I’m excited to be here with you today and talk about the ancestors again, in honor of the sound portal and also the honor of every day, the ancestral altars practice and energy that we’re going to be getting into can be done any time throughout the year. It’s just extra potent during the sound portal as well as in the waning winter, darker months wherever you are. But it’s always necessary and helpful. So I’m going to be getting into how to create one and the energy behind them, why they’re significant, why they can bring greater gratitude meaning depth into your life grid, your connection, healing, love, magic, you know, things. So this is what we’re going to be getting into. Before I get into the how-to, I really want to get into the context of the energy of what’s been coming through for me, so that you understand, yeah, the deeper energy behind it, this deeper connection of why connecting with the ancestors, particularly their humaneness their challenge can be firstly inspiring. In episode one, I really went into once you have a healed lineage, the potent magic, and support that can come through. 

In this, how much blessing and gratitude can come through understanding hardship, don’t worry, I know that some of the some of that can be like, ah, that’s the low vibe. I don’t want to get into the muck or like I don’t open that can of worms like that’s just that’s theirs. That’s not mine, I’m moving on. But there’s so much to be learned through being privy through the feeling into humaneness of what others have gone through. And, you know, it’s through challenge, often that gratitude comes forth and it often can’t happen without experience, contrast, or context. And we’re very privileged right now to not have to have firsthand experiences of a lot of the challenges that our ancestors went through, I know that a lot is going on in the world right now. Some of that might be bubbling up for you personally, but I mean, we’re so lucky. And so by looking at it, and experiencing it in a very healthy way, in a way that we’re choosing consciously, it can bring vast purpose back into our lives. Also, through that challenge that we know, we are granted the opportunity in this time because we are in such an incredible space of general safety in the Western world and resource and support and tools. All these things our ancestors did not like imagine even 50 years ago having a conscious nonviolent communication with you know, husband and wife and the husband just got back from World War Two and the wife’s like, oh, you know, I mean, we have so many tools right now and so

I’m playing between In both of these is like, acknowledging the pain, but also staying in the high vibe in the sense of, we had the privilege of refinement, that we get to honor our ancestors through having a challenging conversation that we didn’t want to have, or really going boldly into that thing we’ve always wanted to do, or standing up for the freedoms that we already do have, you know, these different things that we already are in this amazing position, and it’s like, okay, let’s just go to the next level. And that is such a beautiful way that we could honor ourselves and be in humble gratitude for this, this time that we live in. To do that, and we also have this opportunity to, to go deep within the things that they might not have gotten to express in a very safe way, you know, it’s one thing, I think that it’s challenging when, when faced with pain or things that come up when it’s not something that we planned, you know, it’s like, I didn’t plan for this breakup, or this firing of my job, or this new regulation by the government or this thing. It’s kind of imposed on us, that’s when it is more agitated and triggering. Whereas if we consciously say, Hey, I’m in a good place, and I consciously want to go into this, then it’s empowering. 

And then also, we have that resilience to follow through on whatever comes up, and we can handle it a bit better. So I like to consciously practice these kinds of things, where you’re, it’s like, breathwork, right, going into a really deep breathwork session, it’s not necessarily easy or fun, and stuff moves and stuff comes up, but we’re consciously going into it. And so we’re practicing this resilience, so that when in the world, things come up, we know how to face it, right, we’re doing it in a safe container, a safe environment. And so the other privilege that we have is to, to do this to help them because, I mean, when the people of our past maybe couldn’t, in their entire life, feel like they could even cry, right, they could even like the release, like the pain of what they’re experiencing, maybe they had to be so tensed up and, like so icy, because what they experienced that they didn’t even get to cry in their lifetime to grieve because they had to keep their shit together, to make sure that everyone was fed and like, all the things happened, or like the men that weren’t taught to use their emotions and, and went through so much pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, like in war that, then they just like, had to drink it away, you know, like all these different things. 

So the beautiful thing is, we can be vessels of that energy to move it through cleanly and kindly. So that it doesn’t stick as this unconscious energy within our morphic genetics within our lineage then plays out through us, if it’s not looked out at it just ends up playing out through us, and relational dynamics, and work dynamics and health dynamics, like all these different things, and so it’s way better to consciously approach it. This is again, like so, beautiful, it’s like, maybe we could cry the tears for them, you know, maybe we could even let out like an angry scream, like, and these things are powerful to move through the energy and the emotion so that we can have that be cleared out, we can clear that out so that we can be healthy and whole humans. And when we don’t, then we have the world that we got going on right now. pretty messy, compiled trauma. So one thing that came up for me last night, because I only like recording these podcasts and I’m thankful that the inspirational spark somehow comes quite often so that I can do this consistently but is if I have that true impulse from spirit from my heart from such a catalyst not just me like telling you some information but it really coming through with a transmission. And I’ve been wanting to do this podcast for quite a while because I knew I was going to do it around sound but that zest that hadn’t come through yet until last night. Oh, this is perfect timing. Thank you very much. 

I went and I saw this movie called The Last duel. It’s new out if You’re listening to this when this comes out and I’m a sucker for period pieces. I just, you know, I’ve had so many lifetimes in these other times. And also, they just teach me so much. Because I, and you probably if you’re watching a movie, I mean, you experience their pain, their triumphs, all that they’re experiencing as if it was yourself. And so that it’s such a great exercise, depending on what you’re watching, you know, if you’re like, watching yourself as a demon or something, yeah, that sounds good. But if you’re getting to watch and play out these kinds of archetypal rumblings within your own, within your own being, and it’s, you get to choose more consciously who you want to be. When you see these things play out in these different times. You know, it’s like, Oh, my God, so grateful for now. And so again, it creates this contrast, but it’s something that you don’t have to live out for a few lifetimes, it’s not something you have to experience in this lifetime, you just need to sit there for an hour and really go through it and it’s a really powerful practice that somehow I just started doing. I’ve done it since I was a teenager, and I’ll watch you know, historical movies, genocide, war movies, all kinds of things. 

So that I can see one where human, this human mind, the human psychology is that and like, what, what, why people do what they do, and they also experience it to the degree that I don’t need to manifest that again, I know, it kind of seems like a law of attraction, like I’m gonna manifest it, but it feels like I get to process it, so I don’t have to. And again, it then also brings a really solidified strength and inspiration and like deeper meaning to my life. So I’m like, okay, that’s kind of that contrast. I don’t want to do that. So then what’s the opposite, and I am going to go for that. So it really Stokes, my fire and my heart and my, my passion, my mission to move towards the timeline I choose. And so yeah, that’s something I do. So in this movie, one of the things that came up is, this woman I won’t go into, I won’t go into too much of the detail, but Oh, my God, like, women and men at different times. It’s incredible how little they had, how little control, how little power, how little safety, like all these things. You know, I go through my own things as a woman as a human and like, oh, you know, maybe that won’t happen for me in this lifetime these the certain yearnings that I have, personally. 

I sat there watching other women in this case, but also the men, you can see what the men go through which is equally in a different way. Intense. And I just sat there and I’m like, Oh, my God, I am such a little privileged. I mean, it was very humbling, and I just went, you know, it’s things that I yearn for in this life don’t come to pass for myself in my own personal life. Oh my gosh, I am so grateful that I have experienced, you know, deep, deep love that I experienced deep safety, that I am sovereign, and independent from a male, like I can provide fully for myself that I have experienced deep passion and orgasm, right? Like all these things that like many women never even got to experience. And so I carry that forward, like with me, you know, today this relativity to go Oh, my God, I am so honored to be a woman in the West. I know that not all women, you know, it’s not fully safe everywhere. And you’ve been a lot of lack of safety to the discontinued on but we’re safer, generally, than we’ve ever been and more free and more sovereign and it’s just it put the whole thing into a whole other perspective for me and I then turned it into my ancestral matrilineal line and went, Oh my God, oh, my god, ancestors, you know, and I know that there was a lot of like, there was a lot of rape that there was a lot of incest in my female lineage. 

Most Mormons are super sketchy. And I’ve had to, to warm up and unfreeze that ice for them and the things that were passed on in my own body and my own being like a said, I think in other podcasts, but just to really, really, really dissolve any arrogance or any whining, like any interested, like, Ah, I’m so grateful for what I do have and the opportunities I do have. So that’s come into play and that’s a specific example. But it’s the case that all of it, it’s like, well, gosh, we have an abundance of food, we’re not really in a war, at least right here on the planet. You know, there are so many things that we can be grateful for. It’s just utilizing our own stories of our ancestors to help catalyze that, too. So and because it’s true like those things were real for them. And so to, to go back and, and bless that and, and see that and acknowledge it is infinitely healing because when we don’t, and these patterns repeat, they repeat their repeat, you know, I mean, even in the movie, there was like this massive war going on in Normandy, which there were many wars always going on right there. And then I was thinking about World War Two and the Normandy beaches, and it’s like, even locations will Morpha genetically repeat these patterns over and over again. So it’s like, the location will have the morphic genetics that the people will the lineage will, in, so the more that we can acknowledge it, the more that we can breathe, breathe life, in the sense of, of seeing and witnessing, so that it can dissolve is is infinitely powerful. 

So that is what the ancestral altar is about, and doing our ancestral work and I have a whole course as you probably well know about that. So it’s in the show notes if you want to go into this and have tools and resources and support, to dig in there and to clear it out, and to honor and then to bring in all of that, oh, super incredible support from the healed ancestors too. So be sure to go check that out if you really want to go deeper into this. So that’s a lot of what has been coming through is really feeling the gratitude and really feeling the responsibility. You know, they’re like, the last dying breath to like, make sure we have life. Like, ah, yeah, my Uber was 20 minutes late, you know, it’s like, oh, my God, yeah, like, well, privileged, privileged people, you know, and so just, just having that perspective, I think is, is really humbling. And that humility can call for the deeper part of the purpose of asking, why we’re here and what we can do for the planet at this time, to come forth. 

So, moving into the ancestral altar, now, this concept, this practice, is utilized all around the world. Most Asian cultures have this practice of having an ancestral altar, all the time, they have whole temples, little houses, outside their house, all kinds of things, to honor the ancestors, so prevalent throughout all the east, and in Mexico and into northern South America. I mean, it’s prolific the degree of knowledge and remembrance of how critical this is to the continuation of positivity and, and shield energy throughout our beings and our lineages. And it’s something that in the West, and I’m, I am exploring more and researching more, but I don’t know much in the context of say, the original European cultures if they had practices of that, in the sense of, we did have ancient burial mounds, which is an altar and people would go to those altars they would go to those songlines and these ancient burial mounds and go to the ancestors. In that way, yes. But brought into modernity. I’m not sure you know if that translated so us again being disconnected from land disconnected us from our own land altars to the ancestors where we could go, you know, speak to their bones and feel the transmission of support and, and remembrance through that. So, I guess I just answered my own question. Yes. everywhere on the planet. 

There have been ancestral altars in the physical and then men, many cultures have different energetic practices of also acknowledging the ancestors. And a common thread through all of these is that they were physicalized. So even if they were doing energetic things, there was a physical realization of seeing how the ancestral energies manifested into the physical. So like the Zulu tribe in Africa, which then led to Family Constellation work, which is seeing the unseen, in physicality, right? Before you know, the energy dynamics playing out in person, and to see it so that it’s because we’re blind to it, we’re blind to these things that we have forgotten. And this is the quest, the quest is to, is to remember, and we’re blind to these patterns because they’re our own. There are our own that have come usually originating from an ancestral pattern, then we unconsciously carry them and we can’t see like, why or where they came from, because like four generations back from this word, time famine. And so we need to go back and quest and seek what those original wounds were to get to the core root, to then to that meant, so that those things don’t carry forth.

But again, all these came into physicality. So there was a physical altar, there was you know, whether it was actual candles being lit and pictures, or add burial bones, or, you know, people doing these shamanic experiences and seeing the energy play out through people, it was always brought into the 3d so that it could be seen, and so that it could be acknowledged within the reality. And when we do things spiritually, it manifests on the physical plane. And when we do things on the physical plane, it influences the spiritual realm as well and so this is what the energy is doing. And it helps to physicalize, it helps to anchor the unseen, so we can understand it, and it can repattern our neurological energies around it shift or Morpha, genetics. This heals us and this heals our ancestors, it’s a win-win all-around super powerful. So the others that would utilize these ancestral altars, particularly in the East, believed that their ancestors were still alive, like, so they’re dead, but they were living their living ancestors, as a part of the family and they were included. So even though they were passed on, they were alive, like, and Aunt Betty is over there and she is vital, right? And they included the significance or and felt the significance so deeply in the influence, that they said that these ancestors would determine the destiny, that destiny of future generations and of each person’s life, whoa, talk about power, right, the fates like little like puppet strings, doing all kinds of things. And in that sense, where they’re almost living ghostly influences, it’s like, oh, you have to make sure they’re happy, you know, and that kind of thing. That, for me, doesn’t resonate. 

But the idea that whatever they have going on, and their patterns, absolutely, in my experience, influence this time and your energy, like, they have a massive influence, or they like living and like waiting to see if you like to light a candle for them. Hmm, not in my experience. But there’s a deep truth and what they’re getting at is yes, they actually do determine the destiny but are they consciously and actively doing that? Ah, you know, they teach their own but for me personally, they’re not actively doing that, it would be more of a subconscious morphogenetic pattern replaying until it is seen until it is resolved. So, this is the purpose of the ancestors is to honor them is to remember is to see is to bring to light. I mean, the centerpiece of an ancestral altar is the candle so to bring the light, the illumination of what has passed and what has passed being maybe the negative and also the positive so seen that and we know that all time-spaces now and I can also hear, you know, going well, do I need to go into the past I meant to be present Well, it’s all simultaneously and what’s coming up in the present is influenced by the past, and influences the future. And it’s all for now. 

And so taking a gander and seeing into that can be, again vastly helpful to our own contrast to cultivating gratitude for all that we have and the privilege that we have in this time. And also it, it heals them, it relieves it, it releases the energy when we see and when we bear witness to the things that the atrocities all the things that probably were not witnessed, and very much so likely, we’re like buried in the backyard shoved into a closet, you know, banished from being spoken about those words things possible, we need to speak these things, we need to bring them to the conscious of that they don’t unconsciously play out. So one of the most beautiful ways in simple ways to do this is through a candle is through lighting, a candle illumination, honoring, bringing, again physical icing and utilizing even the fire element to breathe life to breathes honoring into our ancestors. And this traditionally is done in a nice, nice Cycle Time to where if you’re going Gregorian 30 day cycle, or if you want to go for a whole moon cycle, 28 days, then you’re doing it every day that you’re honoring, you’re remembering, you’re acknowledging. It would be ideal if you’re remembering acknowledging things that you could find out about, right, rather than just vaguely like I’m honoring this amoeba generality of what I don’t know about my ancestors, but for you to truly know. Like, oh, my gosh, you know, my grandpa, fought in World War Two in Japan in the trenches, and his best friend died next to him. He had major PTSD, like I am like, honoring, like, what you went through grandpa, and I’m also honoring the Japanese, like I’m honoring all of those different pieces, right. 

So if you can be specific to the pains to the hurts, all the better and this could be if you want to keep it simple, it can be one candle for all the ancestors, and you’re just starting there. And you ask, you know what, what wants to come through, you know, I’m just starting on this path, I’m just open to what wants to be illuminated, you know, come to me and my dreams come to me in my meditations. You can start through there, you know, even if you don’t know the details, or you can go like, dive in and figure out the details, and then honor all those different pieces. So one candle, lighting it for 28 to 30 days, and taking a few minutes, taking five minutes or more, but just taking a few minutes to be in gratitude to be in honor of your life, you get to live right now because of them, and, and acknowledging whatever they went through to get you here to this moment and that can be a first beginning practice. Now you can go super deep, right, you can light candles like all the family members, you can have pictures, you can have different symbols or objects that represent them. I mean, this can go pretty crazy, you know, or you can go really vast. 

I have whole explanation videos of how to do that. In my course, if you want to make a big altar with different representations and bring that in. You can also do it within a divination style, which I have in there as well where you’re dividing, and actually bring into light the dynamics through objects through object divination, which is really, really cool as well. And to note that each thing that you place on the altar, whatever it is, shifts the energy, it shifts morphogenic. So in this, you know, this, this or an ancestor needed more support, you know, or it’s even your mom like our parents are considered our ancestors. It’s like, oh, like they’re just not there for me. You can bring in, oh, I had this all statue of an angel. I’m going to put it by my mom. This is magic. This is the voodoo stuff except for the positive version, right? I’m going to put the angel by my mom and for 30 days light a candle. See what happens, right? Even those kinds of things really start to influence when we have that pure intention of volition.

It’s certainly this time and so Use it as an opportunity. So the primary candle for 30 days would be the most basic but profound. It is, I mean, just doing that is really, really powerful. So that’s important to note. The next step of just going into a few other ideas for simple altar inclusions would be to, to consider to meditate on to see even if it just sparks instantly, an ancestor who inspired you, maybe you know them, maybe you don’t, maybe didn’t know them, maybe you do. And go, oh, man, like my great-grandma, she was the first woman to own a car and to graduate from college in Utah, like grandma, Great Grandma. Yes, like, that’s super powerful. And so if I was looking, for instance, this year for that, you know, extra, I’m trying not to swear but badass energy, I could light a candle for her and utilize and call in her support, to help me with, say those kinds of things. For if I was wanting to call in another kind of energy, like, if I’m wanting to call in and say more femininity, and grace and creativity, I might call in my grandma, who has a lot of that energy. 

So tuning into an ancestor that you feel really inspired by, that you know, or didn’t know, that also has an energy that you want to receive more of, or you want to be more like that. And to light a candle for that ancestor to come in and to ask and to receive a port. And the support feels very different than an angel or a different celestial supportive being. Because it’s, it’s something that was anchored in this reality. And so it’s a template that will support you in this time-space in a way that those other energies aren’t really designed for. And so this is just an additional support system. So you can have a specific candle or object for that particular ancestor of support to receive, which is a lot of what in the traditional Mexican culture and Mex Mexican altars, what they were doing is they were, they were lighting candles specifically for ancestors, for support. That was a big emphasis in that tradition that currently exists as well. So the supportive ancestor. Now, it’s really key to also, if you feel compelled to go beyond the one candle and maybe go into three candles or three objects, however, you want to do it. It’s all also light a candle for an ancestor that was forgotten. There was dismal, like, oh, boy, like, we’re just gonna pretend that one wasn’t there. Where’s the eraser? Or let’s like, get that off the family tree, you know? For that one, it’s like, no, no, actually, we’re gonna bring that one to the forefront, even if it is perpetrator energy or victim energy like so someone that there was a lot there, you know, or someone that was outed, or someone that was forgotten, or those kinds of things to call for is one of those ancestors. 

And again, if there’s some kind of energetic connection that you feel like maybe you’ve been a victim, and like that is like perpetrator energy, it’s like, okay, bringing in love and forgiveness for that. Or seeing some kind of relatability to possibly how that ancestor could be influencing or unconsciously just kind of energetically passing on to these future generations bringing that one into. So having that on the altar is very powerful and, offering forgiveness and kindness and love and again, calling in support for that ancestor that didn’t have what they needed to be whole or maybe good or expressed or safe or all the different things. So these are a couple of options that you can utilize for your altar. Again, utilizing the candles, again, utilizing objects and physical pictures if you want and then playing with it to where you are bringing in the things that maybe they didn’t have. Maybe there was a famine, it’s like okay, let’s bring in I don’t know, the first thing I thought it was like a superfood back. 

Let’s bring in some nutrient density, but like putting you know whatever symbols like pomegranate or an apple-like something that rep abundance, you know, and or feast, maybe it was potato famine and it’s like, let’s pray it up potato, you know, whatever it is like to represent the antidote to that energy, whatever it is supported antidote peace, calm, you know whatever they need it and bringing in objects to represent that is going to be really really helpful and see what comes up for you in the process. You know, you might be like okay, yeah go put Mom and Dad. It’s like oh stuff coming up around this or grandma stuff coming up around, you know are like, Oh wow, like this feels so good. Why have I not opened up to this before? So just see what comes up in you because it’s a living process. It’s not just an object they live for taking or taking from the hint of the East. It’s a living configuration. It’s a living tree. It’s a living family tree and so see what you can do to bring harmony to yourself. Absolutely, making sure that it feels very enlivening. 

Again, inspiring to yourself where we’re at coaxes humility and gratitude and also blast you with support and, and love and those kinds of energies to and if it isn’t, had something that we’ll write, or if it’s too much, take something away, play with it, it doesn’t have to be fixed, even over the 30 days inspirations can come through, again, through dreams through meditation through your day, as you maybe talk to your family. And, you know, Thanksgiving comes up and things move, you can add things and, and utilize it as a space of learning to go deeper into yourself and to, again, release so that all those unconscious patterns don’t have to continue. And you can go beyond the family and light a candle for the collective as also a good idea. I’m going to be doing that. Or different things that yeah, it would be helpful. And again, even just in talking about this, things just start to bubble up, right? I’m like, oh, yeah, what should I do? Oh, I’m gonna put on the collective altar, I’m going to put some vitamin D, let’s put some zinc. You know, I’m like, Okay, let’s do like collective immunity altar, you know, just different things will bubble up and, and follow those inspirations. And, and play with it. And one, one other thing, there are so many things, but we’re going to leave it to one other thing is, as seen in this space, what comes forward as far as heart impulse and throat impulse of words, of the blessing of prayer. For yourself, for your family. And it might be different every day, like maybe you sit down, to receive the blessing of the ancestors too, to give a prayer and offering to them.

Whatever comes forth, and again, yeah, it might be a stream of consciousness, a momentary thing that comes through, or it might be something that becomes a written invocation. And that is very powerful, too. And again, this gets pretty magical. And so writing it out, and going back to the spell podcast, and saying how you can invoke and even command those things, for yourself and for your ancestors and for your family can be very powerful to do as well. And so this is one that was coming through last night for me just a little blip, you know, of something that was coming through that I was saying to my ancestors as I lit a candle for my female lineage specifically, I was saying May your truth, sanctuary, laughter, passion, warmth, joy, and expression shine forth through me. And drew me May at all heal I am honored to be your daughter and descendant and through me, may all the pains heal the wounds heal within you. And I bless you with truce sanctuary Laughter, passion, warmth, joy, and expression, let it shine forth through you through the lines, and shine for through me to carry on your legacy in the brightest, highest way, for all of humanity for all of creation. 

So that is just an example of a couple of lines that came through. And I mean, even in this, this is just like a rough thing of what came through as inspiration. And what I would love to do is then work on this and, and make it extra, extra clear, and extra potent, and bring in other components to it. And once it’s refined to write it on a sacred piece of paper, with a pen, you know, and, and put a seal at the bottom and sign my name and sign the name of like all the women who came before me and, you know, like really get into it, but just as a beginning to start somewhere, because even that sharing that for me is is vulnerable, because it’s unpolished, it’s undefined, there are so many other components, I would want to add to it. But that was what came forth in me, in my heart and my being in that moment. As I saw, these are the things that I have and I experienced in my life that they maybe didn’t get to. And so calling in those things, and sometimes we can’t even realize the things that they needed. So tuning into that, and it’s really special, really beautiful. So those are some of the practices that you can utilize for the ancestral altar. And I invite you to play with it. And I invite you to play with the contrast of going into the hardships and the challenges of the past of the peoples from which you come and also different peoples from around the planet and to you let that be a catalyst of, of humility and of inspiration for you to go forth, courageously in this life with all that we have in this time. And thanks again so much for listening, and go towards whatever inspires you by really inviting you to explore and deepen with your ancestors particularly through this sound time but through this time, it is very needed and it is very powerful and empowering. So however that looks like for you to be supported and dive into it in whatever way calls forth you. Go for it. It is super powerful work and I wish you all the best.