallery


Recent Abstract Paintings: 2015 – 2018


I received my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, with a minor in art history from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

✧ 2009 – Group Exhibition, Frederick R. Weisman Museum Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

✧ 2010 – Solo Exhibition, “SouthEast Wonder”, Fairmont Hotel, Santa Monica, CA

✧ 2012 – Solo Exhibition, “Seeing the Unseen”, RStudio, Los Angeles, CA

✧ 2012 – Solo Exhibition, “Paint the Town LA”, Pacific Arts Center, Beverly Hills, CA

✧ 2012 – Group Exhibition, “The Mother Archetype”, Art For All People Gallery, Malibu, CA

✧ 2013 – Solo Exhibition, “Portals of Reflection”, Portabello Rd., London, England

✧ 2013 – Group Exhibition, “Serene Spendor”, Anyi Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

✧ 2014 – Solo Exhibition, “Cosmic Wonder”, Unity Church, Sedona, AZ

✧ 2015-2023 – Create commissions for private patrons

✧ 2024 – Featured Spiritual Art on GaiaTV


By Jordan Peterson


The Art Of Grace – “It’s difficult to put into words how Bridget’s art affects me because it goes beyond words, to that mystical place that precedes their expression, where what is Known is distinct from what has been learned.   It speaks to something both primal and vital. When I received my Soul Painting of my dog Sara who died,  I felt her Aliveness in its current form.
It gave me a strikingly resonant updated image of  her timeless vibrancy. Not as it was in her last days, but as it always IS.  It allowed me to hold her in a new way.  Seeing her abstracted yet clear form, I could more deeply sense her timeless Presence.  Years later I can feel the composition evolving along with me, and am moved by its movement.  A reassuring continuum of Life emanates from Bridget’s beautiful etheric strokes.
My Soul Painting hangs in the entryway stairwell, and stares well.  Whether I’m headed up or down, like the Mona Lisa’s eyes there’s a palpable through line that connects me to it -and to Sara- no matter what my location is.  Sara melds into the mountains, framed by the heavens, with ample space to roam.  It is a living metaphor that pulsates.
Bridget  didn’t merely capture Sara’s essence;  she liberated it.  Grace-full Gratitude for your multitude of artistic gifts Bridget.  They keep on giving.”
Karen Seeberg | Topanga, CA

“Bridget’s art is very much alive and vibrant. Outgoing and interactive. It creates small openings in our reality, letting in a flow of high vibratory and positive communications from other dimensions and realities.”
Hernán García

“Artwork is the key for you. In this way as you explore a new paradigm in expressing your artwork, in a new way, it will open up new dimensions. Do you understand that artwork is a mirror?

(Response: Yes) The more you carry through when you have the expression of your art, this concept, that it is a mirror of all those who look upon it; you will find yourself capable of creating holographic works that will touch many in a variety ways, on a different number of levels and each person, no matter who they are that looks upon that work will get something unique and very different out of it, even if they seem to be polarized extractions.”


Ready For A Painting Of Your Own?