February 20 – 26, 2016

Your Pod Family for the Week!! 

Spending Money

Aside from transport to and from the airport ($20 each way), you don’t need to spend any additional money for the duration of your stay. We will take care of everything 🙂 If  you want added treats, here are a few possibilities that will be available.

  • Captain Cook Farm: One of the 2 days we swim from shore in Kalakaua Bay, we will visit a local farm to taste and experience the local island produce! This is a great opportunity to buy fresh macadamia nuts, coffee, fruits and all sorts of things to take home with you.
  • IChing Reading and/or Massage: Our dear friends Jennifer (massage) and Henry (IChing) live on the Big Island and are offering their gifts to anyone who is interested. They will be at the house one of the afternoons after our swim if anyone would like a session with them. Let me know if this calls to you and I can get you more details or connect you with them.
  • Sandra will be offering her gift of womb work including Womb Transformation (for men and women), Womb Power & Womb Blessing. Each one of the 3 activations is designed to target a specific aspect and together they create a very solid foundation for every woman who wants to life in harmony with her feminine power and wisdom from a place of unconditional love. Click here for more info on Sandra’s Website.
  • Original Paintings: I (Bridget) have painting quite a few original paintings of dolphins, mermaids and whales for you to purchase as a reminder of your time with the cetaceans. I am also open to painting an image of a particular dolphin (or whale) that you connect with on your trip!

Personal Responsibility

You are responsible for your own personal safety. All participants will be asked to sign a “Release of Liability.” It releases the organizers from being held liable if someone is injured. Use your own good judgement about your own personal capabilities and be careful and alert. We will be hiking on trails and swimming in the open ocean and there are risks involved. We will do our very best to make sure everyone is safe and assist you in any way we can, but ultimately you are responsible for yourself.


We recommend the you purchase travel insurance or make sure you are covered under your own personal insurance policy.  CSA Travel Insurance offers insurance that covers trip cancellation, sickness, injury, natural disasters, medical and more for around $60. If you feel called to get this extra insurance as an additional measure you will need to purchase it yourself.

KONA, HAWAI’I ~ “Getting To The Root of Contact”

This adventure is going to be incredible. Each person had their own unique experience with the dolphins which can lead to ecstatic joy, healing, release, deep integration, awakening or simple a fun experience. Together we will connect as a pod to embody more of who we are!  It is not guaranteed that we will swim with dolphins each of the days, though it is highly likely. The more we are open and intend contact, the more they will want to play with us. 

Nutritious Delicious Meals

You will be treated to organic, nutritious, gluten-free, Raw (mostly), vegan meals, smoothies and snacks based on Bridget’s recipes. No alcohol will be present on the adventure. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or have caffeinated needs. There are quite a few Europeans, so don’t hesitate to ask for certain teas or coffees to be provided.

Wonderful Accommodations

Amazing Kona Villa. See Pictures of Villa below. The Villa has a beautiful wide open main area for all 16 of us to gather for meals and do group activities. There are 4 master suites, 1 small bedroom for a single, and 1 media room made up with a bed for a single.  2 People per room. Couples will sleep in one bed and singles will have separate beds set up for them. The Kona Villa sleeps 10. We have a second house not to far away where the other 6 will sleep. It’s a nice house, but not as lavish as the Kona Villa. The 4 facilitators and 2 others will stay at the second house. Depending on how it works out, and who volunteers to stay where, you may need to rotate and stay a few nights at the second house. We will align you with a great roommate and place you where we feel you would be comfortable. If you have a preference of being in your own room (we have 2 of those options) or with a particular person, please let us know.

What to Pack

Yay! The tropics! That means bring light clothes, swimming suit, hat, sunscreen and a sweater or jacket for the evenings. The average temperature in February is a low of 70 and a high of 80. The wind can pick up on the boat, so bring a windbreaker or jacket.  The water temperature can be cold(ish), for those who are sensitive. Wetsuits will be available for our days on the boat. Feel free to bring your own rash guard or your own wetsuit top.  Snorkel equipment and fins are included in the adventure. Bring your own toiletries and a bag to keep to keep your things in on the boat, and when we are on our adventures.


We will be taking still shots and videos throughout the adventure! Our intention is to capture at least a few great pictures of each of you individually, and the group, in and out of the water and on land. If you want to bring an additional water camera or GoPro type video camera, feel free to do so! We will make the photos and videos available to the whole group. It will be greatly appreciated if you’d like to make a donation to cover the costs for our equipment and time in taking, organizing, and editing pictures!


Normally the weather in Hawaii is great and regardless of what it is, we will make the best of it and have a wonderful time. That being said, the weather is not in our control and we have no way of offering any guarantees or refunds in regards to the weather.

Our Home For the Week!

We All Dine Together

Relax by the Pool

Beautiful Ocean Vistas

Beautiful Accomidations

Itinerary for Big Island Adventure


Theme: Jump into the Volcano

  • Arrive Saturday Afternoon & Evening
  • Relax and settle in by the pool
  • Welcome Circle
  • Mexican Fiesta Dinner


Theme: Childlike Wonder

  • Tropical Breakfast
  • Morning Boat Tour & Dolphin Swim
  • Picnic on the Beach
  • Rest & Relax
  • Watercolor Play ~ Color frequency + Playfulness
  • Raw Pizza Party Dinner


Theme: Diving Deep into your Roots

  • Tropical Breakfast
  • Ocean Snorkel Swim from Kealakekua Bay
  • Picnic on the Beach
  • Rest & Relax
  • Volcano Lava Land Journey
  • Dinner


Theme: Coming Home To Your Star Lineage

  • Pancake Breakfast with Coconut Cream & Macadamia Butter
  • Boat Tour & Dolphin Swim
  • Rest & Relax
  • Watercolor Class ~ Connecting with Star Family
  • Dinner
  • Closing Circle & Celebration


Theme: Cetacean Contact

  • Superfood Breakfast~ Raw Chia Porridge & Yummy Smoothies!
  • Ocean Snorkel Swim from Kealakekua Bay
  • Picnic on the Beach
  • Captain Cook Farm Tour & Sampling
  • Rest & Relax
  • Fresh Thai Coconut Curry Dinner
  • Rebirth Breath-Work with Ancestral Soul Journey


Theme: Unifying Tribe

  • Coconut Yogurt Parfait Breakfast
  • Morning Boat Tour & Dolphin Swim
  • Picnic on the Beach
  • Rest & Relax
  • Soul Song & Toning Sound Bath
  • Dinner
  • Group Pow-Wow


Theme: Integrating and Being the New You

  • Snacks & Departure

Raw Pizza Party!

Exotic Flavors

Yummy Healthy Breakfasts!

Native Island Foods

Your Big Island Adventure Facilitators

Kirk Nielsen

I love seeing people be their true puzzle piece. I am very enthusiastic about living my joy and assisting you in living your joy, and helping you to expand and be the most you can be. I do my best to follow my heart and trust what is and I know that doing that has led me to this opportunity of joining with you on this wonderful journey. It is meant to be…

Bridget Nielsen

My focus is to awakening new treasures within your consciousness. I am thrilled to bridge your introduction with the Cetaceans to make “first contact” and open up your communication with them.  I am excited to explore your roots and connections through our activities, artwork and more!


With 20 years in the water with dolphins & whales, Joe is excited to share his intimate expertise with our pod. He is a shamanic nature guide and dolphin whisperer who loves giving people fun adventures that invigorate, inspire and uplift.

Sandra Rolus

Sandra will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the adventure With experience in body de-armoring, womb blessing and meditative opening, she will help you open to your natural self. Click to read more.

Patrick Haize

As musician and sound engineer, Patrick will be assisting you in opening up our hearing and sound communication with the dolphins. He will also be supporting the group in anyway needed to go on our adventures. Click here to read more.

Our Home for the Week

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