Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world.. She has evolved as an international speaker and published author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following.  She is also a professional artist and plant-based chef, sharing her personal wisdom with those drawn to her energy. Through her online courses and private sessions, she reawakens the inner starseed to their mission and life purpose. She also acts as a bridge for connecting with hybrid children as well as stimulating contact experiences.

She is a world renowned facilitator and has hosted many retreats in sacred sites, including Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Tulum, Glastonbury, Ireland, and more.  She is passionate about bringing like-hearted people together to experience a natural, high vibrational setting, described by past participants as life changing.  She has inspired the lives of many, with over 200 videos and 2.7 million views to enlighten your spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial engagement, and living a healthy life that fulfills your soul.


My Title – Gift – Talent 

Connective Assimilator ~ Inter-dimensional Bridge ~ Midwife Creator ~ Artistic Ambassador (for Earth & Beyond).

Description of My Gift 

I am Bridget, the Patron Saint of Ireland. I embody this archetypal role by assisting and midwifing ideas, beings, realities, concepts and projects through the full life cycle from its point of origin (usually non-physical) all the way through to grounded physicalization in this dimension.

Bridget Nielsen with a flower crownEtheric/Non-Physical: I begin by exploring and pioneering into the unknown- communicating with other worlds, times, higher dimensional beings, plants, land and crystals, receiving new ideas, frequencies and inspiration. It is my passion to reach out my ever-expanding limbs to the celestial ethers and bridge that reality back to Earth through my developed clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities.

Transition: I assist in birthing new structures to create grounded support and application of new frequencies/ideas/projects. I love making sure the foundational bridge is strong enough to support the new collective, enabling others’ valuable puzzle pieces and excitements to be expressed!

Birth: Creativity is my magic wand to alchemise seemingly opposing paradigms such as making money by painting aliens. I have a knack for coalescing new frequencies, people and companies in a fun, imaginative and digestible way.  Utilizing my telempathic and sensitive Indigo abilities, I’m able to help others understand, transition and assimilate new concepts and ways of being or living.  I love making the impractical the new practical ~ creating joy, playfulness, relevance and applicability to higher frequency states of being.

Explorer – Diplomat – Mother – Artist – Magician

My Life Theme: This life’s theme is to “bridge life” between my Earth/human lives (3rd Density) and my fully awakened galactic and inter-dimensional counterparts (4th Density). My life’s theme is to wake up, re-member and live as my multi-dimensional self. I use visual art, creativity, communication (mediumship) and my extra sensitivity to open my blocked human aspects – merging male & female and the dark & light within me as I remember my infinite nature with existence.

A beautiful picture of Bridget Nielsen posing in a circular red rock, Sedona Arizona

The unique way I shift myself (and therefore my world/collective) is by communing with higher frequencies, other lifetimes and bridging that energy and understanding into my physical experience.  One of the ways my theme is expressed is by being the bridge between humanity and the hybrids ~ being a contact ambassador between the two realities.

My Childhood and Teenage Years That Align With My Life Theme 

A stunning real pictures of fairies on Mt. Shasta in California

I wholeheartedly knew my gifts, my life theme and my true nature when I was a little girl.  I communed with fairies, planted plants, drew picture of other dimensions and was deeply connected to nature. I was acutely aware of our planet and could feel her pain watching the rainforests being cut down and the rivers being polluted… I really understood that we needed to take care of our planet.

A travel picture of Bridget Nielsen on a camel in Egypt

My favorite channels were National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. I loved the explorers and role-models like Jacques Cousteau and the adventurous Indiana Jones. I was enthralled by seeing new places and faces from around the world. I wanted to be a photographer/journalist and travel the world telling stories from other times, lands and cultures.

Cute picture of Bridget Nielsen as a child.

I loved studying the planets and our solar system. When I was really little, I remember crying tears of joy every night when I prayed looking up to the stars. I felt the infinite reflection of my true nature and the universal home I have with my galactic family…

Experiences and Challenges That Have Expanded My Gift and Me 

To be a part of the school system I managed to harness my free spirit, creativity and Indigo curiosity to be programmed out of natural self.  I also grew up in a very restrictive judgmental religious culture. Even though I wasn’t a part of that religion, I took on their beliefs energetically and spent most of my teenage years shedding the ideas of judgment, guilt and martyrdom.  With the immense repression of energy, I catapulted to the other extreme, living in Los Angeles after college.  I got to experience and work through most of society’s extremes: religion, sexuality, money, power, wealth, suppression and expression which was incredibly transformational and intense!

My energies were very blocked from the cultural programming passed down to me so I sought guidance and healing to open myself up.  This led me to recognizing my extra-sensitive gifts and mediumship abilities. It also opened my 2 most closed chakras~ throat and sacral.  They say your greatest weakness is your greatest strength and this was definitely true for me. My artistic creativity (sacral) and communication gifts (throat) exploded once I re-opened my natural energies.Mystical picture of Bridget Nielsen with a crystal wand

In high school my parents were very wealthy. I lived a very opulent life in a French Chateau, taking 5-star trips to Europe and attending a high-end private university. This was such a blessing for me to live and “play out” this energy from my royal incarnations and the conditioned programs of the “American Dream.” When our family lost all of the money in 2009, I was pushed to the other extreme overnight- having no money or place to sleep. It was then, right before college graduation, that I understood that my true inherent value was not based on money. This initiated me to write my bookThe Secret to Finding Passion in Your Career and my dedication to always follow my passion, even when society said it wouldn’t work. I knew that the most important thing was to see that the true treasure is always within me.

I experienced the energy of being an outcast and on the fringe in my youth. In Los Angeles everyone is celebrated for being different. With the combination of such extreme cultural inputs, I lost all inhibitions of needing to be liked or fit in. This was such a big gift once my heart led me to exploring esoteric wisdom and extraterrestrials. I was free to be public and become a leader of expression in those areas, stepping into my role as an ET ambassador.

Influences From Other Incarnations

I’ve consciously recounted, tapped into and viscerally experienced over 50 of my simultaneous cross-connections in my life.  Connecting with these other times, realities and versions of me is part of my bridging essence and awakening process.

Druid woman with red hair in natureThe dominant human lives I utilize and work with are as a Wiccan nature woman and as a Druid.  In both lives, I developed an incredible connection to nature and other realms.  In my Wiccan life I am a medium helping humans and their passed over loved ones.  In my Druid life I could see through time using seers’ stones.  In both lives I am tuned in with higher realms and intimately connected with nature.  These 2 lives know about me and actively assist me in re-awakening my abilities and my ancient wisdom. Mediumship and art have allowed me to perceive and intuit, and have given me prophetic ability to explore the galactic frontier.

Other lives I connect with are my explorer adventurer lives. My excitement is always pulling me to new places and cultures. I often feel my explorer life on the cool crisp sea – finding new lands and exotic cultures.  I’m also a pioneer in 2 lives, one going West with my family along the Oregon Trail and the other as a mountain man pioneering the Wild West. High school painting by Bridget Nielsen of Degas Ballerinas

Art and creativity are a huge part of my life and I was wildly attracted to Europe in my youth… I have LOTS of lives there. The dominant lives are those as artists. I have major connections with the early Renaissance painter Caravaggio and his use of light as well as the emotional sensitivity of Da Vinci. My other heart sparking connections are as the Impressionist painter Edgar Degas and the painters of the primitivism movement in the late 19th Century. These painters were seeing and visually capturing new frequencies and physicalizing them on Earth – pushing the boundaries of our view of reality and rebirthing old paradigms.  I’m very grateful for these cross-connecting influences and their assistance as guides to me in my art (click to view my art).

My extraterrestrial lives are my guiding light to 4th Density. Through an ET regression I wholeheartedly connected with my Zeus-like Pleiadian counterpart. I remembered making a beautiful agreement with him to always remember his essence so he could guide my way back to the stars in this Earth life.  I utilize my adept emotional body from my Arcturian counterpart and often connect with my Sirian, Shakani and Shalinaya lives. The dominant focus for the rest of this life is focused on Bridging-ETs~ planting the new frequency on Earth assisting the landing of The Hybrid Children.

Mosaic picture of hybrid children, aliens children from abduction program

Where I Am Now

I’m experiencing such fullness in simplicity. I’m honing the art of doing more with less which leads to profound internal and external abundance.  I’m transitioning out of the comforts of anything I’ve known as a 3D human to live more and more as an awakened human – activating the infinite ET aspects within me.  Paradoxically, as I reach for the stars for guidance and frequency, I root deeper into the primal core of Earth… loving Gaia and humanity more and more each day.

Beautiful sunset picture of Sedona, Arizona

I’m beginning to experience myself as a collective and view my personal excitement as the group excitement. I feel myself becoming a collective with those reflections embodied by the incredible community members stepping into their unique roles and puzzle pieces. I’m absolutely passionate about balancing my free expression with a group ~ the benefit of the individual = the benefit of the all = the one is the all, the all are the one.

What Really Excites Me

Personally, I’m really excited about living with more childlike wonder and curiosity.  I’m also drawn to dive in deeper to my expression as a divine female – cultivating a deeper bond with our mother Gaia.  Just as a woman is swept away in ecstatic rapture or a child adventures to a magical world, I’m excited to get lost in the magic ofexistence and imagination, and the dream is becoming my waking life.  I’m yearning to ride the wave of synchronicity like never before and live who I know I am.  Heart-shaped plant symbolizing Bridget Nielsen's passion

Collectively, I’m stoked about unifying as a group of people coming together to create from the same values and build a foundation for the new 5th dimensional paradigm!! I love purifying every single aspect of our old human paradigm and incorporating that intoHarmonious Earth communities – redefining relationships, sexuality, personal identity, value, and love with artistry, vulnerability, appreciation, integrity and reverence.  I’m excited to expand the community to different environments and locations, though rightnow, watching the process of this new community grow and burrow its heavenly roots is an absolutely magical process.

I’m very excited to shift myself towards more contact with my natural self. I’m in awe of watching that me shift my [version of] Earth to its vibrant and thriving natural expression. I’m pee-my-panties thrilled for when my energy reflects the reality where I reunite with the best version of me- my hybrid kiddies.

Beautiful image of a high priestess hybrid child