Sedona Live Your Excitement Adventure

Discover Your Innate Value and Place Within The Human Tribe

Date TBA, Fall 2016 ~ 4 Days of Expansion in the Sedona AZ Vortex!

With Bridget and Kirk Nielsen 

Sandra Rolus, Patrick Haize & Jackie Grace   RESERVE NOW

laDiscover Your Innate Value

You are more amazing and have more value than you can possibly imagine. This adventure is about uncovering hidden value that is innately and irrevocably in you. It is also about finding the best ways to more fully express your unique talents, value, power and beauty.

  • Discover how unique and valuable you really are
  • Realize where you fit and how your part integral and essential to the big puzzle picture
  • Being your true self and embodying your unique expression is pivotal to the expansion of all
  • Open new ways to live and express your true gifts and talents and not settle for less
  • Find and remove blocks that may be preventing you from being your FULL joyous self in everyday life
  • Cultivate confidence and motivation to truly follow your excitement at all times regardless of the outcome
  • Open up, elevate, and clarify aided by Sedona’s vortex energy and the energy of the group
  • Make strong, deep and intimate connections within this group and with others

Bridget in shaman's cave vortex in SedonaPlayful Adventures and Activities

  • See Itineraries and Pictures of activities  and below
  • Hikes to Vortexes like Cathedral Rock and Womb Cave
  • Swim in the Creek. (If it’s not too cold. Bring your swimsuit)
  • Percussion sound bath by Three Trees
  • Guided meditations and Yoga on the Red Rocks

Group Exercises and Discussions

  • Building your Tribe and Community in your own everyday life
  • Human Design: Detailed reading and analysis
  • Color Your Essence: Intuitive creativity group circles
  • Dream & imagination mapping
  • R&R ~ Rest and Integration is very important!

Organic Nutritious Delicious Meals

  • You will be treated to organic, nutritious, gluten-free, Raw (mostly), vegan meals, smoothies and snacks based on Bridget’s recipes. They will be HEARTy to energize you for the day’s activities. The high energetic vibration of this food will not only nourish your body, but your mind and soul as well.
  • All meals are hand-made with love by the Harmonious Earth Community with foods that are in season and native to aid in connecting and grounding in the heart chakra energy of Maui.

Invest In Yourself

  • Early Bird Special price $895. Save $100 if paid in full by Mar 22, 2016. Price thereafter $995. (Only 12 spots available)
  • Deposit $195 holds your place. Click here to Pay now!
  • Balance Due after Deposit $700 if paid before Mar 22, 2016. If paid after Feb 28th, the balance due is $800.
  • Payment in Full Due 45 days before adventure begins. Accommodations extra, see below.
  • Reserve your place now. Our last Sedona Adventure, with a group of 12, sold out before the end of the early-bird period.

See more about Accommodations and Transportation below

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Sedona Adventure Itinerary

Wednesday Evening

Theme: Shifting Through Parallel Realities

  • Arrive in the early evening around 4pm to 5pm
  • Short walk to a high energy plateau and beautiful vista of Cathedral Rock
  • Mexican Fiesta Dinner
  • Welcome circle and ceremony to connect us as a tribe


Theme: Unlocking Curiosity, Joy and Creativity

  • Vegan Pancake Party (Click to view recipe)
  • Cathedral Rock River Vortex Swim & Meditation
  • Lunch
  • Imagination & Creativity Playshop
  • Free Time
  • Raw Pizza Party Dinner & Cacao Brownies
  • Sound Bath by Three Trees-Local Tribal Musician


Theme: Discovering Your Value & Puzzle Piece

  • Superfood Breakfast~ Raw Chia Porridge & Yummy Smoothies!
  • Womb Cave, Red Rock Hike – Vortex Adventure
  • Understanding REAL Value & Abundance Circle
  • Lunch
  • Who are you within the Tribe?
  • Free Time
  • Coconut Curry Dinner
  • Group Human Design


Theme: Imagination & Actualization Plan

  • Light Superfood Breakfast
  • Cathedral Rock Vortex Walk & Imagination Mapping
  • Lunch
  • Puzzle Piece Exercises & Embodiment
  • Painting the Human Puzzle
  • Group Dinner – Learn to make a Raw Puzzle Piece Pie!
  • Dance & Music


Theme: Integration and Being the New You

  • Brunch
  • Closing Circle, Reflections & New Life Activation Meditation
  • Departure

Sedona Live Your Excitement Facilitators

Bridget Nielsen

I’m “The Bridge”. For this retreat, my focus will be on awakening your creative possibilities and assisting you with practical/fun ways to embody them in your life. I love the discovery process of one’s core essence and gifts to share with the world. I’m honored and excited to witness your place in the tribe.

Kirk Nielsen

I love seeing people be their true puzzle piece. I am very enthusiastic about living my joy and assisting you in living your joy, and helping you to expand and be the most you can be. I do my best to follow my heart and trust what is and I know that doing that has led me to this opportunity of joining with you on this wonderful journey. It is meant to be…

Sandra Rolus

Sandra will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the adventure with experience in body de-armoring, womb blessing and meditative opening, she will help you open to your natural self. Click to read more.


Jackie Grace - Human Design Expert

Jackie merges graceful nurture with modern technology.  She decrypts people’s soul blueprints and templates of divine incarnational design, while holding space for one’s humanity. She fuses Earth and future with natural heath and intelligent machines, such as her quantum biofeedback machine.

Patrick Haize

As musician and sound engineer, Patrick will be assisting you in opening up our hearing and sound communication with the dolphins. He will also be supporting the group in anyway needed to go on our adventures. Click here to read more.

Sedona Adventure Fall 2015 – Gallery of Activities


  • Air. Fly into Phoenix Arizona Sky Harbor International Airport. Phoenix is 2 hours – 120 miles away from Sedona. Flagstaff Airport is a smaller commercial airport that is 48 min – 25 miles to Sedona.
  • Transfer from Airport by Shuttle. You can take the Arizona Shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona for $49 per person each way. The sites of Sedona are spread out with several miles between them and you will need some way to get to the sites and to where we are holding the event. If you are not staying with us, you will need a car of some other way to transport yourself to and from where the event is being held.
  • Car Rental. Renting a car is the best way to get from the airport to us, especially if you are not staying with us and you want to see more sites than what you will see with us. By the time you pay for the shuttle it is not that much more to rent a car.


  • Stay at a Hotel. There are many hotels in Sedona to stay at. This list is just some of the closer ones that are not to expensive. If you are not staying with us, you will need a car or another way to transport yourself to and from where the event is being held.
  • Stay with Us. We have a 2 rooms available at the price of $200 per room for 1 or 2 people for the duration of the event.
  • Camp Out. You can bring your own tent and camp out in our yard for $75 or there is free camping by the Creek about 25 min away.

Hotels Nearby

  • The Inn Above Oak Creek 556 Hwy 179, Sedona, AZ 86336 is 7.1 miles away and takes 16 min to get there. $80
  • Arroyo Pinion Hotel, 3119 State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 is 3.5 miles and takes 9 min. $108
  • Days Inn Sedona, 2991 West 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 is 3.7 miles and takes 9 min. $87
  • Sedona Real Inn and Suites, 95 Arroyo Pinon Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336 is 3.5 miles and takes 9 min. $135
  • Super 8 Sedona, 2545 State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336 is 4.1 miles and takes 10 min. $90
  • Sedona Sacred Rocks B&B. If you want to get outside of town my friend Meagan has a B&B with rooms starting at $77. You can call her direct 928-274-2811 and maybe even get a better price. It is 5.5 miles away and takes 14 min.

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What is Included

  • Adventure with the theme of “Live Your Excitement” for 4 days, connecting with 12 tribe members and the facilitators .
  • All Meals. Nourishing Organic Vegan mostly Raw Meals– Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks.
  • Land journeys to epic Sedona Vortices like Cathedral Rock and Womb Cave.
  • Group Sessions. Including your Human Design, Musical Sound Bath, and Living Your Excitement Discussions.
  • Transportation to the activities. We will carpool to the activities and need some of you that have vehicles to volunteer to help drive.

What is not Included

  • Airfare to Sedona via Phoenix Airport.
  • Transportation. Transportation from the airport to Sedona and from your hotel to the location of the event.
  • Lodging. Numerous hotels are available in Sedona, you can stay with us, or camp in a tent.

Be the Unique Puzzle Piece That You Are

You were born as an essential unique piece of humanity’s big puzzle picture. Without you the big picture is not complete. No one puzzle piece is any more or less than another. Who you really are has nothing to do with how much money you have or what you look like. The true you is pure joy, excitement and love. The true you is empowered creative and playful regardless of circumstances. For the whole system to work harmoniously each piece has to do its part. You came to Earth with a specific theme. It is your life’s purpose and journey to find what that is and express it the best you can. You do that by following your excitement, because your excitement and joy is the physical expression of your true nature. When you freely and fully express yourself you synchronistically attract the pieces that fit with you and help to create a complete puzzle picture that fits and flows perfectly together. People are valued for who they are, their gifts and talents, and not how much the have. It is a unified human tribe operating with a new new economy.