The Explorer

Traveling and exploring the world (and beyond) is one of my greatest passions!  Since I could remember I was obsessed with flipping through National Geographic Magazines and watching the Travel Channel with my dad.  By age 15, our family was fortunate enough, to spend a month each summer touring various European countries. Before ever having been there, I could share the history of Italy and France to my family… retracing the well-known footsteps of my past [lives] (barbaric, opulent, crude and kind).  History is one of my favorite subjects, observing how cultures flow to one another, creating gems and a rich blending of wisdom. Most of the time, how the great civilizations and cathedrals came to be, is not pretty… at all, but observing the past can root you to a clear and integrous future.

At age 19, I moved to Paris and Switzerland for university study (art, history & language). I spent weekends traveling to Italy, Austria, Germany and Ireland.  It was then that I received the opportunity to go to Egypt and Greece. After my schooling I traveled to Thailand and Cambodia with a friend and then arrived “home” in the USA. At 21, I traveled alone to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I simple couldn’t get enough of Europe and moved to London, on 2 separate occasions, at age 22 and 24. Europe was incredibly familiar, comforting and inspiring.

Eventually something shifted… my Europe chapter closed around 2009 when I consciously embarked on my spiritual path. When I started going within, travel outside subsided. I began traveling to other dimensions and really re-experiencing my simultaneous incarnations. I communed with many types of beings and around 2011, extraterrestrials came into my life. Paradoxically expanding into my futuristic self, led me deeper into Earth.  From a young age nature was just as big of a draw as traveling.  Instead of high hills and opulent drinks at the Monte Carlo in France, my soul brought me barefoot to Hawai’i, Mt. Shasta, Sedona and back to the Earth. It was there that my Wild Woman Archetype ignited.

The merging of nature and travel has now evolved into my deep fascination and draw to the sacred sites around our planet. I had already been to the sacred sites in Tulum (Mexico), Egypt and Angkor Wat, but now I was deeply ready to receive the transmission of these places gifts rather than playing tourist. I had been retracing sacred pilgrimages on ley lines from Wales, to Mont. Saint Michel to Rome. I am now ready to merge my heightened awareness with travel in a new way that thrills me to the bone. I am so excited to see what unfolds and what new aspects of myself I discover within and around me. Woooooo!!!! What a good life! If you have any questions or would like any suggestions on any travel destinations, please email me and I’d be happy to assist!

Travel with Me!

Explore Earth’s Sacred Sites with Bridget, from Hawai’i to Shasta to Sedona, or anywhere else your heart desires!