By Bridget Nielsen

In the darkness of womb, I am again shown.

The abandoned Whole, its nature unknown.

Sacred cosmic lights and stars

Golden initiates anointed with Myrrh to Earth

Forgotten, sacred alchemy the stars and soil births


I carry the tribal soul of mothers

Screams of pain spirals back one after another

winter scene with woman and starlight

Due is our long buried nature

The Vine of Source ever pulses blood of the Savior


Gaia’s Cyclical reminders rekindles this fire

Through the cosmic void our seeds transpire

Beautiful sacred image of blue snowflake

Winter Solstice dawns a new journey to embark

For all began from divine conception’s spark


Cherished hearth is the living darkness of mine

Unveiling dawn’s blessing of light to forever shine. 

Light shining through the clouds onto water and mountain