Starseed DNA Activation Meditation

Discover your Starseed origin so you can awaken your cosmic gifts and experience more of your true self!!

By the time you finish this process, you will feel more connected to your starseed soul and cosmic support, which will enable you to feel more clear, comfortable, and grounded in your body and on Earth.

Growing up, I always felt different and out of place…

I felt alien if you will…:)

As a little girl, the thing that made me feel most alive, connected, or supported was gazing up at that stars through my window at night.

That moment, I could feel my starseed connections and the expanse of the universe pour through me. I would cry because I felt immense joy, love, inner-knowing, and purpose. 

However, that connection faded as I got older… It felt easier and more comfortable to disconnect from my body and reality when culture and people became too much.

It wasn’t until my mid-20s that I rekindled a deep connection with my star family and my starseed essence!

Seeking communion, I would go up and out through my crown chakra to connect with the cosmos, but that left me feeling ungrounded, scattered, and disconnected from my Earthly life.


The new way allowed me to connect with high starseed frequencies through my body and DNA. This approach enables potent cosmic frequencies to stream into your being and into this reality… bridging heaven on Earth. 

This breakthrough was made possible through a powerful spiritual activation gifted to me by my ancestors and star family at the Bosnian Pyramids on the Summer Solstice of 2019.

I opened myself to whatever was meant to come through, with less expectations… And then it began. 

The energy started in my heart. I experienced intense energy and love spiraling through my back from my ancestors to the stars.

I was shown the spiritual nature of DNA and how the energy wants to flow through and activate starseeds souls. 

Then my star family showed me a whole other level of embodiment and activation available to starseeds here and now, by clearing the ancestral energy so the DNA can be clear to activate!!


In this Starseed meditation, I will take you on the journey I experienced! 

As a spiritual guide, I believe that meditations and spiritual information should only be shared if it has been tested over time (ancient knowledge), or comes through direct spiritual experience. 

I have a strong feeling that it’s my duty to now share this process with you based on my life-changing experience.


The following POWERFUL Starseed DNA Activation Meditation will help you… 


✓ Meet your star family and the vibrational frequency of your starseed origin

✓ Feel more embodied, grounded, comfortable on Earth.

✓ Experience renewed energy, light, and inspiration for life!

✓ Connect with your inner-knowing, activate your spiritual gifts, and receive clarity about your starseed mission.

✓ Clear the ancestral pathways of your DNA so your soul essence can shine through! 


starseed human looking up at the starsNote that this meditation can be done many times. And each time it’s done, it will get deeper and more clarifying.

This meditation journey is 29 minutes of activation and cosmic connection! Normally $17,  but now you can get for only $7 (special launch price)!!


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What Others Are Saying About The Starseed Activation Meditation…

“My experience was VERY powerful. I ended up doing the meditation 3 times and each time I got a lot out of it. The first time my origin was revealed to me it came through in an unmistakable piercing Pleiadian energy. This is something I had never felt before (in this body), yet the moment I felt it I knew exactly what it was and for the first time in my life, I was confident in the fact that there was more going on with my soul than just this incarnation. The other experiences were somewhat similar and the energies were so potent that I couldn’t help but cry and get lost in the beauty of it all. Totally a 100% life changer for me and was quite an invaluable experience, I highly recommend seeing what this meditation has to offer you.”
Richard S.

“I am cried throughout this meditation. I feel the love deeply. Vast. Thank you!!! 💗”
Zlatka Z.

“The vibration of the energy was incredible, nothing I’ve experienced before. So much love, I feel much more empowered knowing that what I am doing is exactly what I’m meant to for my lineage and my soul. I have been sent here with a purpose and I’m stepping more and more into that each day, but this was a huge shift!”
Jenna C.

“I just did your Starseed DNA activation meditation. I have been crying a lot and still haven’t stopped. I felt so much love. I heard Pleidians. It was the moment I felt like I landed there I was so overcome. Anyway, thank you so much for that.”


More About Bridget…

goddessBridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and spiritual development mentor. She is a world renowned facilitator, international speaker, published author, and artist. Her meditations, online courses, Youtube videos, and in-person retreats support thousands of people through their spiritual awakeing journeys and gives them tools to live from the heart. 

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