1 Day Galactic Family Playshop!

Making Contact with Your Star Family & Hybrid Children

Sep 13th, 2015 ~ In the Sedona Vortex, AZ!

This event, nor I are in no way associated with Bashar Communications. I simply love the channeled material.

With Bridget Nielsen

We are all already in contact with our star family What I will do is lead you through meditations and exercises to attune you to their “channel”. This 1-day workshop is designed for you to merge with the Sedona Vortex, and usefe0f3d84b72956bf1cb8f4e40e782756 intuitive techniques to allow accelerated communication with your star family.  Being in the Sedona dimensional gate amplifies your frequency to become more of your natural self person to make ET contact.

Morning Adventure – Sedona Vortex Immersion: 

9-11:30 AM, September 13th

I will guide you on a vortex walk the Sedona Birthing Cave. This place is a Sirian portal and activate clearer contact within you. We will do a meditation to sync with the Sedona vortex, and a visualization to energetically recreate ET contact.

Morning Adventure Only: $55

Afternoon Adventure – Intuitive ET – Art Workshop

1:30-4 PM, September 13th

In this workshop, I will share intuitive channeling techniques for you to become your own channel, and enable you to connect with the hybrid children and/or star family. I will bring through any messages for you and the group will also 76776_10151330289700808_1307034957_nassist as a communication conduit for ET contact interaction. Through the medium of watercolor, you will bring through a variety of energetic paintings.  No art skills are needed… We will be guided in a very fun, flowing and natural way! This is one of my favorite sharing circles, because the ETs always show up in the most curious and beautiful ways. 

Afternoon Adventure only $65

Retreat Value: $99 for full day, add lunch for $14 ($113). Click here to Register. Morning Adventure only: $55, Afternoon Adventure only: $65. Please reserve your spot in advance so I can prepare accordingly 🙂 

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