A Transformational Program for Feminine Empowerment & Embodiment

“Awaken the Sacred Feminine Within You… to Create a Nourishing Life of Fulfillment, Passion, Confidence, and JOY!”

Hello Dear Sister, 

I’m honored that you’re here. 

Let me introduce myself… My name is Bridget. 

For nearly 15 years, I’ve trained in a dozen form of somatic therapy, shamanic healing schools, inherited family trauma, and soul retrieval integration. 

For the last 5 years, I’ve dedicated myself ~ whole heartedly ~ to feminine remembrance, through ancient processes, for initiation into womanhood because…

Let’s start at the beginning. This is my story…

And maybe you can relate to this too… 

I’m going to be blunt and honest straight away. There’s no more time for B.S., or for any of us to be distant from our true selves any longer…

From a young age, I was taught from MTV, family, and culture that becoming ‘the woman in the red dress’ who turns heads, the woman who changes herself for others, and becomes a need-less ‘boss babe’… was an ideal WOMAN. 

So I followed… what I now know is programming… 

In my 20s, I seeked attention and validation from men, overextended myself, and created an awesome career which allowed me to live wherever and however I wanted… but I felt empty, anxious, and confused. 

I woke up in my 30s and thought, “Oh shit… this isn’t working. I did all the things to be a ‘good girl’ or an ‘ideal woman’, but I’m just a grown up little girl… burnt out, and unfulfilled.”

Worst of all was the thought of my 8-year-old self seeing the ‘woman’ I’d become…  She’d be impressed by my career, travels, and friendships, but would be saddened by how I presented myself (lustfully sexualized on social media at times), and how I allowed myself to be poorly treated in romantic relationships. 

It’s hard to even type this and admit. Don’t get me wrong, there were many parts of my life that were great. I am incredibly blessed, but my life wasn’t being lived from my expression of  feminine embodiment. I wasn’t a true woman and I was pissed…

Who wrote this script? 

Where were the mothers, grandmothers, and public figures pointing me in the direction that is aligned with my soul, instilled self-respect, and celebrated my unique feminine essence? 

They are checked out, drowned out, or programmed themselves…

The more I looked, the more I saw an over-sexualized, suppressed, work-oriented narrative being pushed… even harder, especially in the realms of the “sacred feminine” circles.

A social media frenzy where objectified image, power, and pretense has the highest cultural value. What a nightmare! 

Other women that I looked up to used hyper-sexualization or imbalanced masculine drive as THE solution to reignite passion and self worth. 

Now those methods may work for some, but not me… 

I was gutted… knowing from the deepest part of my soul that ALL the stuff out there was a bandaid for deep pain… 

It hurt so so much… so I let go of EVERYTHING that I thought I knew, and it was terrifying… Is there anything else? Is there more??

By the grace of Mother Divine, I was quickly caught by incredible mentors, whispers of the ancestors, and a secret 4 year container held by ancient elders, and women who never forgot… 

For months… really years, I felt like I was reaching in the dark towards something anciently familiar, but unrecognizable in today’s world. 

I knew there was no going back, and the only way through was by surrendering to the velvety void.

After 5 years of deep initiations, healing, listening, and deprogramming, I’m on the other side…

Humbled, delicate, and mighty!

Now, I have a question for you… “What if your deep yearnings and intuitive call within… KNEW all along?”

What if you listened to her? 

What if you left the confusion and pain caused by the distance from your heart and womb behind. 

What if you followed her rivers edge and returned, and emerged as the true Woman you are… 

A woman who listens to nature and who all of nature responds to… 

A woman connected to her rhythms and the pulse of her body

A woman who unceasingly listens to her intuition and sacred creatorship 

A woman who commands NO with boundaries and empowerment

A woman who fiercely defends and honors her sacred sexuality

A woman who is a shining light and precious gift to her community

A woman who is a true sister and uplifts the women around her

A woman who children feel inspired to witness and encouraged to become

A woman who cherishes her man, and who men honor and revere for the sacred treasure she is

A woman who respects and deeply loves herself… and with every breath, wrinkle, and experience falls more in love with her sacred path

A woman who with her very last breath relishes in the aligned sacred way she walked in this life. 

A woman who remembers…

   Breathe  Feel   Remember 

The Curriculum of WOMAN

Let’s start at the beginning… together.

I created ‘Woman’ for you…

This transformational ~ 13 Week Journey ~ is a gentle and potent approach to unfurl, with patient witnessing, the inner flowers of your heart and womb.

It’s time to make yourself THE priority in 2024… To fill your cup and learn to receive, so you can radiate your ecstatic essence, and be full in order to overflow and serve others.

No more self-abandonment. This is a space to show up for yourself and carve out time, through this dedicated space, to create trust and nourish your heart.

This is a kind, sweet, deep, rich, fulfilling, serious, playful, and fierce sacred space to return to yourself…


What You Can Expect On This Transformational Journey! 

  • Discover your feminine virtues and authentic essence 
  • Call back your energy + power, and reclaim your sacred NO! 
  • Transition from dopamine to an oxytocin hormonal lifestyle
  • De-program cultural distortions and sexual programs
  • Discover your innate beauty and radiant ‘shibumi’
  • Restore your matrilineal line and relationships with women
  • Experience true safety in your body and emotions 
  • Attract (or enrich) an ecstatic loving sacred union relationship
  • Open to the most fulfilling orgasms of your life

What You’ll Experience and Embody… 

Each woman is beautifully unique, and with devotion and gentle care, this program is designed to assist you…

● Embrace Self-Love & Confidence: Unlock radical self-acceptance, forgiveness, and self-respect to empower unshakable knowing in your self-worth, and sacredness as a woman.

● Soften Into Your Feminine Essence: Live from your feminine rhythm, balance your masculine + feminine energies, celebrate all phases of womanhood, and rekindle your ancestral treasures!

● Harness Your Emotional Sensitivity As A Superpower: Experience your empathic spirit and emotions as a gift! Experience all of your feelings, yearnings, hesitations, and dreams as…not only valid, but essential teachers for your wholeness.

● Ignite Your Sensuous Nature: Discover your unique ‘wild woman’ essence, passionate expression, and sensuality to attract and sustain a deeply fulfilling relationship — devoted to sacred union.

● Elevate Your Expression To Live Your Purpose: Align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the most authentic version of yourself, so you can be full in order to overflow and become a role model or leader.

● Awaken Your Intuitive Nature: Coax your primal instincts by cultivating deep listening to reconnect with your true nature, and live life as a ritual + ceremony. Unlock your innate creativity and discover your true voice!

“Bridget is an incredible teacher with such a deep profound knowledge and wisdom. The techniques that she uses opened my mind and the course literally changed my life.” – Severine, Germany


Small simple steps ~ every day ~ is where real change and transformation takes place.

This program is designed like a retreat that is woven into your everyday life… spread over 3 months. It’s easy to go on a retreat and feel fantastic, but often integrating transformation back into your everyday life is tough… where you can get into ruts, and find yourself in negative patterns. At home, in the daily, is also where the most impact and transformation can take place!!

Woman is designed to shift you… from within your life. 

With the deep support of this sacred container, weekly calls, weekly exercises, creative practices, and interactive group, you’ll have the resources and support you need to become the woman you yearn to be… in your daily life. 

We can address and work with the challenges that pop up, and the group curriculum will help resolve the root energetic origins of your core negative patterns. 

This 13 week journey is a gentle approach to unfurl the inner flower of your heart, womb, and soul expression.  

We live in a world of instant manifestation, but the deepest and most sensitive parts of us need time to feel safe to emerge… Trauma takes time to melt. The richest and most delicate layers of self, and the feminine, need space… over time, which is why I designed this program to be 13 weeks.


Together, we’ll weave a sacred container of light to be a refuge from distortion in the world, and cultivate a nourishing temple for your transformation and initiation into (true) womanhood to take place. 

This ‘vessel’ of our container is an energetic space that I will vibrationally hold all of us, with immense spiritual support from benevolent non-physical beings and The Ancestors. 

The brighter, clearer, tighter, and deeper the space, the more safety and remembrance can take place…

You’ll be asked to contribute to this sacred space with your devotion and presence. For group calls, this entails attending at least half of the calls LIVE, and on time — with your camera on, present and ready to dive in. It also means dedicating yourself to the exercises and practices. The more you give and dedicate yourself to this process, the more it will assist the group, and the more the group will assist you. Reciprocity. 

You are also asked to come as you are… authentically feeling whatever is coming up for you… be it sad, happy, or angry. Honest sincerity is a gift. 

I’m at a point now on my path, and as a teacher, to serve in a bigger way. This program is my #1 focus. I am present and here for you.

I don’t know if I’ll hold this LIVE container ever again, so now is the time to be a part of it! 

I lay down a prayer that our group ripples benevolence and upliftment to all whom participate, and that our unified circle overflows to empower and support our children, men, families, community and the world. When 2 or more gather the Christic energy is with us… When 8 or more gather, magic and powerful healing emerges.


I’ve dedicated myself to personal transformation, spiritual cultivation, and have trained for nearly 15 years in dozens of forms of somatic therapy, shamanic healing schools, inherited family trauma, soul retrieval integration, and more…

I have the capacity to hold a profound and safe container for you to heal, renew, and blossom. For the past 5 years, I’ve been in rich apprenticeships and initiations with ancient elders to remember, and embody my sacred feminine and I’m ready to share… I’m here to hold you, and empower you to fly. 

Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world.. She has evolved as an international speaker and published author. She is a world renowned facilitator and has fascinated groups at nearly 40 retreats in sacred sites around the world. 

My facilitation will help you live from your awakened intuition and embody the sacred creator you are! 


Each week we will deep dive into real, meaningful topics to receive clarity, guidance, healing, and support. We’ll cover a deep esoteric aspect of the feminine, and apply it to relevant aspects of your life for empowerment and upliftment.

The Beginning – Call #1 Returning To The Sacred – Remembering your unique feminine nature and restoring self-trust

Month 1 – Connection with Self 

  1. Returning to Your Natural Rhythm – 5 Phases of the Moon
  2. The Trinity of Female Initiation – Self Love, Beauty, Aging
  3. Creative Expression – Throat Chakra & Past Lives
  4. Receiving & Filling Your Cup – Feminine Virtues & Boundaries

Month 2 – Connection with Women

  1. Secure Attachment with Mother, Earth &Inner Child
  2. Coming of Age – Womanhood Initiation
  3. Belonging – Sisterhood Wound & Healing
  4. Matrilineal Treasures & Healing Support

Month 3 – Connection with Great Spirit, The Masculine, & Community 

  1. Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy in Modern Life
  2. Sacred Sexuality, Intimacy & Cosmic Orgasms
  3. Romantic Relationships & Sacred Union
  4. Feminine Leadership & Service – Nature, Life & Children

There will be 2-3 bonus guests and mentors throughout the journey to help facilitate with their pure hearts, and vetted expertise.

The following are the foundations of this program. The definitions and beliefs surrounding these topics are being redefined, and distorted in current culture… Here are definitions and the energetic orientation that will be the basis for this program, our sacred container, and your transformation… to assist in your re-wilding, realigning, and remembering… throughout this journey. 

Remembering the Nature of Woman: A woman is a biological female who has the ability to create life from her womb…

Softening into Safety: True safety, listening, and respect is a necessity for feminine blooming…

Sanctifying Your Sacred Temple: The core need for a woman to unfurl into a decedent rose of nectarous riches… is reverence, respect, and deep listening…

Restoring Connection with the Sacred Masculine: Honoring and celebrating your sacred nature as a woman includes being in harmonious connection and valuation of men…

Rekindling Sisterhood – Women Need Each Other: Women have circled together from time memorial…

Click Here to Read the FULL, Fleshed Out Definitions! >>

The Circle Calls

This program includes 13, 90 minute calls (with an extra 30 minute bonus, for those who choose to stay = 120 minutes). 

These calls will keep you accountable on your spiritual path by giving you weekly mentoring and powerful ceremonial space that will motivate you to show up and shine your light as you transform into your true self in your everyday life. 

These calls are sacred spaces for transformation and a sanctuary… to cultivate and invite feminine presence into your everyday life.

The format of the calls is very specific to make the most of our special ~LIVE~ time together, and to honor everyone’s individual time. 

  • 10 Minutes: Feminine Embodiment Practice
  • 20 Minutes: Weekly Lesson & Remembrances (Teachings)
  • 30 Minutes: Healing Process and/or Transformational Meditation
  • 30 Minutes: Reflections & Group Sharing 

Bonus – 30 Minute Coaching Support: After each 90 Minute Call, I will close the ‘official container’ and stay on to work with whoever needs personal one-on-one support or has questions about anything that is arising from the material and process. This is dedicated time for tailored — emotional and energetic processing, the primary call is for deep group work and sacred cultivation.

All calls will be recorded and available for replay within a day of the live call.

Each call will begin at 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. Pacific Time to accommodate women in Europe and Australian time zones. We’ll prioritize Sundays for most of the calls, some of them will be on a different time and day to accommodate other other scheduling needs.  

 Woman is an online program ‘retreat’ to assist your ongoing feminine awakening  and heart-expanding experience that is only available here, in this exclusive setting… just for you!


✓ Guided Journey Over 13 Weeks in a Sacred Container of Healing Transformation
✓ 13 Immersive Sacred Ritual & Remembrance Calls
✓ 13 Ritual and Practice Exercises
✓ 13 Creative and Journal Prompts
✓ Sisterhood Connection Via Telegram Group
✓ Half Price on WOMAN For Ladies Attending My Sedona Women’s Retreat

Part of “knowing thyself” is having the support, love, and positive (and honest) reflections of others!

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with dozens of other like-hearted soul sisters, to befriend, and connect with on your spiritual path in our private Telegram group!

The first call begin on the New Moon ~ Sunday ~ March 10th, 2024 at 10AM Pacific via Zoom. 

Take The Next Step…


To register, and be a part of the program – fill out the application below ↓!

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How Do I Join WOMAN?

Fill out the application above! ☝️ Bridget will reach out to your shortly if this program is a fit for you! After that, you can officially register and be a part of this transformational program! 

For a limited time, you will gain LIVE exclusive lifetime access to this powerful program and sisterhood of women. The doors to this sacred space will be closing at the end of February, to seal our container, go deep, and transform together!

This program is LIVE and may not be again… 

Is WOMAN For Me?

This program is a designated for biological women, and is for women of any age, after initial mensuration (‘coming of age’ 13-15 years old).

If you’re ready for letting go, remembering, and restoring then this program is for you… This is a fundamental shift and initiation into embodying your womanhood.

You can come with your ‘mess’ and challenges as long as you are dedicated and humbly willing to change… and become more of your true self…

Now your transformation may take a day, 3 months, or a lifetime… There is no rush in this program… Take the time you need to become the person your molding and creating yourself to be — out of the clay of this lifetime. 

You don’t need to be ‘perfect’, or any way you’ve seen before… 

This is a whole new reflection and remembrance of who you, and other women can be! 

WOMAN is for you if you wish to create positive shifts in any aspects your life. It will help you remember your inherent sacredness and unique essence as a woman to shine in your everyday life. 

If current cultural narratives don’t resonate, and don’t work for you anymore… Then now is the time to take the next step!


You can get 100% of  your money back… Guaranteed!

I’m so confident that you’re going to love this program that you can have a full 14 days once the program is LIVE to experience it with zero risk!

If at any point you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth… or if you’d like a refund for any reason at all, just email bridgetnielsen1@gmail.com and I’ll process your refund ASAP!

No questions asked! Your satisfaction and what works for your spiritual growth is my number one priority.


What Others Are Saying

About Bridget’s Women’s Work


Working with Bridget changed my life on so many levels… With expert perception and incredibly rooted insight Bridget enabled such a deep space of healing that I began to witness some of the biggest internal changes I have ever felt. These changes continue to move through me and my life as the days go by.

Bridget is a dedicated and devoted healer. She walks her talk and truly allows her own experiences to the orchard which bears fruit. I recommend all my friends to work with her and will continue to do so as I know her consistent ability to show up will only deepen. 

I have also watched Bridget step into her own power as a woman over the years, and it is by far one of the most remarkable shifts I have seen in anyone.

She holds a space of deep integrity and embodies the feminine principles of life with grace. Everyone deserves to spend time in her radiant, discerning, powerful energy at least once!”  – Dilara, UK

“Through Bridget’s tenderness and loving compassionate presence, I felt truly held and safe, which opened up the space I needed to go deep into parts of myself that did not trust me. I felt a sense of “coming home to my true essence”… a somatic feeling that is beyond words.

Bridget has a gift to see clearly right to the core of what is going on, and intuition and wisdom beyond her years to help bring awareness and guidance so one can take their healing into their own hands. 

This awareness has been life changing and has helped me to move forward… Her magic even helped me to understand my deepest struggles as a vital part of my soul’s yearning to grow and evolve in this life. I am so grateful, and I recommend her work to anyone seeking healing—with all my heart!”  – Taylor, Italy

“Bridget is an incredible teacher with such a deep profound knowledge and wisdom. The techniques that she uses opened my mind and literally the course changed my life.” – Severine, Germany

“It’s truly unusual to find someone who is on the ancient path of spiritual seeking and sharing such potent wisdom from a place of true integrity and humility.

Impeccable integrity, kindness and gentleness/caring, a powerfully solid and timeless value system and consistently showing up for what she believes in or “walking her talk” are all key components to the way Bridget shows up in the world.

She truly is in service, she gives and guides from her heart, and illuminates the wisdom and true knowingness that is innate in each and every one of us.” – Samantha, South Africa

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My true aim is to give you the opportunity ~ with immense support, tools, community and nourishment ~ for you to return to yourself! And like I said earlier, immersion is key!

During WOMAN, I’m hosting a life-changing Women’s Retreat in Sedona for the ladies in this program, and new like-hearted women to meet, ground, and embody everything we’re learning in this program, in person! 

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