Amsterdam Adventure with Bridget

“Weekend Playshop Exploring Your Starlight Soul”

September  16-17th, 2017

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This adventure is dedicated to those with a cosmic heart!  During our 2 days, together we will utilize this dedicated space to enliven and awaken more of your starseed self, while blooming into grounded manifestation in this dimension. In this moment, our transformation extends beyond our individual selves and invites us to come together in tribe and community.  We set a very loving and safe container to express your experiences and soul desires. See itinerary below!


Connective Cosmic Playshops!

  • Hybrid Children Exploration
  • Cosmic Tribe Experiencer Circle & Community Connection
  • Color Your Star Essence – Intuitive Art PlayShop
  • Starseed Mission and Grounding Session
  • Star Lineage Discovery
  • Land Exploration and Connection

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Amsterdam Playshop Itinerary

Saturday, September 16th

8:30 Check-in

Morning PlayShop, 9-12AM: In this session, we will begin the group container with an opening circle. I will share an introduction to the idea of hybrid children, what they mean to humanity, contact techniques, including a meditation to connect with them! We will talk about discernment and trusting your psychic abilities.

Lunch – 12-2PM

Afternoon PlayShop, 2-5PM: The afternoon session is an intuitive art playshop, where I will share techniques to connect with your intuition and channeling abilities. Through this creative medium, we will connect with our galactic counterparts, star family, and hybrid children!


Sunday, September 17th

Morning PlayShop, 9-12AM: This session is dedicated to sharing and expressing your own otherworldly experiences, or dream memories, to ground a cosmic reality in a supportive group space. We will also be explore the importance of soul mission, how to discover what your unique gift is, and what you have to contribute to Earth and humanity at this time!

Lunch – 12-2PM

Afternoon PlayShop 2-5PM: This session is a special treat! There will be a Q&A session, channeling, and meditation with special guests Gabe Salomon & Wieteke Koolhof. We will wrap up our weekend with a closing, sharing circle. 


Your Guide ~ Bridget Nielsen

I am thrilled to be the Bridge(ET) between you and your galactic family. In 2011, I started engaging with the ideas of ETs and star family. Once they entered my world, I began remembering my experiences, quickly waking up to my connection with the hybrid children. I dedicated much of my soul mission to ET disclosure as well as awakening many (including myself) to their true cosmic natures. I am excited to share techniques I have learned to commune, and more importantly, facilitate the space and frequency for allowing you to unlock and remember your own contact encounters. This adventure is also an opportunity to share and ground the experiences!!

Special Guest Speakers! 

Wieteke ★ Koolhof

Het is mijn diepgevoelde passie om het contact met mijn gids Arjun van de Yahyel, te delen vanuit mijn werk als zijnde lichtwerker/channel. Mijn gids heeft mij laten weten een liefdevol contact specialist te zijn tussen ons (Aarde) en zijn eigen mensen (de Yahyel) in samenwerking met (onder andere) onze kosmische familieleden van Sirius en de Pleiaden. Click to Explore More!

Gabe ★ Salomon

I AM Gabe, messenger of divine love and universal creativity! I have come forth into the physical existence to bring tidings of the new world. I come bearing many gifts, such as my ability to act as a bridge between the native ancestral spirit and the greater galactic community. Click Here to Explore More!


  • Fly or Drive. There are inexpensive flights from most places in Europe that fly into Amsterdam Airport – Schiphol.


  • Stay at a Hotel or Airbnb. There are many hotels and Airbnb’s in Amsterdam in every price range. If you have a choice, I suggest staying in Central or NW Amsterdam which will be closer to the event location.



  • Deposit 145 holds your place. Click here to Pay Please note that deposits are non-refundable unless we can fill your spot before the adventure begins!
  • Adventure Price is €350. Click Here to Sign Up Now! Receive €50 off by joining my Patreon ($1 or more/mo).
  • Balance after deposit €205, due14 days before adventure begins (September 1st).

What is Included

  • 2 Day Adventure with the theme of “Exploring Your Starlight Soul” including meditations, painting and more!
  • Personalized Guidance from Bridget throughout the whole weekend!
  • Special Guest Presentations from Gabe Salomon & Wieteke Koolhof
  • 3 Intimate Playshops on hybrid children, star family, soul mission and more!
  • Intimate Group Connection with like-hearted people around Holland and Europe.

What is Not Included

  • Airfare/Transport to Amsterdam.
  • Lodging. There are numerous hotels and affordable Airbnbs available in Amsterdam.
  • Food. There are numerous healthy cafes to choose from.

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