Ireland Retreat

Connect with the magical lands of Ireland to awaken inspiration, embody your Earth mission, and nourish your ancient soul!

June 27-30th, 2024

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Ireland is a place to come home to your own emerald heart…

Ireland holds a very specific elemental heart frequency of ancient Earth templates that were seeded long ago by races of multi-dimensional beings called the Tuatha Dé Danann.

In this time of evolving Earth, Ireland plays a crucial role in the activation and anchoring of this frequency in the heart of humanity.

Opening and engaging with the emerald heart energy, that is accessible in the dynamic landscape of Ireland, is going back to a primordial place of ancient wisdom.

It can reawaken and open access to the remembrance of that ancient wisdom seeded within our own DNA from epochs of time where elemental reverence was inherent.  

Ireland serves as a bridge to that reconnection process through the potency of her intact folk rituals connected to the feminine, and her evocative mythology. 

Many of us are searching for our deeper roots and a true connection to place in order to ease the sense of displacement… to reconnect with the Motherland, within and without.  

This retreat is designed to activate true connection with the Earth, by being present with her, and igniting the remembrance of our soul purpose on this planet. 

The Gifts Of This Retreat…

What You Will Receive

Ceremonies & Playful Rituals

We will commune and honor the elemental richness of the land through reverent rituals and harmonizing play….

  • Water – Purification ceremony and holy well communion
  • Earth – Ancient stone circle and dolmen connection, ancient Burren limestone (landscape that inspired Tolkien) transmission, and old growth elder tree rooting
  • Air – Remembering your soul song and singing to elemental ancestors of the land
  • Fire – Perpetual flame of Brigid’s and honoring the Solstice fire
  • Emerald Heart Meditation, Ancestral Shamanic Journey, and Tuatha Dé Danann – Inner Earth Meditation

Potent Availability To…

  • Ground, embody, and return to your roots through nature bathing and land adventures
  • Activate the ancient wisdom and light codes in your DNA
  • Awaken your emerald heart radiance to ignite your soul essence
  • Rekindle your connection with nature, and restore the elements of your body to balanced wholeness
  • Connect with like-hearted soul tribe from around the world! 
  • Honor the your Irish ancestors and mystic lands (if you have them, not required receive the codes)

Places We Will Explore

Grange Stone Circle, Lough Gur, Holy wells, Dolmen, Sacred trees, Powerful landscapes, Living forests, Stone alignments, and Much More!

This is a journey to find nurturance, connection and heart activation in the company of like-hearted tribe through the wild beauty of landscape and the elemental realms authentically and playfully… To bring inspiration and renewal in the time of midsummer’s cycle of fertility. 

This retreat is not meant to be a deep dive space for personal processing or working through the traumatic grief that the Irish peoples (possibly your ancestors) have endured. That specific work is best healed in a one-on-one container over time.

Retreat Itinerary

Wednesday, June 26th ~ Travel Day

  • Arrive at your hotel in Limerick
  • Rest for group gathering in the morning

Thursday, June 27th ~ Day 1

  • Carpool from Limerick area to the Burren Region
  • Opening Circle
  • Sacred Vortex Pilgrimage and Holy Well with Mara
  • Lunch
  • Chocolate Shop and Botanical Exploration
  • Holy Well & Stone Speak Meditation
  • Dinner in Limerick

 Friday, June 28th ~ Day 2

  • Gap of Dunloe
  • Emerald Heart Meditation
  • Lunch 
  • Grange Stone Circle with Mara
  • Loche Gur Lake Goddess Connection
  • Group dinner in Killarney
  • Free Time & Relaxation 


Saturday, June 29th ~ Day 3

  • Muckross Abbey Yew Tree Ceremony
  • Ancestral Shamanic & Inner Earth Journey Meditation
  • Lunch
  • Paps of Danu Sacred Mountain Walk
  • Holy Well Water Ceremony with Mara
  • Dinner
  • Brigid’s Fire Ceremony

Sunday, June 30th ~ Day 4

  • Elemental Walk & Connection Meditation
  • Killarney National Park Waterfall
  • Meeting of The Waters Ceremony & Tea
  • Lunch
  • Intutive Art Integration Playshop
  • Closing Circle

Your Retreat Host & Guide

Bridget Nielsen

Bridget is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world… She has evolved as an international speaker and published author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following. 

She is a renowned facilitator and has hosted retreats in sacred sites around the world. She is passionate about bringing like-hearted people together to experience a natural, high vibrational setting, described by past participants as “life-changing”. 

She is passionate about bringing like-hearted people together to experience a natural, high vibrational setting, described by past participants as life changing.  

Irish Guest Facilitator

Mara Elaine O’Grady

Mara Elaine O’Grady is a multi-dimensional healing facilitator, earth wisdom keeper and heart ritualist with a passion for connecting to sacred sites and ancient landscapes in Ireland, and worldwide.  She draws upon a synthesis of healing modalities and embodied earth wisdom with over 15 years of experience working with clients and groups, in Ireland and abroad.  

She is a passionate advocate for nature and for reconnection to the elements of the earth. She loves to seek out natural power places that have profound healing frequencies and access to other dimensional realms. Having lived and traveled to many high vortex energy places worldwide she has activated and embodied many soul aspects that evoke ancient earth codes and stellar frequencies.  She is deeply connected to her homeland of Ireland and the ancient indigenous ways of earth connection, and she assists those longing to connect to the codes embedded within these ancient elemental spaces on the land. 

What is Included

– 4 Day Retreat includes meditations, rituals elemental processes, and more!

– Land Journeys to stone circles and sacred sites throughout County Kerry & County Clare Ireland to iconic, and local hidden treasures!

– Personalized Guidance from Bridget for 4 days, and 3 guided site ceremonies with Irish local Mara Elaine.

– Intimate Group Connection with 13 like-hearted people around the world!

What is not Included

– Airfare to Ireland via Shannon, Cork or Dublin Airport.

– Transportation & Car Rental (Optional*). Transportation to and from the airport, and to our adventure destinations. *At least half of the group can take a taxi/bus to/from the airport and ride with me (Bridget) or the other participants throughout the retreat.

– Lodging. Numerous hotels and affordable Airbnbs are available in Limerick and Killarney.

– Food. We’ll be eating at various cafes and restaurants as a group. You are welcome to go off on your own as well. 

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– Deposit $295 holds your place. Please note that deposits are non-refundable unless we can fill your spot before the adventure begins!

– Early Bird Special Price $895 (£706 or €825) SAVE $150, if paid in full by April 25th, 2024. Price thereafter is $1,045.

– Balance Due After Deposit $600 if paid before April 25th, 2024. If paid after April 25th, the balance due is $750.

– Payment in Full Due 30 days before the adventure begins (May 27th, 2024).

To waive the 3% service fee, email me at bridgetnielsen1@gmail.com


There are no cash refunds. You can apply all of what you have paid towards one of my other retreats or online programs. 

Transportation & Accommodations

– Air. Fly into Shannon Airport (SNN – 25 minutes from Limerick). If you plan on traveling around the country, you can fly into Cork (ORK – 1.5 hours from Limerick) or Dublin Airport (DUB – 2.5 hours from Limerick)

– Car Rental. We recommend renting a car upon arrival in Shannon to use for the retreat (only about $250 total). We only need 2-3 other drivers (with cars) who are excited to volunteer for our group. At least half of the group can ride with Bridget or other participants for the retreat.

– Where To Stay. There are great hotels, B&Bs, and Airbnbs in the region. We’ll begin in Limerick and then caravan to other remote regions and towns… We’ll spend 1 night in Limerick (plus the night you arrive before the retreat) and 3 nights in Killarney. 

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“If something about Ireland speaks and stirs within you…do not think twice about this one-of-a-kind experience! Bridget and Mara weaved a womb of pure magic as we traversed over land and sea. The itinerary was thoughtfully curated and the offerings were genuine and pure. Although I’ve always felt deeply connected with Nature…this retreat has bolstered my sense of knowing in an invaluable way.

I feel inspired to grow and foster deeper intimacy and reciprocity with Nature and Spirit. As an added bonus, the folks that are drawn to these retreats are absolute *gems* so if you’re looking for soulful connection with like-minded people…this is your scene! Thank you, dear Bridget and Mara, we are so grateful for these magical adventures! You two are “the real deal” and the space you hold is a precious gift. Can’t wait to join you again sometime soon!”



“I loved the Ireland retreat and had so much fun. This is the perfect trip for those who want to experience Ireland with other like-minded spiritual people. Thank you Bridget!”



“In the end, the most significant things in life are the matters of the heart. And if we are really lucky, there comes a moment in which we face the deepest wounds, with open eyes and humility, in order to heal. Being able to attend the Ireland Journey was that kind of moment for me.

I can not imagine being more fortunate… To be assisted and guided by Bridget and Mara through the sacred spirits of the Irish forests and ocean, helped me reach clarity and balance. Blessings, I am forever grateful.”



“These retreats fill you up in ways I didn’t know was possible, and leave me with a deeper understanding of myself.

Bridget creates such a loving, supportive & playful space for each of us to have our own unique experience.

The connection too with the group is extra special – you meet people you feel you’ve known for lifetimes and it’s a joy to rekindle those friendships.”


UK (Attendee of 7 Retreats)

Recommended Extended Itinerary ~ Stay a few more days…

Celtic and Norse

Near Killarney:

  • Blarney Castle & Stone – tradition of kissing the stone to receive the “gift of the gab”
  • Cliffs of Mohar (Stop at The Rock Shop in Liscannor, great crystals and coffee shop)
  • Ballyvaughan to Doolin coast drive (spectacular)
  • Galway City – North to Connemara region (Walk Diamond Hill in
  • Letterfrack/ Visit the beaches at Roundstone Dogs Bay / Clifden town)
  • Aran Islands (Boat from Doolin/Galway City & Rossaveal)



  • Sligo – Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery / Knocknarea (Queen Meabh’s Cairn) / Ben Bulben
  • Westport – Croagh Patrick