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Instantly Release Fear and Anxiety By Awakening Your Divine Creativity

Introducing The New Intuitive Art Therapy Course By Bridget Nielsen That Unlocks the Secret to Navigating Stressful Times With Ease.

In this fun and powerful 6-week course, you’ll experience the meditative empowerment that is accessible through painting and movement.

Are you ready to let go of fear and anxiety? Are you ready to invite in more joy, freedom and relaxation?

Intuitive art is a great way to have fun, soothe worry, and calm your mind… Even if you don’t feel like you’re “creative” and you don’t think you have any artistic ability at all.

Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of people open up to greater levels of healing and creativity through art. Now it’s your turn!

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Unlock Healing, Relaxation and Stress Relief With Intuitive Art Therapy!

girl smiling with paint on her handsHey! Bridget here…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a plethora of emotions and in the past couple of weeks…

There has been waves of anxiety, fear, chaos, and unknown flowing in and out of my being.

One of my challenges has been grabbing hold of these amorphous energies and feelings so I can really process them.

I’m hyper-aware, due to my background in ancestral healing and energy work, that acknowledging and moving through emotions in a kind, conscious and compassionate way is really important to stop any trauma, numbness, disassociation before it begins. 

I think back on our ancestors and generations past, who went through wars, famines, and disease and I feel sad that most of them did not have the psychological tools, nor time or resources to heal while they were in the middle of the challenging times of struggle.

palette of watercolor paints and picture

Today, I feel we’re so lucky because we have everything we need to stay bright!! We can let the energy slide off of us like water, return to joy, and be pillars of light for our loved ones and the collective.

Now the question is, how do we do this?

Artistic expression is the KEY. 

It has been my medicine and the antidote during these chaotic times. 

Art delivers transcendence and breathes new life into the human soul. 

There’s a reason “art therapy” emerged because it’s such an effective way of connecting with yourself in a meaningful way.

The particular magic that manifests through the medium of painting is its invitation to express and examine feelings in a way that gets them outside of your body, mind, and energetic field so that you can look at them.  people in an art therapy class

It releases the literal energy, frequency, shape, and color of your emotions and puts them on paper for you to witness, honor and release. 

It may be more challenging for you to move energy at this time, especially with being stuck in quarantine, often alone, and away from nature, so this course will help you stay connected to others, move the energy, and fill your life with color and joy!

How we will use art to serve the world right now… 

beautiful watercolor palette and picture settingA big focus of this course will be utilizing the artistic process as a form of divination and channeling spirit. 

As the old systems and world crumble, the emergence of new solutions, higher frequencies, and new templates are available for us to bring through!!

Throughout history, art has foretold the emergence of human consciousness. How does one express the unexplainable? … The subtle frequencies, while newly born from higher realms, are only graspable through abstraction, sound, vibration and color, so it is, therefore, necessary for conceptual articulation to take place. 

The artist is the vessel, creator, and medium grounding the new frequencies for the human collective.

This is an inspiring magical course that will help you…


✓ Awaken your creative expression, joy, and inspiration.

✓ Release and witness your emotions in a healthy and empowering way. 

✓ Connect with spiritual guidance and high vibe frequencies of light.

✓ Relax, calm your mind, and feel uplifted.

✓ Stay connected to others like-hearted lightworkers.

✓ Practice compassion with yourself and those around you.


This Moon Course Includes:

  • 3 Wisdom Sharing videos about the moon

  • 5 Meditations – A special meditation exercise for each phase of the moon!

    intuitive art therapy class

  • Ritual Ideas 

  • Weekly Self-Exploration Journal Prompts.

The live calls begin on Sunday, April 5th at noon Pacific! The following calls will be on Saturdays and Sundays at the same time.

Each live call session includes inspiring, thought-provoking “prompts”, themes, or topics to help you relax, let go, express, explore and tap into the light. The calls will include painting, reflecting, sharing, and connecting with each other. The sessions will be recorded if you can’t make the live calls.

I am inviting you to share the prompts with the other people you’re in quarantine with – your friend, family, or children. You can lead our activities with them to help them relax and be inspired as well! 

Through the live calls and activities, you will have a safe place to play, experiment, understand, and connect with yourself in a new way. 


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Moon Magic & Ritual Course

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art therapy watercolor paintingWhat supplies do I need? You will need a basic set of watercolor paints and a pad of art paper. If you don’t have these supplies, you can order them online and while you wait, you can use markers, colored pencils, even a pen or pencil until your supplies to arrive.

Do I need to be an artist? NO, everyone is creative in their own way. No formal skill is needed. All that is needed is an open mind and heart.

Do I need to share on the live calls? No, but I encourage you to share. That way, we learn from each other, and you may as well have something to share that could assist or inspire others.

Intuitive Art Therapy Course

6 weeks of art and relaxation for only $87, normally 197!!