What does it mean to be empathic?  The best way to describe an empath is, you feel everything!  You are highly sensitive to what others are thinking and experiencing.  There are often times that you find it difficult discerning your own energy from those around you.  This could lead you to become super overwhelmed and anxious.  

Right now, a global transformation is occurring.  A new generation of humanity has emerged into this world, called the “Indigo Generation.”  This new type of human has a different kind of soul.  These souls are more ancient and have been through a great deal during their lifetimes.  They are often referred to as “star seeds” that have a galactic connection to the universe.  Since we feel more and sense more, it’s like we have a superpower!  Superman had a similar story.  He felt totally overwhelmed at first, but was able to adapt and use his powers to his advantage.  So what do we do about this?

Empath’s are born with these abilities that may become enhanced during childhood.  Many of them do not know or even realize they are empathic.  Most have used these enhancements as more of a survival mechanism.  Does this sound like you?

  • Childhood Trauma: Something traumatic may have happened to you or you experienced an abusive situation during your childhood.
  • Chronic Scanner: When you get older, the survival mechanism transforms into “scanning” where you often find yourself feeling the need to comfort everyone you sense is uneasy.
  • Safe Space Maintenance: You want to maintain a “safe space” because you feel their uneasiness reflecting onto you.
  • Challenging Existence: You often find it hard to live your life.

Personally, I did not have any childhood trauma, but I did find myself aspiring for everyone around me to feel accepted and loved.  I never wanted anyone to feel left out or excluded.  There are times for service to others and there is the time you need for yourself.  Sometimes there are very strong energies that pull you down, whether it be a person or situation.

How do you learn to control your “superpower”?  Check out my 5 suggestions below:

  • Find your center: Get into and be in your own energy.
  • Don’t be the victim: Remember your infinite nature and your right to true empowerment
  • Show Compassion: Figure out the emotion someone else is feeling and go deeper.  Go beyond the feeling and figure out WHY they feel this way.
  • Stay in your center: Receive the energy and reflect upon what is going on inside of you.
  • Don’t build a wall: You don’t have to create boundaries or resistance.

Well, how do you find your energy?  How do you even know what that is or feels like?  Look at my suggestions below to find your center:

  1. Be alone: Get away from everyone else’s energy field.  Meditate and try to understand what your energy feels like.
  2. NO TECHNOLOGY! Technology already gives off energy so you don’t want to have to compete with your electronics.
  3. Extract yourself from the collective energy: This includes family or people that live with you.
  4. Go to nature! Be with nature or find yourself a meditation retreat.
  5. Remember to breathe! Try conscious breathing techniques, like meditation, Qigong, or yoga.
  6. Allow Self Inquiry.

When sensing your energy, ask yourself, “Do I agree with this energy?”  Realize you do not have to take on the energy if you do not agree.  Gently sweep away the energies that might not be yours.

As you feel more of who you are and what your energy feels like, your energy field will grow.  You will find that situations do not overwhelm you the same way anymore.  This is why:

  • Your energy field is stronger.  
  • You receive energy around you and choose to either dance with it or let it go.
  • You will understand that you DO have control.

Since most of us have developed these survival mechanisms, we tend to create the anxiety for ourselves.  We will be able to shift to a brave, new earth by being ourselves and adapting our skills into superpowers.

You may feel you want to leave the dense collective field energy (overall thematic structure of humanity’s beliefs, thoughts, and impressions) and move somewhere like Sedona.  You want to go where the fields are much lighter and more malleable so you have the ability to create from your center.  It would be so much clearer, but we must still participate in with the rest of humanity.

What would happen if all of the empaths move to the middle of nowhere?  How would this help anyone?  We must participate in alchemizing the energies coming into the earth.  It took me some time to understand, but just remember to keep trying and you will get it!!