Unlock the Secrets of Celestial Healing & Balance to Awaken Your Divine Essence and Increase Your Life Force Energy!!

Amplify your intuition and manifestation abilities with the magic of the moon! 

Hey! Bridget here! 🙂
Growing up in the West, I felt swept away by the extreme yang energy of the cultural collective. This constant GO-GO-GO mentality around work and persistent effort is exhausting…

Believe me, I could always ‘push it’ … Yet, while I could go, the holistic nature of my soul was ever so gently coaxing me to ‘go’ deeper…
Perhaps you can relate to the challenge of always being ON in this cultural matrix… Especially as a woman, feeling pressured to constantly be in perfect perpetual bloom! 
While it didn’t seem sustainable, I wasn’t aware of another choice… 
I mean, I could feel the mystery and magic… but how do I access it? 
Riding the Tides of Synchronicity and Remembrance allowed me to retrieve and learn forgotten ancient techniques and rituals that change Everything!
Humans have forgotten and disconnected from the natural rhythmic cycle inherent in women AND men (or however you define yourself)!
In current culture,  the Moon (Feminine Essence – in both males and females) is only attractive when expressed as the full moon… 


While her fullness is holy and majestic, that “blooming” does not exist without the balancing cycle of waning energies releasing into death and creating the fertile soil for a new bud to form and eventually blossom. 
I now remember that all aspects of her extraordinary rhythms are NEEDED… 
I now reclaim (conscious) access to the wisdom of the moon to intimately rekindle my relationship with HER.
It feels like coming home to the deepest aspects of my being… and I’m excited to share this with you!!
The silver lining is this — I’ve synthesized the transmission and forgotten wisdom of the moon for you, so you can awaken your deepest desires and align with your own internal rhythm! 

Mother Moon is a conscious living being… an ancient elder and grandmother to all of her children on Earth.

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, the waters that flow through you intimately dance with the moon… She guides the ebb and flow of your internal waters; men and women alike.

Synchronizing with all cycles of the Moon, your energy can flow with increased celestial grace and potency. The more you merge, the more divine remembrance and guidance you receive!

She constantly radiates Her-Self to your balance and healing! Her transmission of power and beauty is always on your side and always reflects your inner Light!


This Moon Magick course will help you…


Connect with Mother Moon’s spiritual guidance and radiant frequencies of light

✓ Increase your vitality and life force energy to feel vibrant and energized! 

✓ Amplify your intuitive and psychic abilities 

✓ Witness and release your emotions in a healthy and empowering way. 

✓ Heal, relax, and calm your mind

✓ Awaken dormant aspects of your soul’s creative expression

✓ Magnify your intentions and manifest your heart’s desires

✓ Synchronize yourself with the natural rhythms of the Moon


In this dynamic and powerful 28 day course, you’ll access Lunar Empowerment through meditation, ritual, and communion with Mother Moon! 


Your Moon Magick Course Includes…

  • 5 Meditation Rituals – Unique meditations for each Moon phase

  • 3 Wisdom Videos sharing forgotten knowledge of the Moon

  • 5 Ceremonial Video Tutorials to personally connect with the Moon

  • Instructions to sync your menstruation cycle with the Moon

  • Bonus – Lunar Eclipse Activation!

  • FREE Bonus! Crystal Healing Mini Course!

This course blends ancient Toltec knowledge, Pagan Earth wisdom, and personal inspiration from my conversations with Mother Moon!

The material and transmission is truly unique and contains understandings never heard before in our current culture! Utilize ALL 5 phases of the moon to strengthen and honor ALL aspects of your being! 

Moon Magick & Ritual Course

Are you ready to enroll in this 28 day course for only $47, normally $147?

FREE BONUS! Crystal Healing Mini Course ($37 Value)

As a BONUS, I’m super excited to gift you instant access to my Crystal Healing Mini Course! It includes my Crystal Clearing Tutorial, where I teach you how to cleanse a wide variety of stones, so you’re ready to work with them and access their clear energetic signature. It also has a Crystal Instructing Tutorial (charging) to optimally and intentionally partner with your crystals for healing, manifestation, upliftment; however you want to work with them! The mini course also includes a “Home Energy Clearing & Angel Purification Ritual” PDF to set sacred space to work with crystals and the moon. 

This mini course is a perfect accompaniment to my Moon Magick & Ritual Course to specifically utilize the Moon’s radiance to “charge” your crystals and connect with the Moon and her phases working with specific stones. 

What Others Are Saying About This Course!!

“Wow! Very powerful for me. I’ve been feeling very stagnated and not quite myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed to release… I feel much more connected (after the meditations), and I could feel the black moon energies really coursing through me. I’m definitely going to pay closer attention to the Moon cycles now and continue doing the meditations every month. Thank you so much Bridget!!



“I could really feel the energy. It’s cool to be able to feel the difference (between the moon phases). It gives me more confidence in my subtle abilities!



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