bridget in hawaii leading a sacred site tourBy: Bridget Nielsen ~ Intuitive, Medium, Artist, Eco-Adventurer & Healthy Life Stylist! 

Since I was a youngster, I always loved Halloween. I loved the decorates, the excitement and dressing up! My most memorable moment was when we turned my little brother into a mummy with gauze and he cried because it looked so sparse and funny. As I got older, the stimulation and opportunity of Halloween increased from one night to a week of parties and many costumes!! I had a blast, but knew there was more.

When I started on my spiritual path, I took a break on Halloween. It was the first time in my life I wasn’t wrapped up in parties, candy, dressing up and stimulation. I turned the volume down on that dimension and very naturally, the volume was blasting from another…

I had just gone through a year of intensive intuitive training in family constellations (ancestral trauma), mediumship, “past” lives, connecting with spirit guides, etc so when Halloween came up, I was admittedly a bit nervous! I had opened and developed my sensitivities and I didn’t know if a bunch of spirits were going to howl at my door all night!!!

The [earth-bound, ghost] spirits didn’t come, but other beings did! That Halloween I was filled with more energetic love than I could ever imagine. I could hear my ancestors speaking in sweet whispers and my spirit guides showering me with love!!! It was palpable. I spent the day crying in nature, en-wombed by other dimensional support.

2,000 years ago the Celts celebrated this sacred time as the end of summer (Oct. 31st) and their new year (Nov 1st).  It was a ceremonial time where stories were played out about the cycles of life and death and the Wheel of Life was honored. It was also a time of cleansing, honoring and letting go to prepare for the new.

You have likely heard that the veil between the physical and other worlds is thinned on October 31st.  From Celtic times until now, there is increased access to otherworldly communication during this portal of time. What is not usually said, is that supportive love, inspiration and insight can pour in from other dimensions on Halloween, as well as “ghostly” contact. Sensitive or not… you will feel this opening if you let yourself.

The most powerful times of the year often have chaotic or overstimulated holidays coinciding with these sacred days, which numbs the golden nectar of the energy that can be received.  Feel free to party on and play this Halloween! I simply suggest taking some time for yourself to stop and tune into whoever wants to communicate with you.

Embody a Character Archetype That Inspires You

I have been the naughty nurse, soldier, the cheerleader, the devil and all sorts of strange characters for the big night! I feel Halloween is a great opportunity to get out of the box and express various aspects of yourself.

What I realized in recent years is the importance of consciously choosing “the more” of yourself that you would like to embody! Focus your energy on personality or archetypal energies you would like to develop and incorporate to become more whole.  What part of the Wheel of Life are you one? Are you in a death process or having a rebirth?

The year after this picture, I was a TREE for Halloween! I wanted to start incorporating the natural side of myself. As I write this, I realize that if you are not letting your wild self be free or repressing certain energies (as seen in this picture of me ;)), then playing these characters is healthy to bring those aspects of you to the surface. What are you scared of? Be it! What are you wanting to become? Be it!

Be a Medium of Those Who Have Passed

Dum… dum.. dum dumm……. (spooky music playing in the background)! Yes… yes… You can’t get away from this one. You knew I was going to address it. The most famous communication portal on Halloween is the one with the undead. Now, be very clear. You can only perceive what you are the vibration of so if earth-bound spirits (ghosts) are around, feel what part of you created that energy.

The first thing to note about them is there is nothing to be afraid of. Earth-bound spirits are people, just like you and me, who died but they don’t know they are dead. This happens from suicides, drug overdoses, traumatic accidents, etc. Spirits can also stay around if they have unfinished business and need closure to move on. Their spirit doesn’t know how to go to the light so they become confused and irritated, and ideally desire to find a body.  This is how some people can come to have spirits around them.

So, a few things to ask yourself. Do you have any friends or family who have passed in a traumatic way? Do you have unfinished business with anyone who has passed? Do you feel like you have any spirit attachments that you are ready to let go of (attachments can happen through excessive alcohol or drug use, or if you were in a weakened state where you unconsciously or consciously let them in).  Honestly, talking to earth-bound spirits is like talking to a person. The only difference is they don’t have a body. If you feel someone around you, call in your angels and guides and send these beings into the light. They can be resistant at first, but be gently and they will usually go with the flow. I have many ghost stories, but that is for another time… 😉

Commune with Your Inter-dimensional Support Team

Infinite support is attempting to get to you all the time from your guides, angels, spirit helpers!!! Most of the time they are subtle and gently guide you towards beneficial lessons and keep you on your path. During this thin-veiled season, it is possible for you to feel more of the support they are always giving you!  Ask for guidance to feel them. They will be so excited to consciously commune with you!

You will experience them most easily through your extra-sensory strength~ kinesthetic, clairaudient, clairsentience, etc. Tune into what your natural communication tool is and use it to sense your helpers. For me, I mostly feel my guides through clairsentience which is a knowing sense. I can feel their energy behind, above or around me.

I’m placing the category of ancestors with “Inter-dimensional Support Team” so they don’t get confused with earth-bound spirits. Our ancestors are one of our greatest resources for outside support. They’ve got our back! When you feel their energy, you will feel it hold you from behind. Often times spiritual circles in the West focus on support from above (Angels & Guides) and below (Mother Earth), but miss the support spiraling in horizontally from behind~ these are your ancestors.

Living in young America cities, some of which have only been around for 50-100 years, we forget our roots. Knowing where we come from, reveals who we are. Take time this Halloween to feel the support from your ancestors.

Open Communication with Other Lives

Have you ever thought about how other incarnations (past lives) are aware of you? When I realized this, it made me very excited! Certain lives whose themes involve developing extra-sensory skills and greater esoteric knowledge, would naturally explore their other incarnations. Halloween is the easiest time for you to hear them, if it tends to be more challenging for you to access.

I first heard my witch/nature goddess counterpart (other lives) 4 years ago at the grocery store of all places! It was autumn in Santa Monica and I was quietly living by myself and getting really into cooking. I went to the store and heard a new voice in my head guiding me to roots, dandelion greens and vegetables I didn’t know even existed. I came home and she guided me through the recipe… I, Bridget, had no clue what I was doing. That night my dad came over for dinner and was super confused as to how I chose and prepared these vegetables he nor I had ever seen. I shared with him who helped me and then it made sense! 😉 She comes to me every year now, floating in on the crisp cool breeze at the beginning of October (now). [Side-note~ the whole month of October the veil begins to thin and the days around Halloween are powerful as well!]

Open yourself to these lives communing with you this Halloween. Lives that are more likely to come up because of their psychic developed would be ones from advanced civilizations, connected with magic and nature. Examples Include: Druid, Shamans, Priest/Priestess, Witch/Naturist, Lumerian, Atlantean, Mayan, Native American/Indigenous Cultures, Extraterrestrial (just to make you squirm), etc.  The ones that come to you have the most relevancy to your life now. Don’t TRY to make the connection happen. Set the intention in this moment that you are open to connecting and then surrender the idea completely. Let a life come to you naturally through dreams, meditation or in my case… at the grocery store.

Embrace The Light AND Dark

Halloween has it all~ from angel to devil, all energies are available. It is important to remember that you contain the full spectrum of energy. All Hallows’ Eve marks the commemoration of the day before the fall of Atlantis. This ancient civilization represents destruction and darkness as well as advanced technologies and consciousness.  October 31st and November 1st, gives you the ability to choose what we wish to be and see in the world. What in your life (and the world) are you destroying? What are you creating? How do you embrace the dark and light?


Ironically, the year after my smooth sailing love-filled Halloween, I assisted my Shamanic teacher in clearing crazy poltergeists from a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. You never know what’s going to happen! Everything is possible to perceive and whatever you need to experience will come to you, whether it is loving support or a scary experience to overcome your fears. Be open, brave and know that you have infinite light on your side!!! Happy Halloween!