Connect with Your Hybrid Child & Remember Your Star Connections!

Playshop Intention: Meet your hybrid and experience more of your true self and have fun!!

You hybrid child can assist you, through playful presence, to remember the past to consciously create your future.

Is This Course For You?

This course is for anyone who feels a drawn to the hybrid children. It is designed to help you remember your place in the hybridization program and give clarity to unanswered questions surrounding your cosmic connections. If you are open, the playshop will open your childlike nature and extrasensory abilities which grants access to real-time telempathic connection with your hybrid children.

Course Benefits!

  • Connect with your hybrid child
  • Remember your galactic heritage & soul mission
  • Bond with like-hearted soul family
  • Rekindle your own inner child
  • Cultivate your extrasensory abilities
  • Develop your ability to trust yourself and use your intuition
  • Ignite your ability to PLAY!

Do you have a hybrid child?


4 Weeks of Fun, Interactive Content!

3 Meditations

Meditations for ET contact assimilation, connection with your hybrid children and your own inner child!

Hybrid Activity Guide

Activity guide full of fun questions, exercises and activities to connect with your hybrid children and your future self!

20 Interactive Videos

  • Module 1: Self Inquiry & Exploring Contact
  • Module 2: Connecting with the Hybrid Children
  • Module 3: Future Contact Visioning

Hybrid Game & Resource Center

Hybrid “Pow Wow” game to connect with your hybrid children and a resource library with more hybrid content.


Connect with the other playshop participants and ask Bridget any questions you have about the hybrids via our private FB group for all participates to connect, play and come together in community! 

The HYBRID Children Course Includes…

  • 3 Connective Meditations

  • 20 Interactive Videos

  • Digital Activity Playbook

  • Access to Hybrid Playshop Facebook Group!

  • PowWow Interactive Hybrid Game

  • 2 Recorded Group Calls

Only $97, normally $247!!

My Intention As Your Guide: To empower YOU to be the conduit of your spiritual expansion and the connection to your hybrid children!! 

My connection with the hybrid children started with dozens of spontaneous recalls beginning in 2011. Those life changing memories sent me on a very unique cosmic timeline and public mission to share about the hybrids and our galactic family. Over the past 6 years, the collective awakening surrounding hybrid memories has accelerated exponentially. I’ve “worked” with hundreds of people who remember their parenthood to the hybrids. This course is a compilation of everything I have learned about and from them. I utilize my background in many intuitive modalities to deliver helpful tools and techniques for you to have your own “first contact” and ever-deepening relationship with the hybrid children.


Immersive connection and play with your star family for only $97, normally 247!!

Pictures of The Hybrid Children

Immersive connection and play with your star family for only $97, normally 247!!