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You’re invited to join this transformational online program to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, Heal, Activate, and take your SOUL Growth to the NEXT LEVEL!

Instantly feel uplifted and inspired, so you can express more of your true self and remember your soul mission. Make like-hearted friendships, bond on group calls, and be an important node within The Collective. 

Hello and Welcome!!

You may have seen me all positive and “with it” on Youtube, assisting thousands through their awakening, but it didn’t start that way!

When I first woke up, I was deep in the matrix… just another ant.

I had a lot of wounds to heal and beliefs to shift.

I had trouble expressing myself, and was petrified of speaking in front of people.

I was also way too sensitive for the fast-paced craziness of Los Angeles.

But my biggest challenge of all was loneliness.

I remember walking through the bustling streets, with millions of people around me, yet experiencing no real connection. It was freaky!

That lead to more isolation and introversion. 

I completely disconnected from the very life I had worked so hard to create!!

It was only after letting go that...

I felt a spark of hope!

I felt my own soul… my energy, like a glowing flame, surged through my body.

No matter how much conditioning or forgetfulness I had taken on, the fire of my true essence can never be put out.

I started to feel spirit, and non-physical beings became my new friends.

Through resistance and fear, I explored all kinds of spiritual modalities, healing circles and I began remembering what I came here to do! 

My vibration shifted… I felt more clear and comfortable in my own skin.

I was still in the same physical location, but I was a completely different person.

I had to let go of everything I thought I knew, to create the opening for my true self.

This would not have been possible without the powerful tools, community, and vibrational support I discovered!

Luckily, I gathered ALL of these KEYS for you!

Here are just a few of the powerful, foundational keys we will explore in our collection that will make your spiritual awakening an easeful and amazing experience!

✓ Powerful Personal Development & Ascension Techniques: Accelerate your personal development path with new exercises, teachings and esoteric practices! I have dedicated the past decade to the exploration of various modalities, unifying the most valuable and potent ones to share with you in this collective!

 High Vibrational Energetic Support: Be constantly renewed and supported in the high vibrational energy of our collective. Experience more spiritual connection, inspiration, wholeness, and balance on your awakening journey.

 Self-Love & Empowerment: Be loved and embraced for who you are! Replace anxiety or empathic sensitivity with heartfelt love and empowerment. Have fun loving and expressing your true self!

 Soul Family Connection: Make like-minded, deep and beautiful friendships with people all around the world! Connect with dynamic souls to evolve and expand with!

The intention of this, the Soul Light Collective, is to be a cohesive representation of a mini-human collective. You can utilize this space to both give and receive support, so you can live a more purposeful life.

Part of the secret to this: You are part of everyone else’s wakening. You are a node. Your triumphs and tribulations… You are part of the key that unlocks the whole.

This Collective is dedicated to spiritual expansion and real-world, grounded integration.

WHAT's INCLUDED! What You'll receive Each Month!

This online Collective is an ongoing awakening support system and heart-expanding experience that is only available here, in this exclusive setting… just for you!

This membership is an inward and outward journey to remember and express more of your true self which requires a sacred container and that will be provided for you here.

Part of “knowing thyself” is to have the support, love and positive reflections of the other! Meet hundreds of other like-hearted soul friends to befriend and connect with on your spiritual path!

We’ll be exploring a myriad of monthly themes including Loving Relationships, Manifestation Mastery, Living Your Joy, Spiritual Healing, Starseed Activation, High-Vibe Health, Empath Empowerment, Aura Activation, Past Lives, and Life Purpose/Passion Exploration!

The Soul Light Collective is already packed with instant access to 6 months of awesome content including: Inner Child Activation/Healing, Third-Eye Activation, Astral Center Development, Lucid Dreaming, Connection with Guides & Angels, and more!! 

Upcoming themes include: 2020 Intentions, Relationship Mastery, Unlock & Channel Your Creativity, Abundance & Manifestation, and Elemental & Fairy Communication!

Pick and choose what aspects of the Collective works for you, and FLOW at your own pace!!! 

You’ll Gain Access To The Following Every Month:

· 4 New Personal and Spiritual Development Exercises or Meditations

· 1 LIVE 90 Minute Community Member and Q&A Call with Bridget

· 1 LIVE Masterclass Call with a Guest Facilitator

· Men's & Women's Circles - 90 Minute Calls Every Other Month

· Exclusive Facebook group and Discord Channel for us to connect, express, share and ask questions

· Instant access to an awesome archive of dozens of past calls, exercises. meditations and ascension tools

· FREE and Early Access to 1 or more of my upcoming courses per year ($300 value)

· PLUS receive a $100 discount on any in-person event with me.

Over $973 of value PER MONTH and you can JOIN TODAY for only $37/month OR Sign Up for 1 YEAR for only $297 (33% Off Special)!!

Last year this membership was $133/mo! I lowered the price by almost $100/mo. to make it more accessible to you!

I’m all about you! I created this the Soul Light Collective to support you! It is designed to keep you focused on your personal growth, so you can gracefully expand into more of your true self.

Make this Collective supportive to whatever you need right now :)  

Through the online FB Group and community calls, you will be encouraged to stay motivated and keep expanding!

The techniques and exercises will grant you more clarity and vibrancy, as you learn to discern and understand your own energetic system.

I guarantee this membership will take you to the next level of your self-expression and spiritual development.


For a limited time, you will gain instant access to the powerful and loving community collective. The doors will be closing in the next few weeks to create a tight container to go deep and transform together!

Hundreds of others have been in your shoes and went for it! Check out their testimonials below to read about their life-changing experiences and profound transformations from being a part of this program.

To get started…

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If you’re not sure, no worries… You can try out this membership and see if it is right for you! Your $37 is 100% refundable within 14 days, so there is no risk for you!

I’m looking for lightworkers and starseed ready to take their soul missions to the next level!

No matter where you are on your journey, you are invited. All that is required of you is willingness and dedication to show up for yourself and do your best to live from your heart.

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BONUS! Lucid Dreaming For Starseed Contact Course ($97 Value)!!

I’m super excited to gift you instant access to my $97 Lucid Dreaming for Starseed Contact Course for FREE!!

Dreaming is one of the best ways to accelerate your spiritual awakening! 

Are you aware of the sheer level of guidance, support, and messages that are trying to get to through to you??

An incredible amount!! You are so supported! It’s simply a matter of being able to receive it!

One of the best ways to receive energetic upgrades and communication with your guides, galactic family, and higher-self is through remembering your dreams. This course will give you practical tools that really work to help you do this!

Once you can remember your dreams, you can advance to the next level and develop dream lucidity. Lucidity is a “Creator" level of awakening, where you can sculpt your astral template reality and create whatever you wish in your physical waking life!

Remember you can cancel at any time within the first 14 days of your membership. I offer a 100% money back guarantee! Simply email me at bridget@bridgetnielsen.com and I will process your refund with no questions asked.

Are you ready to take your spiritual awakening to the next level?

Powerful techniques, exercises, and meditations are waiting for you!

A loving community with like-hearted friends are excited to connect with you!

Ready to get started?

Click the orange button to be a part of a powerful community of starseeds and lightworkers!


I’ve helped thousands of people around the world heal and transform in person through one-on-one sessions, programs, and group retreats. In this program I merge personalized, individual and collective methodology, in an online format, to create connection and accelerate transformation. To awaken we must shift on a personal and collective level. The container I hold and co-create with you allows this balancing to naturally take place. 

As this Collective grows, so will the membership framework. I see our group as living, mini-representation of humanity aiming to become whole again. I will thus be an adaptive facilitator open to whatever is needed for the highest good of the group to create intimacy and depth, which may potentially include adding more group calls, support, and techniques.

I’m at a point now on my path, and as a teacher, to serve in a bigger way. Aside from retreats and creating videos, this membership will be my #1 focus. I am present and here for you.


You can go at your own pace and do whatever aspects of the Collective aligns with your spiritual path! Feel free to just focus on the exercises and meditations OR express yourself and connect with like-hearted people. 




If one would ask me what this program is about? I don’t know if you can describe it...you just have to feel it, be a part of it. It is a journey in which you meet great people. But mostly it is a journey to meet yourself in a way you never expected. Bridget is an incredible teacher with such a deep profound knowledge and wisdom. She knows how to connect people... The techniques that she uses opened my mind and literally the course changed my life.



As a direct result of participating in this tribe, I've made friends, let go of thought patterns that held me back, and improved my verbal communication. I better understand my chakras and feel safe in my own heart and body. I've noticed that after this program and other personal work I did along with it, I replaced anxiety with unconditional self-love, resulting in love-based empowerment. You get out of Tribe what you put in: it's all up to you. This is a safe community, with tips and exercises built in, to help you become your best self.



Bridget is such a powerhouse and a shining soul, and so was the tribe in itself. It was amazing to become part of a group of very diverse, respectful, loving & supporting souls guided by Bridget. She always provided the needed space and support with a wide open heart and a great compassion. The information and the insights we got, the family we built and the content we created is so rich that no word comes up for it. It gave me the needed support in the perfect time. You can be who you are and be supported for it. You decide for yourself how deep you go. Thank you for this gift Bridget!



This tribe has been nothing short of amazing. Just connecting with like minded, deep, beautiful people in itself is something to cherish and be excited about. But on top of this you go over some really important topics and you and the tribe learn, grow, and share experiences and ideas off of each other. It's something really special! You can really gain a lot from this and truthfully it all depends on how much you want to invest in yourself, how much energy you put in is what you will get back 10 fold, not to mention how affordable the tribe is for what your getting! Also you know your'e in for a treat when you have someone like Bridget leading the way, It’s truly an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone remotely interested in anything spiritual or just taking a deeper dive into themselves.



This collective is sooo fun and sooo deep!! I absolutely loved connecting with people around the world and being part of a group of diverse souls with the same outlook and determination to evolve - it was, and as the group is still connected, IS incredibly inspiring, heartfelt and motivating. I was moved by watching the journeys of others alongside my own and how we all had our parts to play and explore in one big family. Personally I had a deep energetic and emotional overhaul that cleared out so many old beliefs and history from my system, both through the activities and the journey life took us on during the time. I felt really supported by both Bridget and the tribe in expressing myself both within the group and into the outer world, and unpacked my unique gifts and contributions as part of the whole. For me it has given me a new, bright and solid foundation on which to build my dreams, and a huge group of gorgeous new friends to build alongside with.

 © 2019 Bridget Nielsen