I got the call to the Bermuda Triangle just under a year ago. I felt compelled to explore that area for the adventure, and to receive any downloads and frequencies that are required for the next stage of my path. I didn’t know exactly what would happen, but I felt it was going to be deep.

Thanks to alll of YOU. I got to go!!!! My deepest appreciation again for your support of me, physically and energetically. I am beyond grateful. So then, what did I experience and what is the wisdom do I have to bring back to the village? To you? After all… personal soul journeys are to gift back to others as well of ourselves, for the expansion of the Whole, together.

It all began while flying from Fort Lauderdale, FL to the island of Bimini in the Bahamas. On the small charter jet, I committed to my intention of full acceptance of whatever my journey had in store, with no expectations and embodying fully integrity in my vessel for the portal play to come… I was in old Atlantis after all… There, integrity is key! 

About half way through the short 30 minute flight, I felt it… I had entered the “Flux Vortex” or the Bermuda Triangle. I am quite versed now with entering and exiting energy points so when the sudden jolt of accelerated energy hit, I knew it was the vortex at play. The word FLUX came to me like the “flux vortex” in Avatar. A moving, morphing vortex and chakra dimensional portal.

The Dolphins

The first day out on the boat, sailing out on crystal clear turquoise water, I had my first interaction with the Bimini Dolphins. A pod of spotted dolphins, old (the Elders) and young, appeared out of nowhere, as dolphins often do. The energy of the small pod, of about 15 dolphins, was very different than the Big Island’s Spinner Dolphins I was used to. They intentionally moved as one to the front of the boat with deep, clear energy.  There was a wisdom, depth and richness to them that was unlike the jovial ecstasy I experienced interacting with dolphins before. They meant business! They jumped a bit, just enough to get everyone amped up to dive in.  We entered the water with them and the rest was a blur… The wise beings gazed into my eyes transmitting timelessness, beyond my rational understanding. They swiftly encircled our group with finesse, coming within inches of each of us, welcoming our pod to their home– their ancient Sirian Temple.  I was in such a trance-like shock by the time I got back on the boat, I almost forgot it happened= Ancient Alien Contact!

Upon reflection and speaking to the beautiful blue sea for hours at a time, many insights came to me. There are very small pods around Bimini, where as in Hawaii they fly by you in parades of hundreds… but why? One factor is likely environmental, etc. In addition, I believe that the spotted dolphins there are the wisdom keepers from Atlantis, delivering frequencies, access codes and information to us as human ambassadors. It is possible that they even shift dimensions from Atlantis to our present time. The depth and transmission coming through them had a richness and ancient pulse that was beautiful and stirring.

The third day we communed with a pod of bottlenose dolphins, who expressed the classic crazy, giddy joy that we are used to!  They squeaked and transmitted sonar through the waters, transporting me to complete bliss. They took me on my own, away from the group, swirling and pulsing energy through my heart. The familiar overwhelming sensation in my solar plexus and chest reverberated in my human instrument for hours!

The most profound moment that day was watching them feed at the bottom… watching animals be animals. After about 3-5 minutes it was time for them to take a breath. They would immediately stop fishing, and gave their whole being to the experience of rising to the surface for a breath of life. The transmission of presence they beamed was absolutely breathtaking. As unconscious human breathers, we unconsciously make everything a priority over breath. In this moment, I got it… the power of consciousness, presence and breath, and making the fullness of life my priority. Wooooooo…..

Each day I would rise early and sing into the ocean. Let my physical rhythm pulse my frequencies into the sea by singing my soul song. Each day my breath got deeper and my sound was more whole.

On the last day we met about 30 spotted dolphins. The grand finale of our trip, after becoming quite an unconditionally loving pod together, was to join the dolphin’s sensuous love bubble. For over an hour, with 10 of us in the water, they swirled and flowedwith 2-4 dolphins all around me at any given time. Dolphins and Humans as One: Squeaking… Squealing… Making Eye Contact. Telempathically Communicating. Sending Love, Giggling uncontrollably. I would be laughing with so much joy, I had to come to the surface to take off my snorkel and laugh out loud! At one point 3 dolphins having a ecstatic sensual encounter with each other, invited me in and I swirled with them enveloped in PURE ECSTATIC LOVE. I danced with dolphins. Beyond words… It was First Contact and intimate contact at that 😉


Bimini is a small island and the convergence point of many ley lines and sits within the Bermuda Triangle Vortex/Chakra Point. The first day I tuned into the energy of the place, opening my vessel to get to know the energies as much as possible in my short stay.  It was challenging for me to clearly read the energies, besides my time with the dolphins. I felt a cloudy energy and heard a little voice in my head urging me to clear the space. I resisted, feeling it would open a can of worms. For the next 2 nights I had terrible nightmares. I don’t shy away from darkness, though I choose light, so I accepted this as subconscious release or other energies coming up in my being. By the 3rd night I was asking a few of my other pod-mates about their dreams, and after bringing it up, they realized they were all having bad dreams as well.

That night we decided to sage and clear our rooms to see if that would make a difference. Strong gusty winds and ominous energies surged around us. We finally lit the sage and went from room to room. The lights flickered and the spirits were quite unhappy about our mission. I am trained a medium. I’ve encountered many poltergeists and used shamanic and esoteric methods to work with the land to balance energies so this was known territory for me. In this clearing, the earth-bound entities were pissed and doing every thing they could to stop us… it felt like the build up from centuries of entities, all over the island , were being brought to life. I respectfully said that I wasn’t interested (at this time) in clearing the whole island, I simply wanted to have a clear space in our rooms and on this particular property. After they no longer felt threatened, they backed off and we were able to cleanly set sacred space for ourselves.

Every place has its history. Layers of lives and timelines merge on land-spaces that humans have inhabited. In the case of Bimini, it was a rum-running island during the prohibition and has continued to have excessive alcohol use by the locals, which attracts spirits.  All of this is fine and dandy, and normally goes unnoticed by visitors, so don’t worry!  It felt like part of my role to go into those energies, to poke a hole through for higher energies to beam in and up!  And that it did. While falling asleep that night, I clairvoyantly saw a portal with hundreds of beings going to the light (the ones ready to leave). The deva of the island and many natures spirits came to me, thanking me for my assistance. I feel like there is a new stream of energy now available there for clearer frequencies to come through. It is important for these sacred sites, dimensional gates, vortices and chakra points to be clean and clear so higher energies for humanity can come in, and be distributed through the ley lines and throughout the crystalline grid.  Humans being humans often leave garbage energetic which needs a little house cleaning. On my next visit, I will likely clear the whole island, with the permissions of the guardians there, so it can be a clean vessel for energy to smoothly move.

The days after I felt light streaming in from above (chakra energy) and a pulsing swirling energy pulsing in the land.  Fluctuating energy, shifting and moving. This place is a incredible place for change, movement and whirling flow!!

Bimini Road, Remembering Atlantis

It completely baffles me that anyone still questions the existence of Atlantis. There is physical evidence at Bimini Road, the huge rectangular stones in a J formation under the ocean off the coast of Bimini, as well as an underwater pyramid off the West Coast of Cuba. The civilization is referred to in the writings of Plato and historical documents. It was also predicted by Edgar Cayce in the 1920s that humanity would find physical indications of the lost city off the coast of Bimini, which we did by 1950!

Throughout the week, I was excited to connect in and see if any insights from Atlantis would come through.  By the end of the week, everyone in the group knew my excitement and other curious alien and esoteric passions. The last day we finally got to snorkel over Bimini Road before finding the dolphins. I had NO expectations, but was excited to check it out. I was the first one in the water and instantly felt where to go. I swam from giant stone to giant stone. Within minutes of being in the water, I felt a surge of energy coming up from each rock I floated over. After some tingling in the middle of my brain, I lost it. I cracked open. From the core of my being, with every fiber of my being. I felt my connection to Atlantis. I balled and balled in my mask, blowing snot into the ocean. New waves of deepening burrowed remembrance into my soul.  Then, one my pod-mates graciously brought me sand from the stones below. I held it with everything I had… promising that I would be a keeper of light, a guardian of wisdom, integrity, purity, transparency, creation and peace. After my profound integration, I got on the boat and was greeted with joking sarcasm by the captain, “did you feel the energy” as he waved his hands insinuating Woo Woo spirituality. I tried to laugh and went to the front of the boat where I continued to ball.

The information I got on my Atlantean counterpart, who I feel sent me the pull to go on my trip is still unfolding. I know I have at least 2 or 3 lives in Atlantis, 2 of which are quite dark/destructive. I also have one as a man and this is who I am in contact with now, through time-space. That is the awesome part about connecting with other incarnations who are multidimensionally tapped in, you can assist each other as friends and soul parts! He told me he is an architect and builds temples and structures, using the ley lines and energy points on Earth. He was one of the main builders of Bimini Road, which is why it had such impact on me. He could feel the destructive corruption taking place, which he spoke out about, thus he had to flee for his life and away from the imminent destruction of the first fall.  More to come…

I realized many things bobbing through the crystal blue waters integrating my experience…


I believe one of the most important soul retrievals humans must consciously integrate, to take our next step towards the light on Earth, are our live(s) in Atlantis. It is one of the primary energies, that the world is still playing out in the destruction of the planet and misuse of power.  As individuals, this is an unconscious motivating energy, in so many of the actions and behaviors we exhibit, that must be brought to light ~ in ALL of us… yes You. No exceptions if you are a human incarnate on Earth right now.

The sooner we can realize and become conscious of our other soul influences in this life, the more we can accelerate the integration of all the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves. Only when we are whole, can we expand forward as individuals and as a collective. If we have misused power (ALL of us have) and perpetrated in the past (which is now), then we will be immobilized by that energy as we try to move forward to come into the gifts those lives negatively expressed; some of which are our most master-full lives.  Once we consciously recognize these energies at play, we can accept it as a part of us and let that aspect live in our hearts, knowing that we’ll never do it again since we are consciously aware of that choice.

This particular life of transformation and the New [Spiritual] Age, is about making CONTACT with our soul aspects, relevant other lives and integrating all of the wisdom and energy that they hold.  Yes, we are all masters… our CreatorShip is the infinite power of our beings that we’re waking up to. We have to accept ALL of ourselves, not just the fun incarnations as high priestesses and kind Native Americans. Thus, it is time to tap in and viscerally experience the other time spaces relevant to this one, dark and light, and make contact with our other simultaneous incarnations. 

Let it be obvious. Often times the relevancy of our other lives or energetic connections are so obvious we miss them. I was called to Bimini because of the vortex and ley lines so I would obviously have been working with those energies in other times, and I realized I did work in this way in Atlantis. Follow your own intuition. I assist others with discovering their past lives, but even with an intuitive’s or psychic’s insight, the real transformation happens when you feel it in your bones, when it is awoken from your cell memory so you experience as knowingness. Many in the new agers run around saying they have certain lives, but it only matters if you can use that information and knowledge for this life towards expansion! Because so many do a showy dance with these other lives, that doesn’t hold the transmission of its knowledge, when someone like me comes to Bimini and has a transformative experience, it is thrown aside by others as meaningless.

When going to sacred places or in meeting certain people, if you don’t feel it… you don’t feel it. I am totally fine with not feeling a thing, and when I do, I really let that be. Be bold and let it really come alive so you can experience it in its fullness for deep integration.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this, doing your own personal work and supporting me with mine!!! I love you!


I brought back the Bimini sand to seed in the Sedona Vortex as a symbol of the acknowledgement of Atlantis, and planting a new energy as to not repeat that destructive energy. The sands of time-lessness. They are the ashes for the Phoenix to rise again, as we continue through The Span and this powerful global transformation. Blessings to all. May the world be blessed with peaceful and smooth energies, it is up to us what happens this time… NOW… with the ignited ring of fire. I choose gentle expansion towards a Harmonious Earth.

Call to Adventure: Visit the Bermuda Triangle Vortex+Chakra and Receive any Energies or Inspirations from swimming with the dolphins and visiting ol’ Atlantis.

Challenges: Sitting in the unknown, clearing through layers of blocked portal energies, not acceptance for my transformational process. Facing the lack of acknowledgement from the human collective, about our unconscious destructive past in Atlantis.

Resolution: Contact with my Atlantean counterpart. Full acceptance of my part in it and experiencing that wholeness in my bones. Letting the wisdom and choices of that time shift in me, towards light in this incarnation. First contact, telempathy and ecstatic connection with my dolphin friends.

bridget in hawaii leading a sacred site tour

By: Bridget NielsenArtist, Intuitive, Healthy Life Stylist, Hybrid Ambassador& Eco-Pioneer

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