The Physical Science Behind Breast HEALTH

Breasts are meant to be free! I had no idea that wearing certain kinds of bras, or a bra at all, could make a difference to my health and even prevent cancer. 1.5 billion dollars is spent every year on breast cancer research and 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with cancer in an average lifetime, according to METAvivor Research and Support, Inc.  We know that alternative solutions may not be the top of their agenda, so here are some holistic research tips and solutions I found to proactively create a healthy relationship with your breasts.

woman taking off her braMy recent passion has been converting my whole wardrobe to natural, eco-friendly clothing — which is next week’s topic. I thought back to what started this extreme new passion and my breasts sparked it!  I did a 5 day water fast about a month ago and noticed that the left side of my breast on the left side was achy. I hadn’t developed a relationship with my breasts and had little knowledge about them up until now.

With a little bit of research, I realized the ache was a buildup of toxins in my breast tissue that my lymphatic system was cleansing during my fast.  So what caused the blockage? The European Journal of Cancer found that “Premenopausal women who do not wear bras have half the risk of breast cancer compared to bra users.”  According to John Hopkins Breast Center, “As many of 80% of women are wearing a bra that is the wrong size for them,” not allowing natural rhythm of movement and blood flow to release toxins. In traditional Chinese medicine the breasts are respected as major energy centers on the body with 6 meridians running through them. I understood that over time wearing my fixed fitted bras, and not letting that energy release (physically and energetically), was creating a toxic buildup — and

I’m only 26.  Over time a buildup of toxins can turn into lumps and in the long term could even lead to cancer. One of the intuitive things I felt while wearing a wire bra, which I haven’t heard anyone talk about, is how the wire is an incredible antenna and conductor for radiation. After watching the documentary “Resonance”, about how electromagnetic radiation is dramatically affecting us and our world, it made me think about how bras are amplifying the situation for women. Consider all of the active Wi-fi networks, pulsing cell towers and buzzing cell phones that are around you on any given day. A lot of that energy is being attracted straight to the “antenna-like” underwire in the bra next to the breasts, a very sensitive and receptive part of the body.

Breasts are mainly comprised of fat cells that act like storage facilities for toxins, hormones, radiation and chemicals.  The great book on this subject called Killer Clothes helped me with my understanding of the topic. With the rampant use of synthetic fibers in our modern society, such as nylon, rayon and acrylic, coupled with chemicals used in the treatment and dying processes of fabrics, our incredibly receptive skin — the largest organ in our body — is taking in large amounts of these chemicals and the breasts are storing them.  These materials don’t allow the skin to breathe as easily, which increases the temperatures in the breasts without allowing them to perspire (detox and release). There are many organic natural fabrics being used to make bras and underwear, such as hemp, organic cotton, flax and silk, which are great solutions for both breathability and having only organic materials against your skin.

The Energetics Of Breasts

Breasts are receivers and givers of energy and information, making them very receptive and vulnerable amplifiers of a woman’s experience of this world. Breasts, in their activated state, are gateways to the heart and divine creation… from this 5th dimensional perspective, they don’t have anything to do with mainstream social programming and old sexual energy. Your free flowing sacred heart energy is aching to radiate. Hiding this bursting, unconditional energy can fester and manifest as cysts or breast cancer.It is obvious why women unconsciously  put up huge walls and padded barriers to protect these powerful and sacred vessels to shield yourself from the electronic and energetic energy running ramped. Taking time in nature is a beautiful way to freely sense with your breasts and take in the glowing vibrant energy of mother EArth!

Another reason for the barrier is due to the remaining vestiges of the “conqueror energy” that we are co-creating with men. The fear (even if it’s subconscious) of being raped and taken (physically and energetically), which leads to the stalemate bargain of being bought or “taken care of” to allow permission for males to partake.

Which comes first ~ the chicken or the egg? The outside world or the inside world? The male or the female? I feel that the world would benefit by having women freely and vulnerably give this living energy to all: men, children, women, ourselves, plants, animals and the Earth. This knowing trust in your own loving expression will reflect a world of more peace, where males can safely hold women with loving reverence, and touching us with complete care and respect.

Humanity cannot exist without men, the masculine…. the other half of ourselves. It is up to you to teach them how to commune with the feminine and show them that when they leave nectar in your blooming rose there will always be more. It is also up to the feminine to rekindle and re-sprout your connection with a nature and create a natural environment which supports love.

Your Healthy Breast Checklist:

Buy New Bra, Bikini AND Underwear (or Go Braless)!  I can’t say that the healthy bras on the market are Victoria Secret runway material…organic swimmingsuitI put on one of my new bras and thought I just stepped out of Little House on the Prairie.  When going in this holistic direction,I created a new belief that my health is attractive… it is my #1 priority!  My favorite website with a variety of brands creating cute natural bras, made with yummy breathable material (without wires), is FaeriesDance.com (always check the material in the product description!) and BlueCanoe. I’m in love with my organic hemp bikini from my friend Sara! She’s offering my supporters 25% off!! Use the coupon code: BRIDGET25OFF at checkout! Here’s a link to get one for yourself! She has cream and will be launching more colors soon (put in a request)! This breathable, natural material concept goes for underwear too!

Massage:  Get intimate with your breasts at least a few times per week.The “Lymphatic Drainage Massage” LDM, pioneered by Estrid and Emil Vodder in the 1930s, is the best way to release toxins and assist lymphatic flow in the breasts.  To do this slowly massage your breasts in alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise directions for breast massage oil3-5 minutes. I highly recommend my friend Kat’s handcrafted breast massage oil! Click here to check it out! 

Be Free!  The ideal scenario would be to wear a bra as little as possible based on what I’ve shared above. Also, studies have shown going braless actually strengthens the ligaments in breasts leading to a naturally perkier bust longterm

Move: Exercise increases blood flow and circulation and releases lots of toxins through perspiration… don’t be afraid to sweat!  The best form of exercise for breast health is rebounding aka jumping on a trampoline. There are countless benefits and really keeps the lymph system flowing! Yoga is also a great form of exercise to oxygenate the blood, balance your energy system and get fit! Don’t be scared of a little movement with the breasts as you exercise or jog. The movement helps the lymphatic system and strengthens the ligaments in your breasts so they don’t sag in the long term.

Eat Well & Detox: An organic, non-GMO organic diet is best (click to read my high vib food article)! Eating a balanced alkaline diet with lots of green living foods and antioxidants will help eliminate toxins before they ever come in! Be aware of the things that bring toxins, heavy metals and hormones into the body such as: deodorants, non-organic animal products, lotions/creams, clothing, unfiltered water and environmental pollutants. The supplements I like for detoxing bad estrogens are DIM and Myomin.

Look at Your Relationship to Giving! Breasts literally give life and food to new life. When not feeding a baby, they feed men with pleasure, loving safety and comfort. Even when we’re not having our breasts physical touched, there is energy running through them whenever we give. Look at your patterns. Do you over-give, do to much and spread yourself then? Energetically this can lead to breast challenges because you haven’t left enough energy to for yourself, which is held in the breasts. My article on over-giving and martyrdom may help you to shine new light on how you give and receive.

Do Breast Challenges Run in Your Family? When I was participating in family constellations and ancestral healing for years in Los Angeles, we worked with many clients who had breast cancer. The origins for the energetic root that manifested presently, could always be traced back to something that had happened in their female ancestry. If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, look into when it started or times of struggle for your the women in your family that could have lead a physical manifestation. Click here to watch my ancestral video to explore more!

bridget in hawaii leading a sacred site tourBy: Bridget NielsenArtist, Intuitive, Healthy Life Stylist, Hybrid Ambassador& Eco-Pioneer

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