By Bridget Nielsen: Artist, Intuitive, Eco-Pioneer & Galactic Ambassador

The Barnard Star System:

One note, one stroke. The endless beginning…

We will one day be the “aliens” and first contact specialists to the beings inhabiting the Barnard Star System. Yet, there is such beauty in simplicity for them to teach us!  Their refinement of inhaling the vastness of creation is rapturous. To them, a single note is like a symphony.

Eco friendly art in Sedona by artist Bridget Nielsen

On my new journey of creating paintings for my “Simplicity Series,” using hand-ground Sedona earth for pigment, the beings from “Oova” (the planet that’s a part of the Barnard Star System) melted into me. I began channeling them.  I saw and felt through their rich depth with every gentle swoosh of my brush. I was completely captivated by the moment and bewitched by the infinity in their essence dripping through mine.  Afterwards, I sat in their vibration for over an hour, gazing at the landscape in complete awe of its vibrant majesty.

Over the past few years I have had spontaneous visions of their civilization… I could see a grand symphony palace with a string instrument floating above the audience, similar to our Earth Harp, creating the sounds of angels– connecting everyone in oneness.

Snippets of their Renaissance grandeur is now seeping into our reality. I know you feel them too. Their souls, so deeply stirring in the lightest way.  I first heard sounds of Barnard through our friends from Star Global Family in Holland. (They are also creating first contact communities for the hybrids).  Their music floated me to a diaphanous world of purity and beauty… very similar to the frequency I felt when they came through in my painting.

Paradoxically, the Barnard beings are making contact with us first. :) It is time now to surrender to our simplicity to build our connection with them and make contact with our newly awakening galactic neighbors.

The Art of Simplicity

”When you can learn to do more with less, you will then be able to do less and get more.” ~ Bashar. For the past 2 years I’ve been contemplating, imagining and wracking my soul as to how I could incorporate this concept into every aspect of my life, including my art.

Bashar synchronistically uses an artist as the example saying, “…yes, you can be an artist with fancy paints, fancy pens, pencils, and computers, but if all you have is a burnt stick, a charcoal stick burnt in a fire and scratched on a cave wall, you are no less an artist.” (read the rest below)… Even so, I was challenged to find my personal expression of capturing the grandeur I felt watching a trickling stream or holding a a magnetic Sedona red rock. With my whirlwind year immersed in nature and my drastic life changes out of the mainstream, I began to see a new world… a new dimension of radiant ease and beauty.

My first artistic inspiration, since my dolphin trip in February 2013, filled my crown in Mt. Shasta in fall 2013. I had immersed myself in 2013 to living as sustainably as possible, including all my clothes, so I couldn’t bear to buy another canvas with clear cut wood or buy another tube of petroleum based paint. I called myself a spiritual essence painter, but how could the pure vibration translate through these mediums… I was quite compartmentalized.

Natural pigment painting of the energy of mt shasta

So what did I do?… I listened to the rocks, the moss, the trees and most of all my natural self… I went back to the true source of life and color… The art that already exists all around.  Mediums, pigments and natural materials started to commune with me in nature and offer themselves to co-create, in harmony, with my art!!

After months of research, sourcing, foraging and vibrational attunement, I completed these paintings… my first creations that holistically reflect the pure energy of simplicity, sustainable awareness and the inherent natural abundance existing all around us. I’m so happy to finally viscerally know what Bashar was talking about and live it in my life AND art. Creating with Creation as Creation.

This painting series was intended to be painted with the energy of Shasta~ using the neon Shasta moss & fallen wood… but the crown chakra had something else in mind, being connected to all other vortices and chakra points around the world. Shasta brought in Mt. Fuji to fully encompass my expression of the power within simplicity. Mt. Fuji represents the solar plexus of our planet. Fuji added its 5th dimensional power energy ~ “the greatest power requires the lightest touch.”

 Message from Bashar 

“You are all already abundant… infinitely abundant. You must allow yourself to understand, the idea of acting on your joy, the idea of feeling the energy of excitement within you is its own sufficient idea. You are making it conditional. “I’ll be happy if, I’ll be happy when.” You see… “If this happens, when that happens” is what you’re saying. That is the equation you are creating.

“If you know you simply want to be joyful, happy, excited and in that state, the state will allow your reality to reflect abundance and other forms of expression of excitement, but you cannot choose to be happy because it will do that, that is conditional. You must be unconditional, which means in a nutshell, in the simplest terms, you choose to be in a state of ecstasy, just because that is what you prefer, for no other reason other than that is what you prefer.

Ancient cave paintings from Chauvet, France

“I am doing what I am doing, communicating with yours and other societies, because it is my joy. I would do it if there were only one person listening. I would do it if no one were listening. I do not make my joy and the expression of my joy conditional and because I make it unconditional and I allow it to be unconditional, there are always people to talk with. I don’t have to think about it, I don’t have to plan for it; I just have to express my joy for no other reason than that is who I am. I don’t need another reason. I don’t need it to do anything for me. I do it because it is me, and there is no better reason than that. When I do it because it is me, then things happen, the universe reflects that it is me in all the ways that it can.

“A mis-definition that many of you have, many of you focus on the idea of careers, goals, and achievements. ‘What is my purpose? What is my mission in life? When will it lead to this or that? How will it do it? How will it bring me abundance? How will it support me?’

“You only have one purpose, all of you, you have the same purpose, different, but the same. Your only purpose is to be who you are the best that you can be. Because you are unique. You have never been this you before; you will never be this you again. This you only has one life to live. Therefore your purpose, your mission, your goal, is to be “this you” in the best possible way you can, that you know how to be. That’s it, that’s it, that’s your mission, that’s your purpose, that’s your goal, that’s it. So take the weight off your shoulders all of you. You have no other mission, no other purpose, and no other goal, that’s it. Just to be you. That’s it.

“What you call projects, goals, achievements, these are your chosen methods of expressing the goal of being yourself, but they are not the goal, not the mission, not the purpose. You are the goal, you are the mission, you are the purpose, and to just be you, however you choose to express that, is up to you. We suggest that you choose to express that in the way you believe is most harmoniously aligned and representative with the joy of who you are, but those things you do are not the goals. When you thus then simply choose to be who you are, then everything that needs to be there will be there, abundance, and what have you.

“One of the most important principles about the idea of abundance is to allow it to come in whatever form it needs to represent your highest expression, especially on your planet, where abundance can mean the idea you call money. Money is a valid way to represent the idea of exchange and abundance, but not the only way. The idea of abundance really is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it, period. That’s abundance. But you don’t have to necessarily assume it always requires money. Sometimes money is actually the longest route, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it is. The idea is to let it be, and drop the insistence that it must be this way, so that abundance can come to you in any way that it needs to, to represent the path of least resistance and the most expansive expression.

Black and white painting by Franz Kline

“Now the tool of how to allow abundance to expand in your life is this…’When you can learn to do more with less, you will then be able to do less and get more.’ One more time, pay attention, this is absolutely critical. When you understand this, you will really understand manifestation regarding the idea of abundance. It is a key functional principle. ‘When you learn that you can do more with less, you will then be able to do less and get more.’

“If there is a person that fancies themselves an artist, you know, yes, you can be an artist with fancy paints, fancy pens, pencils, and computers, but if all you have is a burnt stick, a charcoal stick burnt in a fire and scratched on a cave wall, you are no less an artist. If you judge that the burnt stick somehow does not allow you to be as much of an artist as the person with all the high technology, that is where you get yourselves into trouble and where you short circuit your ability to attract abundance.

“When you do as much as you can possibly imagine you can do with what you have, when you can do more with less, if you just have the burnt stick and you create beautiful images with the burnt stick, do as much as you can with the burnt stick, create beautiful sculptures with the burnt stick, then that act will radiate out and will attract to you other individuals, other circumstances, who will then begin to act with that level of energy, that level of conviction you put out, that will bring you more opportunities to get more by doing less.

Don’t you observe in general that the most, quote unquote, accomplished artist among you can actually just squiggle a few lines and it is considered a masterpiece worth millions? Don’t you notice that in the evolution of some of your most powerful artists? They begin simple, they go through complexity, but usually they come back to simplicity when they are advanced.”