Definitions, Approach & Perspective for WOMAN

Thanks for taking the time to visit this post and read through these definitions. The main page of WOMAN was getting long… lol, and for clarity sake, I feel it’s important to include these definitions and perspectives so we can get on the same page, and so you know can feel into if you align with this program and journey! 

  • Remembering the Nature of Woman: A woman is a biological female who has the ability to create life from her womb. ‘Woman’ is: complex, dynamic, wondrous, and mysterious. ‘She’ is a direct reflection of nature. She is every season. She is nature. The feminine is a life-giving energy that nurtures and sustains life with kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. She is a supportive, receptive frequency that holds the expanse, and calls forth togetherness and connection to experience fulfillment. And with the gift of creation, she has infinite power to destroy… she is delicate and volcanic. Part of her immense power is felt in her gentle vulnerability. In this program we will remember, explore and embody these truths, and cultivate the virtues of woman… so you know who you are to harness and celebrate all expressions of your sacred nature. Feminine embodiment goes way beyond just sexual and physical expression. It is a cultivation of feminine virtues, skills, self-love, and inner radiance… a true honoring of your sacred nature.
  • Softening into Safety: True safety, listening, and respect is a necessity for feminine blooming. Being in a harsh world, with likely many experiences that led to mistrust, it’s a necessary defense to mistrust, close up, and harden. This program is an honest, aligned, and safe sanctuary to rest your bones and gently open once again… in your own time… to women, to men, and most of all… to yourself. You can’t be balanced if you’re not in your body and you can’t be in your body if you don’t feel safe and celebrated to embody your true essence.
  • Sanctifying Your Sacred Temple: The core need for a woman to unfurl into a decedent rose of nectarous riches… is reverence, respect, and deep listening. This begins with yourself and honoring all the phases, aspects, and archetypes of you. It is normalized in today’s culture for women’s sexual and sensual energy to leak out for all to see and feel. This has been defined as sexual liberation, empowerment, and embodiment… when in reality, it is a form of self-prostitution. In this program you will reclaim your sexual life-force to create with, and share in ways that are aligned with your authentic and unique feminine essence.
  • Restoring Connection with the Sacred Masculine: Honoring and celebrating your sacred nature as a woman includes being in harmonious connection and valuation of men. In this program you can heal and restore your relationship with the masculine and learn to not abandon yourself for another, while coming into the right relationship to receive from the glorious provider-ship of men.
  • Rekindling Sisterhood – Women Need Each Other: Women have circled together from time memorial. We used to spend hours, if not whole days together… weaving, cooking, crafting, talking, nurturing, and dreaming. Community connection with other women was a basis for health and emotional well-being. Even though you may not have seen it growing up, women are made to be together. When ladies come together, we physiologically and hormonally change… and come into rhythm, menstrual synchrony, and oxytocin increases facilitating deep bonds, love, and happiness. There have been many pains caused by female relations, be it between mother and daughter, and in ‘the [often broken] sisterhood’ of women. This division never helped women, nor family, nor culture. Sisterhood and female bonding is our nature… It’s what weaves and bonds a healthy community and culture for all. There are incredible women in this program for you to befriend, be vulnerable with, and re-pattern your relationship to women. The basis for our relating will be utilizing the principles of reciprocity and complementarity to uplift and support each other… through cultivating trust, and kind authentic speech with each other. When one rises, we all rise together.

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