AMSTERDAM, June 1-2nd


What a True You Tribe Event Can Do For You!

This event is full of fun, connection, expression, creativity and spiritual expansion!! 

It is a sacred space where you will be received and celebrated for being yourself!

Has it been hard for you to find like-hearted people?

This is one of the most common challenges I hear from people. You are not alone!

I have felt the same way for most of my life. Intentional community was a life changing experience as well as my first introduction to the concept of a soul family. I had finally found my tribe!!

Once I got a taste of true, soulful connection, I wanted to share it and facilitate connection!! This event is my solution and gift to you! This True You Tribe Event will be a fun and connective environment, to increase your vibration AND meet your soul family!!!

Humans tend to think in groups. We are social creatures. We are empathic and telempathic for a reason, so why not use it to commune and receive starseed transmissions from each other?! This will help us transform our spiritual awakening to the next level!



Event Benefits!


✔ Connect with New Friends! Feel encouraged by community and receive “the download” of belonging to a tribe of like-hearted souls!

✔ Raise Your Vibration! This event is packed with fun and powerful techniques for enhancing your spiritual expansion. I have dedicated the past decade to the exploration of various modalities. These techniques will grant you more clarity and vibrance, as you learn to discern and understand your own energetic system.

✔ Assist Global Ascension!  Now is the time for lightworkers and starseeds to gather with intention, to anchor greater levels of harmony, balance, and light for humanity and Earth.  When we unite together with the vibration of love, we can accelerate our own vibrations and spiritual awakening!

✔ Physicalize Your Spiritual Soul! In this digital age, it is easy for you to become introverted, only connecting with others through some sort of online, social community. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice physicalized embodiment, and take your empathic skills and vibration to the next level!

✔ Feel Safe To Be You! Part of connection is expression. You must be your “true you” to authentically experience real connection. This is the perfect environment to come out of your shell and share your light with others!

True You Tribe Event Activities!

Each event will have the same intention of connection, but the activities will be unique and based on the energy of the group!! Below are some of the activities that will likely be included at your regional, True You Tribe Event.

Group Connection Exercises

  • Starseed and ESP Meditations
  • Empath Boundary & Connection Exercise
  • Q&A with Bridget Nielsen
  • Soul Family Sharing Circle
  • Nature Walk & Earth Connection Meditation
  • True You Expression Exercise
  • Prana Activation
  • Art & Creativity Playshop
  • Ecstatic Dance


A typical event with a crowd of 20 or more, will entertain their audience with a speaker either broadcasting or teaching to the audience. This would normally be deemed a valuable and helpful model, but I have created something unique! This event is an interactive, real-time practice for expanding YOU n new ways to bring your spirit to life!

I will facilitate your core activities with mediations or a Q&A session, but I’ve designed this event to make YOU an active creator of your own experience!


Each event is 1.5 days. The first day will be held at a large group gathering space. Weather permitting and if possible, the second half day will be out in nature! You will receive logistical details and a tentative itinerary after you complete the event registration.

It is my honor to gather individuals from around the world, to unify, support, and encourage personal transformation.

I encourage you to make your spiritual awakening REAL, by physically experiencing and truly interacting with like-hearted people!

*** Bring a friend and receive $25 off 🙂 !! 


This is a 1.5 day, in-person version of my online community membership program. My 2018 True You Tribe program was absolutely incredible. The registration period for my 2019 program opens in March!! I will have more details available soon. Anyone who signs up for this program will receive $55 off this event or any other in-person retreat!

Upcoming Event!

True You Tribe – Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 1-2nd, 2019.

Tentative Itinerary


Morning Session
9-10AM Opening Sharing Circle
10-11:30AM Soul Mission Exploration, Empath & Expression Exploration
11:30-12:30AM Q&A with Bridget
Afternoon Session
1:30-3:30PM Art Playshop & Inner Child Play!
3:30-5PM 3rd Eye Activation & Connection Ceremony
Morning Session
9-10AM Prana Activation
10-11AM Grounding & Earth Meditation
11-12:30PM Closing Sharing Circle


Your Guide

Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world. She is a international speaker, published author and plant-based chef.  In private sessions, she reawakens the inner starseed to their mission, life purpose, hybrid children connections and contact experiences.  

She is a world renowned facilitator and has hosted many retreats in sacred sites, including Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Tulum, and Glastonbury. She has inspired the lives of many, with over 200 videos and 2.7 million views to ignite your spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial engagement, and living a healthy life.



True You Tribe – Amsterdam, Netherlands – June 1-2nd, 2019.