Ancestral Healing & Connection Course

Discover how to let go of old ancestral energies, so you can FEEL LIGHTER, awaken your genetic gifts, and experience incredible SUPPORT and GUIDANCE in your daily life!

Hey Love, Bridget here!

I’m going to share a story with you about how I learned that the past has A LOT to do with our present state and circumstances.

I was 22 years old. I was a new college grad, my parents had lost all of their wealth in the “2008 Financial Crisis” and I just ended a somewhat traumatic relationship. I found myself out of the warm family nest and in the real world, looking for guidance in the strangest of places… Los Angeles :O.

Lucky for me, Southern California was full of quality healers (at that time) who utilized incredible techniques from various ancient traditions. In my first healing session my healer, who later became one of my foundational intuitive teachers, reflected through means of morphogenetic field dynamics — a life-changing finding that my challenges had manifested due to unconscious patterns in my ancestry.

I was instantly intrigued. I immediately became a sponge and spent the next several years diving into family constellation work, shamanism, intuitive healing, and more… I quit my corporate job and spent the little savings I had on a quality healing training, as well as sessions to rid myself of these sticky issues that were manifesting in my current reality…

I didn’t even recognize myself. The heavy baggage was GONE. I felt light and free! My spiritual life was rich and full of synchronicities.
During the process, I discovered my natural proclivity for intuitive healing… Many of my dormant abilities emerged, which I used in my abundant healing and spiritual art business.

So what caused the shift?? What was the core GEM after years of spelunking and healing????

MOST of your issues, “baggage” and the heavy energy you feel IS NOT YOURS!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… you’ve probably heard this a million times!! I had as well… Then I wondered, “If it’s not mine, then whose is it?”

Yes, some of it can be from past lives, childhood trauma, and the collective conditioning, but the VAST MAJORITY of it comes from your parents and ancestors.

Ever heard of inherited uses? People often associate these with breast cancer or heart disease. If you’re reading this then you likely already know, that physical issues manifest from energetic causes!

Our ancestors are the unconscious mind of humanity. Their morphogenetic imprints sit in the un-manifest, ready to come to life through your epigenetic expression. Science now shows that traumatic experiences pass through DNA.

As I dove into ancestral healing, I let go of TONS of heavy energy, as well as emotions such as guilt, shame, judgment, and martyrdom.

The unforeseen magic that I never expected, nor knew I needed, was astounding energetic support, magic, and guidance. My dad and I uncovered family secrets that led to our understanding of our roots… I also had magical activations and unlocked many ancestral gifts!

It was incredible and life-changing!!!

Here is the AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU! … It doesn’t have to take you YEARS to heal your ancestry or access your inherited gifts. For one, there are thousands… if not millions of people who have been doing this work for years and have already healed and created energetic momentum for you to ride on.

Secondly, I’ve synthesized the golden KEYS, that I’ve tested for over a decade, so you can heal and activate it all in no time!!!!!!

“This was single handedly the most transformative and magical experience of my entire life… These exercises allowed me to not only tap into the wealth of support and love from my ancestors but helped me clear the way for my children and their lineage as well.”

- Michelle C

Access Your Gifts! Experience Incredible Support & Guidance!

Activate your DNA and epigenetic magnificence!

Awaken your energetic inheritance and genetic gifts!

Develop and hone your extrasensory perceptions & empathic boundaries

Receive immense support, guidance, and unconditional love from your empowered ancestors

Meet your ancestral guides & learn to listen to the whispers of your unseen allies

Realign your aura and morphogenetic field (unconscious) with positive timelines

Turn your personal or familial past into a source of strength

Experience deep rooted knowing of your personal soul journey

Experience Healing & Discover Your ROOTS!

Resolve the core origin of your current life challenges (relationships, health, finances, additions, reoccurring emotions/behaviors, and more…)

Clear your unconscious negative patterns that feel sticky and continue to repeat

Release inherited or passed-down (emotional, physical, spiritual) traumas

Experience compassion and empathy for ancestors, parents, and yourself

Free yourself and your family tree from invisible, unconscious burdens

Discover your roots and true family history

And About The Course!

This is a home study course which means you can go at your own pace! I take you step by step through this healing journey through a series of videos, exercises, and meditations!

You won’t be all on your own! I will support you with wherever you’re at in the course via our 2 LIVE calls!! Our private FB group will also be a place where you can ask questions and connect with other like-hearted people going on this journey with you!


✓ 6 Videos Ancestral Teaching, Exploration, & StoryTime Videos

✓ 7 Generations Family Constellation Healing Process

✓  “Bone & Blood Ancestral” Healing Session

✓  “Ancestral Altar” Divination Ritual

✓  Shamanic DNA Activation Journey

✓  Meet Your Ancestral Guide Exercise

✓  Meet Your Tribal Soul Support Constellation Process

✓  6, 90 Minute Recorded Group Q&A Sessions

✓  Private Telegram Group for Sharing & Connection

✓  Ancestral Healing with Angels Meditation by Melanie Beckler

✓  Healing & Boundaries with Mother & Father Process

Each exercise will make you feel lighter and more empowered! Once you’ve gone through the course your inherited gifts will be lit and activated!

Ancestral Healing & Connection Course

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Is This Course For Me?

This course is for you if you wish to create positive shifts in any aspects your life. It will help you remember your roots and create an incredible line of energetic support for you!

✓ Yes, if you want to help the world! Activating your ancestral lines of light is one of the most amazing ways that you can assist humanity by healing yourself!

Yes, if you’re having life challenges (relationships, health, finances, addictions, reoccurring emotions/behaviors, and more…) and/or unconscious negative patterns that feel sticky and continue to repeat.

Yes, if you have re-occurring issues with your family or other generations related to you had lots of hardship…that’s a sign for you to pursue this work. When you heal yourself, through these ancestral processes, the healing becomes available to your whole family tree and lineage! It also heals generations to come.

Your Guide – Bridget Nielsen

The ancestors whispered in my ear and urged me that now is the time to share everything I’ve learned to help YOU awaken your greatness!

Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world.. She has evolved as an international speaker and published author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following.

This course is a compilation of the top techniques that have worked for Bridget and her clients for more than a decade. She is trained in “Inherited Family Trauma”, renown healing schools, family constellation, and communes with the ancestors to create her own unique approach to heal and activate your empowered ancestry.

She is a world renowned facilitator and has hosted many retreats in sacred sites… Cont. Reading

What Others Are Saying About This Course!!

“I highly recommend this course! Working with Bridget is pure magic. Her depth of knowledge and willingness to share what she knows for the benefit of all is unique & remarkable. I found the content of this ancestral course to be transformational on many different levels & layers. With a balanced blend of mediations and practical (powerful) constellation exercises there is a deep well of information to be appreciated by a variety of participants. Bridget presents a clear step by step approach to each exercise, she offers material which has a timeless nature to it; as useful 10/20 years in the future years as it is now.
What struck me most about doing this ancestral work was the concrete feeling truth that our ancestors are always with us, a constant guideline and support system which we can work with and alongside whenever we choose, the benefit of doing so acting as an inherent tool on our personal and collective path. For anyone looking to go deeper, heal yourself and your family, and bring more unconditional love into the world – this course is for you!
Dilara P

Thank you from my heart for all your help support and training this past month in ancestor healing. You are an incredible facilitator and teacher and create a safe and empowering environment to heal our lineages. I have a newfound purpose and motivation after being able to feel the strength of my ancestors, to feel there support, and to understand how blessed I am to have the responsibility to do the work I am supposed to do here with the support of my healed ancestors. I am happier being alone and in my own company because I no longer feel alone ever. I also have learned energetically the importance of boundaries and what energy is not mine to carry through the ancestor healings.
I am so incredibly grateful for the weight lifted off of me because of this. The ancestor healing has allowed me to feel more confident in discussing my spiritual gifts that I have hid for so many years of my life and feel safe telling my family how these connect to our lineage. I also want to mention how incredible the work itself is. How it’s basically a double blind study on your own ancestor healing where you can feel your lineage without seeing the name or knowing what lineage paper you are stepping on and when you open the paper you have this Yerika moment of this really works! This is so empowering for my intuition and discernment in life. I would highly recommend your ancestor healings to others and look forward to continuing to learn from you.
- Laura F

If you experience repeated patterns in your life that aren’t serving you, and you desire a powerful guide to assist you in calling in your ancestral allies, as well as cutting cords with negative ancestral traits, I highly recommend taking Bridget’s course. I know very little about my father or his side of the family, but through this course I’ve connected with seven generations of my paternal family and healed deep wounds of abandonment and rejection.

I could actually sense acknowledgment, sorrow and unconditional love from certain ancestors in that line, one even came forth to share his being the reason I sing so well and have an ear for music. I also got to connect with and heal issues with living family members on an energetic level, where attempting to do so in person has proven to be quite challenging. This course helped me see my family through different filters and perspectives which brought about more compassion and understanding. I’m so grateful for and inspired by Bridget and her Soul Light Collective group, and for the incredible healing work she continues to take on and share with the world. Thank you!

Jasmine P

I had the privilege of being a part of Bridget’s ancestral class. With her direction and support, this was single handedly the most transformative and magical experience of my entire life. I went into it with no expectations and within the first exercise i was blown away. These exercises allowed me to not only tap into the wealth of support and love from my ancestors but helped me clear the way for my children and their lineage as well.

I was able to clear some negative patterns from my families lineage and was shown how these patterns were affecting my daughter directly today. I am happy to report that not only do I have a closer relationship with my mother(after literally experiencing many things she went though and seeing it through her eyes and in her skin) but I have a much deeper appreciation for my family and therefore myself.

Do yourself a favor and go into this with an open mind and heart and take the leap of faith. You will come out of this experience with newfound roots and so glad you did it. Such a beautiful experience, to dance with those that came before us, to heal those wounds for them and in turn for yourself and to pave a new brighter way for your children and loved ones. What a blessing.

Michelle C

This is the most transformative work I have done; it is simply profound.
I clearly see that challenges and aspects of my current experience that come from my ancestry is unable to be acknowledged, until I know there is a solution.
Bridget’s class simply and deeply gave me access to discover and acknowledge these parts of myself I have been disconnected from, and provides the tools to heal my ancestral lines and become more of myself as I let go of the distortions I have carried around for others.
It is challenging to put into words how cleansing and forgiving the distortions in my morphogenetic field that co-creates every aspect of my life has transformed my life …. I will say it is worth finding out for yourself!”
- Blair S.

Meet your ancestral guides & hear the whispers of your unseen allies.

Ancestral Healing & Connection Course


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