Unlock the Secrets of your Ancient Chakras so you can experience Healing, JOY, Balance, and Embody Your Soul Nature!

Journey through the 7 ‘known’ chakras, and 3 hidden chakras, to fully activate your spiritual embodiment!  

Hello, Bridget here!

In the early days, the spiritual awakening journey wasn’t a walk in the park for me… because life on Earth was challenging!!

For yearssss, I felt high (and low) vibrational energies streaming in, but navigating how to work with them was often too much! 

I felt like I had to do it all on my own, in part, because I’m super sensitive and didn’t know who could help me… or truly understand what I was experiencing. 

I was no stranger to ascension symptoms and the pain that seemed to come with ‘new upgrades’.

I tried all the chakra meditations and energy healings out there online… They felt good in the moment, but didn’t have a lasting effect. It felt like I was just getting my head above water before another wave… from the great cosmic ocean would sweep me away during the next eclipse or Full Moon, lol. 

I didn’t realize that most of the spiritual teachers and meditations out there are watered down, regurgitated, and only scratch the surface of profound ancient teachings. 

The same thoughts returned after each waning spiritual attempt, “Isn’t all of this spiritual work supposed to help me feel happy and more balanced…? Isn’t this stuff supposed to translate into my everyday life… give me more energy, and enhance my relationships?”  

I was dedicated and kept charging forward, but eventually felt helpless. 

Then everything changed!!! 

Here’s the scoop and story… 

I’m a sucker for history and travel!  When I was young, I wanted to be Indiana Jones… discovering the holy grail in lost lands. 

Well, my dream came true… After I realized all of the “spiritual fluff” doesn’t work, I began seeking authentic knowledge, like Dr. Strange, in the original ancient lands that have ‘a lineage’ and living transmission. 

To understand what I experienced, I must first begin with where we are… 

In Western mainstream spiritual culture, taking in empty words without spirit… that are spoken from the mind has been normalized as spiritual wisdom. This is the crux of the issue as to why ALL of the other methods aren’t working.

Hundreds and even thousands of years ago, this false-light program unplugged humanity through colonization and religion, and the generations that followed (us) from our chakras and etheric body. 

Even as a sensitive empath, being a Westerner, I was dooped into ‘thinking’ that what is said is spiritual nectar…  

This is where the challenges arise because we’re not truly, energetically, deeply connected to our energy bodies. 

What’s been forgotten is that what is behind words… is EVERYTHING. 

And what’s on the periphery of what has become popular (the 7 chakras) is the foundation of the etheric body and entire chakra system. 

How? Prana, life-force, chi energy animates your etheric body, which is where your chakras reside. Your etheric body activates and sustains the health of the physical body. The incredible part is that when you embody and inhabit your etheric body, you can access profound energetic information from your ancestors and other lifetimes.  

Now, not everyone got unplugged and incredible mystery schools kept the secrets to spiritual embodiment alive, incubating in the embers of ancient traditions.

So I ventured, deep diving and training for thousands of hours with many spiritual traditions and real-deal teachers around the world (Toltec, Rosicrucian, Cabalistic, Vedic, Taoist).

The common thread of soft burning light that weaves through all of them is that the chakras and energy body is ALIVE. It has a spiritual essence and unique energy signature that is accessible through pure intention, presence, and virtue. If it has been dormant for generations, or lifetimes, then having this energy re-lit by the living transmission of a spiritual lineage is incredibly helpful. 

The chakra’s energies are meant to be lived… they are meant to be the source impulses of what moves and inspires us in our lives…

They are impulses from your own unique soul essence that are meant to be translated into the world, aligned with virtue.

I will guide you through this process to first reconnect and anchor what was unplugged by the conquest of negativity to reclaim your sovereign divinity as a radiant embodied soul. 

I’ve spent the past 15 years cultivating and picking up precious gems of wisdom, remembrance, and living transmission to share… and pass on to you right now! 

It’s important to note that masters, in all traditions, spent decades and often a lifetime(s) carefully and arduously cultivating their energy bodies… 

The great news is your chakra awakening and etheric body activation doesn’t have to take a lifetime… And it doesn’t have to take thousands of hours like it did for me… 

It can be a swift and graceful awakening once you align with the pristine energetic signature of your chakras and somatically root back into your etheric body.  

The subtle energy body is called ‘subtle’ for a reason… Through kindly and delicately experiencing these centers that they open. 

The glory of this ‘time of awakening’ is that ALL spiritual levels of evolution and advancement, here and now, are accessible to you… IF you have the key. 

When it comes to the etheric body and chakra transmission, I’ve got it!

“Bridget is an incredible teacher with such a deep profound knowledge and wisdom. The techniques that she uses opened my mind and literally the course changed my life.” – Severine, Germany

You don’t have to experience as much pain and challenge anymore… 

Remember, it’s not your fault that your physical body, subtle energy system, and chakras aren’t balanced and buzzing… 

Like I was just saying, this ‘vibrational memory’ has literally been shut down, shunned, and hidden for centuries… 

Darkness lurks where unconsciousness lives, so through this course you will ignite illuminating awareness to awaken your energy centers, with ease and grace. 

    • Ease-fully ‘digest’ cosmic downloads and ascension energies
    • Clear your aura from lower energies
    • Let go to experience relief and forgiveness
    • Release karmic and etheric cords
    • Seal energy drains and inherited imprints

    I know you’re showing up for yourself and your path… and have the best intentions! 

    Please KNOW that it is your innate birthright, as a spiritual being and epic human to feel, know, and experience the transmission of your natural divine radiance! 

    Hear that and feel it in your heart. You are worthy of experiencing your own joyous, spiritual magnificence!! 

    Being sensitive, you’ll get it, because you’ll FEEL the original essences of the chakra energies… you’ll get ‘the downloads’ in an easeful, “awe-ha” way… 

    Just like me, you’ll say, “Oh, now I get it!!” And maybe giggle with a bit of relief!

    chakra course

    Awaken to High Vibrational Transformation and Experience…

    – Transform your light body into a radiant temple for your soul to embody

    – Express your true self and live with joyous wonder and creativity

    – Attune your vibration to magnetize divine blessings, peace, and healing support

    – Cultivate self-love and empowerment to live from your heart, and love your ‘unlovable’ parts

    – Align with your highest timeline and stand your ground in anchored truth

    – Accelerate transformational shifts with key ascension tools and techniques!

    – Activate and initiate your subtle energy body and secret chakras

    In the Chakra Awakening course, you get instant access to 11 transformational activation meditations, videos, and more, including…


    Secret “Earth Star Chakra” Energy Activation  – 24 minutes 

    This foundational and powerful activation unites your energy body with the soul of the Earth. Through this communion, your crystalline “Earth Star Chakra” will awaken so you can know its energy signature to consciously empower and ‘plug-in’ your whole chakra system to your etheric body. 

    This dormant chakra has been suppressed, hidden, and disconnected by Western Religions for decades, and in some lineages, for centuries. 

    The strength of this chakra, and its energy current, directly correlates to your ability to digest cosmic energy and embody your soul mission. This activation will help you gracefully navigate ascension energies and ground into your soul essence for this lifetime. It also initiates your own direct connection with source, bypassing intermediaries, to increase communication with guidance and divine support. 

    This is a grounding activation to be in active connection with the cosmic energy of Earth, so you can be an ambassador human as you anchor starlight from your respective soul systems. 

    This activation session is available in a streamable and downloadable audio mp3. format.

    Secret “Anchored Sovereignty Initiation” Energy Activation – 25 minutes

    Every culture around the world initiated their young people through the special transition from girl to woman, and boy to man. It was critical for each person to go through this transformational process to individuate in order to embody their soul essence, live their mission, and serve the greater whole. 

    In Western culture, again, this ‘rites of passage’ ritual was forgotten centuries ago. Most people are uninitiated adults which causes pain, confusion, and lack of purpose. Luckily we can receive these ‘rites’ from other cultures who sustain this essential ‘remembrance’ at any age. 

    This original human initiation was a facilitation of a natural process of each person to become sovereign. The first 2 years of life, you are somatically merged with mom and are under guardianship of your parent’s guides until age 7, but at the time of puberty, an opening emerges for full radiant solidification of your own individuality to take place. 

    This initiation activation will call forth the forces within you, from an earlier time, to unfurl and activate your rooting birthright for this lifetime. 

    It’s a powerful and gentle process that your instinctive body and spirit intelligence knows exactly how to traverse and utilize. There is also an opportunity during the activation to let go of energy cording and to reclaim your own energy. 

    You will be guided and held through the energy activation by generations of community who have walked this path of fullness before… 

    This activation session is available in a streamable and downloadable audio mp3. format.

    Secret “Soul Star Chakra” Energy Activation Session – 26 minutes

    This sacred energy session is an holy invitation to ‘make contact’ with the seat of your higher self. By simply taking in and journeying with this new awareness your consciousness will be elevated. 

    Beginning with this session, the cultivation with this energy center will begin a lifelong relationship with your inner divinity, essence, and soul blueprint. Through this activation, waves of inspiration and guidance from your higher self will stream through, for you to receive. 

    The overflow from the ‘Soul Star Chakra’ will continue as you also connect with your guardian angel through this session. Relax and receive divine spiritual attunement and blessings pouring down from your guardian angel. 

    Both your higher self and guardian angel coalesce and reside together within the 8th chakra throne, nourishing the spirit of your soul. 

    This activation session is available in a streamable and downloadable audio mp3. format.


    “Whole System Chakra Attunement” Energy Activation Session – 33 minutes

    This rejuvenating and energizing meditation is a whole body and energy field session. It is designed to harmonize, awaken, and create flow through the whole chakra system.

    It’s a perfect meditation to attune your whole energy body. You can return to it, again and again, when you feel the call for a complete chakra attunement.  

    This activation session is available in a streamable and downloadable audio mp3. format.

    chakra awakening


    Chakra Balancing Meditations – 3 Hours

    Relax and journey through the 7 chakras! Each chakra has its own dedicated 20-30 minute guided meditation.  

    This deep-dive exploration focuses on healing, balancing, and activating each chakra by cultivating their ‘etheric signatures’.

    Bridget tailors each of these meditations to work with your own unique spiritual perceptions by using color visualization, sensory somatic focus, and inner-knowing feelings. No matter how you connect or feel with your body and energy, these guided meditations will effectively assist your personal transformation and awakening. 

    What makes these meditations unique and powerfully transformational is that they help you witness and release shadow distortion programs in your chakras. Using a special technique you’ll be able to kindly and effortlessly let go of chakra blockages. 

    When your chakras are balanced and aligned you’ll have increased life-force and chi which will strengthen your etheric and subtle bodies.  

    • Cleanse, heal, and purify your chakras
    • Awaken and express your soul’s radiance
    • Relax and harmonize your subtle bodies 
    • Inspire your spirit and soul 
    • Uncover your true essence
    • Activate your aura and light body

    These meditations focus on chakra awakening and activation through listening and tuning into each chakra’s unique energy! 

    Each of the 7 meditations will be available to stream or download to your phone or computer through an audio mp3. file. 

    3 Video Lessons Filled with Guidance – 1 Hour

    Before you go on any kind of journey into the unknown, it is essential to know what you are doing and why!?

    When your mind, body and spirit understands, you feel safe, relaxed, and enthusiastic to dive into the meditations. This is important to give you the motivation and excitement you need to experience powerful transformation. 

    In the first video I share an introduction to the course, how to navigate the content, and extra rituals and exercises to support you!

    The other 2 videos are dedicated to giving you the context, background, and potent spiritual teachings behind the secret chakras. 

    chakra awakening

    BONUS! LIVE Chakra Divination – Art Therapy Session – 1.5 Hours

    Each chakra has a vibrational frequency and essence, which manifests as a color in physical reality.  

    Through painting, you can anchor the spiritual energy of the chakras in a deeper way to express and open your chakras, and resolve and release stuck-ness. 

    How do you do it? It’s simple! No skill is needed. 

    Bridget will guide you through the process to communicate with, and connect to your chakras. 

    Art is a wonderful way to enter a “flow state” that bridges the spiritual world, through your mind and emotions, into the present moment. 

    This bonus session activates a relaxed reflective state to create awareness and insight about each of your chakras. It’s a wonderful support and accompaniment to the chakra meditations. 

    You will receive this session in a video format, so you can follow along and see Bridget visually explain how to use paint and color to work with the chakra energy. All you’ll need for this session is a set of watercolors, crayons, or acrylic paints and paper.

    Join this call LIVE with Bridget and others from this course on October 22nd at 10AM Pacific via Zoom. The recording will be available in a streamable video format. 


    ✓ 4 Secret Chakra Energy Activation Sessions (2 Hours)

    ✓ 7 Chakra Healing & Balancing Meditations (3 Hours)

    ✓ 3 Videos on Ancient Teaching and Activation Preparation (1 Hour)

    ✓ Bonus Chakra Balancing Art Therapy Session (1.5 Hours)

    ✓ Private Email Access To Answer Questions Pertaining To The Course

    That’s over 7 hours of healing and balancing meditations & more!

    Retail value for each individual meditation activation is $27 each.

    With 11 mp3. audio meditations that is a value of $297

    Plus the masterclass bonus ($57) and the 3 video guidance lessons ($17 each) that’s a value of $108

    Total value of the Chakra Awakening: $405

    But… Right now, you don’t have to pay that much.

    It’s important to me that this transformational content is accessible to you, so I’m lowering the retail value by over 50%!

    This means you don’t have to pay $405 for this powerful course.

    Get the entire Chakra Awakening course for just $197, and an additional 50% OFF!

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    What other customers are saying…

    “I highly recommend Bridget’s chakra series course. For me, it was a very deep and profound re-connection and clearing of my energy centre’s. I learned so much about my chakras as we went through and now feel more integrated. It’s a series I look forward to re-visiting over and over. Her meditations invite me into a primordial space of healing and renewal.”  – Miranda Cobb, Canada

    “Bridget is an incredible teacher with such a deep profound knowledge and wisdom. The techniques that she uses opened my mind and literally the course changed my life.” – Severine, Germany

    “I better understand my chakras and feel safe in my own heart and body. I’ve noticed that after this program and other personal work I did along with it, I replaced anxiety with unconditional self-love, resulting in love-based empowerment.” – Laura, California

    “Bridget guides these meditations in such an intuitive and sacred way that is held in a pure and integral space. Her presence is so calming and loving, providing a safe and contained space to really dive deep within. I usually feel a powerful shift during these meditations that leaves me feeling deeply connected within my own inner Being and really grounded in the present moment.

    She really has a gift with her soothing voice and insightful words that gently invites us to go even deeper in connecting within our own heart space and open up to the vastness within our Being. As deep and profound as these meditations are, Bridget has a fun-loving way of weaving in a playfulness throughout these meditations and group connections. Her loving light truly radiates even through an online experience.” – Amanda, Arizona

    “I have had great experience traversing the chakra meditations.” – Trevor, England

    “I’ve been impacted so profoundly by the wisdom you share and completing the exercises. Thank you so much for creating such a safe, valuable and potent course!” – Sunny, United States

    Meet your ancestral guides & hear the whispers of your unseen allies.


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