There is so much more to this human experience than meets the eye. The non-physical realm has many beings and guides that influence, hinder, and support you in your everyday life.  Spirit guides are non-physical, benevolent guardians who have your best interest at heart.  You were born with spirit guides, who chose to support you throughout this incarnation, based on your life theme and soul template.

Primary guides or “master guides” are beings that are with you throughout a lifetime. Other guides come and go, depending on your vibration, particular projects, challenges, and more.  Your energy transmits and calls in guides to support you, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.  You can utilize their guidance in many different ways.  They are transmitters of high frequency, information (Akashic Records), and downloads. They can also be muses for any creative, business, or interpersonal assistance you may need.  The more you are creating and being yourself, the more guides you will attract to assist you on your mission.

To begin your spirit guide connection, it’s important to  understand their nature. Spirit guides are most often subtle and non-obtrusive, as they gently empower you to follow your heart-lead intuition.  Some can be soothing, while others can be powerful. The way you can discern that you are connecting to the energy of the right being  is that they encourage personal empowerment and sovereignty.  Any non-physical being that has its own agenda is not a guide.


Set Your Intention. Guides respect your free will, so you must give permission for them to make their presence more consciously known. With your pure intention, let them know that you are ready to connect with them. It is important to set sacred space and surround yourself with light.  Open yourself only to your guides.

How Do YOU Perceive? To connect with your spirit guides, it is important to realize there is more to this reality than we thought. Nonphysical energies are real. This can feel uneasy at first, but it’s important to take the plunge, letting yourself feel what you don’t see. Identify how you perceive the unseen through your extrasensory abilities. Do you feel/sense? (Clairsentience) Do you see? (Clairvoyance) Do you hear? (Clairaudience) Do you feel emotion?  They will come to you, through your most developed extrasensory perceptions, which is the path of least resistance.

Raise Your Vibration. To synchronize your energy with them, it is often helpful to put yourself in an environment with no distraction, such as nature.  Open yourself to a high receptive state through silence or meditation. Remember that they are not around to “save you”.  By connecting with them on a positive, non-needy state, you’ll unite with the right beings, and be of the right frequency to build the conscious relationship. They will of course be there for you in times of need, but initial communication is best made in a high vibrational state.

What Are Their Energies? As you precisely open to the energy of your guides, notice the feeling of their specific essence.  Are there particular colors, body sensations, or energies you feel?  This is your first contact with their energy signature.  Remember this frequency bandwidth of communication with them for future engagements.

Speak Their Language. Be excited and receptive to the magical ways they communicate with you. Your guides aid synchronicity, orchestrate connections, and transmit downloads. Pay attention and acknowledge the subtle messages from your guides, so they can use those auspicious channels to their full potential when they communicate with you. Set your skepticism aside, in order to let the energy flow. After that time, be it an hour, a day or a week; objectively assess what happened so you can refine your spiritual skills.

bridget in hawaii leading a sacred site tourBy: Bridget Nielsen Artist, Intuitive, Healthy Life Stylist, Hybrid Ambassador & Eco-Pioneer

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