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Feeling Called to Change Lives… And Unlock Financial Abundance For Yourself? 

Bridget reveals everything you need to know to become a sought-after retreat host… through simple, step-by-step guidance, and LIVE comprehensive online retreat training – May 2024!

Hey, Bridget here!

A few years into my business, I was making a pretty good living… But I was exhausted from giving too much, and being on the computer most of the day.

Work felt extra draining because I wasn’t sharing my natural gifts… and my business wasn’t truly abundant.

Now, I’m not a ‘meh’ kind of person… I wouldn’t settle for a mediocre existence! I wanted to THRIVE, live my DREAM LIFE… and help people transform!

Something had to change, so I sent out a heart-felt prayer to the universe, and the next morning my wish was answered… I woke up with a strong inspiration to host my first retreat in Sedona!

I have a background in planning (I’ll teach you how) so the itinerary flowed out of me like butter. I was SO excited, but was instantly faced with my biggest fear… What if no one shows up!!? What if everything goes wrong? What if I can’t deliver a great experience? Ahh…

Well, even with a small following at the time, I sold out my first retreat with the marketing strategies I learned at my years at an ad agency. The latter fears were so much bigger in my head, and everything worked out just fine…

Since then, I’ve created and hosted over 40 sellout retreats over the past decade… domestic and international, big and small…

I LOVE IT. My soul is truly fulfilled… sharing my gifts and expression with others makes ‘work’ feel like play… And the days of not being truly financially compensated are over…

I went from tireless hours… not being reciprocated and sustained to a sustainable 6-figure business practically overnight!!

Whether you’re a healer, influencer, musician, business coach, trainer, practitioner, yoga instructor, team builder, teacher, chef, artist… you name it!

Retreats can be your ticket to a richly fulfilling, and abundantly successful scalable business… and life!

When I look back on the past 10 years, some of my ~ TOP ~ highlight life moments were at my retreats! Being with people in person, in amazing places… doing fun things… is INCREDIBLE!

Everyone needs these experiences in their lives… Especially with everything that happened in the past 4 years, people miss connecting and getting together. That’s one of the reasons that the ‘retreat business’ is expanding and booming right now. With culture driven more online and isolated by the day, returning to what really matters: gathering and connecting in person is a treasured gift and contribution to humanity…

And, in a time where AI and technology are replacing humans, generating new in-person income sources is a MUST for your livelihood and long-term business strategy.

Now is the time to begin!

So, maybe you don’t know how to take the first step… or maybe you’re scared, like I was, that you won’t fill up a retreat (ahh), be able to deliver… or venturing into the the unknown is a bit overwhelming!

No problem, I’m here to help resolve and clear any fears or resistance, answer questions, share proven success strategies, and make everything clear, fun, and dare I say… exciting!

I’ll assist and guide you in the setup and execution, so you can do what you love… share your gifts with others, AND make a wonderful living doing it!


Here are just a few perks to get you excited…

✓  Increase your impact by utilizing your gifts, skills, and wisdom!

✓  Add a new, abundant and sustainable income stream to your business

✓  Create life-changing moments for yourself and others

✓  Set up FREE or tax write-off vacations for yourself, while serving others!!

✓  Deepen with your clients, students, and audience through in-person transformational experiences

Spread positivity through the collective through intentional group gatherings “when two or more gather…”


The TOP 5 Retreat Hosting Pitfalls – Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Solutions For Your TOP Questions Revealed!

  • How to FILL your retreat with or without a following
  • How to plan a hassle-free, enjoyable experience
  • The critical key to make your retreat profitable
  • How to scale your business by incorporating retreats
  • How to prepare yourself to lead and deliver a phenomenal retreat experience!
  • The stress-free and achievable road to your retreat business

Any Type or Size of Retreat or Workshop is Welcome!

Your retreat or workshop idea doesn’t need to be ‘spiritual’ in nature… This training is for ANY type of offering, experience, teaching opportunity, training, or skill development! I’ve done workshops and retreats dedicated to painting, cooking, and wilderness adventure. All topics are welcome and encouraged.

Your retreat or workshop idea can be small… an afternoon workshop hosted at your house, or a luxury all-inclusive tropical getaway. The same principles apply. I’ve done both and can guide you. 

spiritual group in hawaii
spiritual group in hawaii


5 Hour ~ LIVE ~ Immersive Deep Dive with Bridget via Zoom! The times listed below are in Pacific Time Zone to accommodate our friends in Europe and farther East!

SATURDAY ~ May 18, 2024

Session 1: 9-10:30 AM – Your Inspiration, Purpose & Planning

10:30-11 AM – Snack & Bathroom Break

Session 2: 11-12:30 PM – Money, Organization & Logistics

SUNDAY ~ May 19th

Session 3: 8-10:00 AM – How To Facilitate & Harmoniously Run a Retreat

The last 15-20 minutes of each session will include Q&As to get your questions answered and learn through real-life examples!

Lifetime Access To Call Recordings: If you can’t make it live, no worries, the calls will be recorded and accessible ~ anytime ~ through your Teachable account! If you have a question you want answered, send it to me ahead of time, so I can be sure to cover that topic!

Whether you’re dipping your toe into the idea of hosting your first retreat (or workshops), or have already hosted many…

This is an incredible training to lay the foundation of retreat design, hone facilitation, and optimize profitability! I’m excited to share invaluable experience, that I learned through trial and error, to set you up with easeful success right away!


The visioning, planning, skill, and strategy download

DAY 1 – 3 Hours

Session 1: Your Inspiration, Purpose, Planning, & Preparation

  • How to create a clear retreat purpose and intention to attract the right people
  • Daily Flow: activities, workshop ideas, and what time of year, and where, to plan a retreat
  • How to plan an itinerary that supports your style of leadership based on your expertise, personality, and disposition
  • Receive tools and support to feel confident, and fully prepared to lead + deliver

Session 2: Logistics, Organization & Finances

  • How to pre-book and fill your retreat
  • How to plan accommodations, food, travel logistics 
  • How to establish costs, value, and pricing
  • Retreat Design Examples: A la carte workshop vs. all-inclusive
  • Explore my financial spreadsheets, sales pages, and itinerary schedule templates

DAY 2 – 2 Hours

Session 3: How To Facilitate & Harmoniously Run a Retreat

  • Pack in value and facilitate relaxation using ‘story arc’ design. How to balance practical logistics and energetic flow
  • Create group cohesion and fun for everyone
  • Facilitator Success Checklist: Keep your cup full, while you offer transformation
  • How to navigate personalities and group dynamics
  • How to create a safe container that facilitates transformation
  • How running great retreats gets you testimonials and fills up your next ones!!


+ 5 Hours of LIVE Training

+ Q&A with Practical Application

+ 20 Powerful Ways To FILL Your Retreat (Without a Following) PDF Download

+ My Top 10 Retreat Solutions & Pitfalls Revealed PDF Download

+ Training Overview & Retreat Checklist PDF Download

+ Lifetime Access to Recordings

Now I could charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars for everything I’ve learned over the past decade in the retreat biz… Why? Because if you follow my insights and frameworks… your new retreat business can make thousands of dollars per year (on the low end)… and possibly create a new, 6 figure business for yourself! 

This valuable information will also relieve you of sleepless nights, mistakes, precious time, and money lost from going in the wrong direction, or unknowingly creating problems for yourself. Let me help you skip all of that, so you can create an epic experience right away that’s fun, profitable, transformational, and truly life-changing.

I have a wonderful early-bird special to get you in on the ground floor of this awesome training program. 

The price for the whole training is $145. 

AWhen you sign up NOW, it will plant the seed of inspiration in your energy field, and build momentum to make this abundant dream a reality.  

Click the orange button below to sign up now!

Remember you can cancel your purchase and receive a full refund within 30 days of the weekend training. I offer a 100% money back guarantee!

Simply email me at bridget@bridgetnielsen.com and I will process your refund with no questions asked.


Bridget is a world renowned facilitator and has hosted over 40 retreats in sacred sites around the world — international and domestic including Maui, Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Tulum, Glastonbury, Ireland, and more.  

She is passionate about bringing like-hearted people together to experience a natural, high vibrational setting, described by past participants as “life-changing”.  

Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor. She has evolved as an international speaker and author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following.

She was recently on GaiaTV sharing her wisdom about Earth’s sacred sites and spiritual transformation. She brings all of this experience to you to create your own unique retreat experience!


“Bridget’s retreats fill you up in ways I didn’t know was possible, and leave me with a deeper understanding of myself. Bridget creates such a loving, supportive & playful space for each of us to have our own unique experience.

The connection too with the group is extra special – you meet people you feel you’ve known for lifetimes and it’s a joy to rekindle those friendships.” 

Rob Watson

England, UK , Attendee of 7 Retreats

“I’ve attended two of Bridget’s retreats – self discovery in Sedona & the women’s retreat in Maui – & they have been not only exceptionally transformative, but also amazing & beautiful experiences.

Every single aspect of the retreats has been perfection, from the delicious high vibrational food, to the playful soul-blossoming activities, to the sacred sites that we visit, to the breathtaking places in nature where we meditate & connect with the Earth, to the soul tribe that we journey with on these adventures… I cannot say enough good things about Bridget’s retreats or about Bridget herself …

Summer Elize

Asheville, NC & Africa, Attendee of 2 Retreats

My time with Bridget on her retreat was life-changing… Bridget led us on a magical journey that brought us together as a community creating a safe and powerful space for us to embody more of our goddess nature. By the end of the retreat, my body felt satiated, nurtured and rejuvenated.”

Danielle Hering



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