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2023 DATES TBA!!

Hey, Bridget here!
Let’s face it! The world has changed…
It was already hectic and challenging, but now it’s next level intense… Which also means, it’s GAME TIME!!
When 2020 hit I was in shock… The utopian dream of a healed, 5th dimensional world and awakened humanity seemed farther away than ever before.
I was confused, sad, angry, and lost hope for a time… 


bridget nielsen sedona
.Then I surrendered, listened, and tapped into the divine macrocosmic perspective to clarify the purpose of this life… in general and for myself.
This download, coupled with the blessings of having my dad and so many conscious friends around me, got me back on course!! We need each other for support and to stay on track, so we can face whatever comes our way!
So, I’ve partnered up with my dad for this retreat to gather, regroup, and articulate our individual soul missions… TOGETHER! 💪🔥
Message from captain Kirk (my dad), “I’m excited about being with all of you who come to this gathering. We will all gain more clarity about our purpose here… in this incarnation, deepen our understanding of how this ‘game of life’ works, become better at navigating through these times with grace and mastery, so that we can be in JOY and spread our light and love in a more potent way… and thereby be of service in the best way possible.
Utilizing Sedona’s vibrant vortex energy, this retreat is designed to help you expand your awareness, align with more of your true self, and have a blast with like-hearted soul family!  The ‘Sedona dimensional gate’ is an energetic sanctuary amongst the collective muck, where you will receive the perfect transmission for whatever you need in right now….
Whether there’s a part of you that needs to heal, be more fully alive, OR open to your “next assignment,” this retreat will gift you the frequency to empower the most magnificent version of yourself!



This gathering is a space to renew, have fun, and raise your vibration so that you can experience more joy and inspiration in your life.
Be ready to attune your vessel, release, and activate to receive upgrades and the embodiment of your true essence. NOW is the time to become a FULLY awakened human. We came to Earth to remember our divine nature, shine our light, and be of assistance to others. Are you ready??!!



‘I’ve never ever gone through so many intense changes regarding all areas of my life. And yet I feel a stability, an inner peace, I have never felt before. I cannot fully express my gratitude towards Bridget for providing and holding the space for me and the entire tribe to expand beyond ourselves, simply due to the density of words. Let me keep it simple by saying Thank You.”



Retreat Itinerary



  • Meet & Greet

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Opening Circle


  • Group Meditation
  • Vortex Hike
  • Lunch
  • Break – Free Time
  • Art and Creativity Playshop!
  • Dinner
  • ET Contact Meditation & Stargazing
sedona vortex retreat


  • Vortex Hike & Swim
  • Medicine Wheel Experience
  • Lunch
  • Break – Free Time
  • Group Meditation
  • Dinner
  • Breathwork Journey


  • Vortex Swim
  • Sharing Circle
  • Early Lunch
  • Group Chi Gong Session
  • Dinner
  • Mission Purpose Roundtable


  • Farewell Brunch
  • Reflections & Group Meditation

  • Closing Circle Ends At 11AM

Your Guides!


“I’ve lived in this sacred vortex for over 9 years and I am honored to guide you through Sedona’s transformational and activating energies!”

Bridget is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world.

She is a world-renowned facilitator and has hosted retreats in sacred sites around the world.  She is passionate about bringing like-hearted people together to experience a natural, high vibrational setting, described by past participants as life-changing. 

Playful Adventures & Activities

sedona vortex retreat

Daily Red Rock Vortexes Adventures

ET Contact Meditation

Breathwork Experience

Guided Meditations

Art & Creativity Playshop

Mission Purpose Exploration

Group Sharing Circles

Retreat House

Our family home is the retreat house this year and has trails out the front door!

The rooms available to rent are newly renovated, and the rest of the house has a big gathering area where we will eat, greet, and meet! 

There are 4 spots available (2 private rooms and 1 shared double occupancy room) starting at $150/nt.  Click on the picture to see slideshow of the house and bedrooms!

Logistics + FAQ’s

What Is Included
  • 4 Day Retreat.   Immersive retreat to raise your vibration and connect with your spirit in the Sedona vortex! 
  • Most Meals. Organic, Gluten-Free, & Vegan – 3 Dinners and 4 Self-Serve Breakfasts
  • Land Journeys.  Guided hikes and experiences through powerful Sedona vortices and red rock vistas. 
  • Group Sessions. Includes breathwork, meditations, sound healing, art class, and life purpose sessions!
What Is Not Included
  • Airfare to Sedona via Phoenix Airport.
  • Transportation. Transportation from the airport to Sedona and from your hotel to the location of the event. *If you’re staying at the retreat house it isn’t nessesary to rent a car.
  • Meals Some meals are not included. *There are always leftovers you can eat for these meals: 1 dinner out and 3 lunches
  • Lodging. Hotels nearby, you can stay with us, or there is tent camping in the surrounding area.
  • Air. Fly into Phoenix Arizona Sky Harbor International Airport.  Phoenix is 2 hours (120 miles) away from Sedona. Flagstaff Airport is a smaller commercial airport that is 48 min (25 miles) to Sedona.
  • Transfer from Airport by Shuttle. You can take the Groom Shuttle or Ace Shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona for $125 per person round trip.  The sites of Sedona are spread out, with several miles between them.  You will need some way to travel to the sites as well as the location of the event.  If you are not staying with us, you will need a car or some other form of transportation to and from the event location.
  • Car Rental. Renting a car is the best way to get from the airport to us, especially if you do not plan to stay with us and/or  you want to see more sites than what you will experience with the retreat. The cost of utilizing the shuttle service is not a significant difference in price.

*If you’re staying at the retreat house it isn’t nessesary to rent a car.

  • Retreat House. There are 4 spots (2 private rooms and 1 shared room)  at the retreat house starting at $150/night. Prices and details are given after you reserve your deposit. *We have 2 camping spots available at the house for those on a budget.
  • Stay at a Hotel or Airbnb. We have 4 nice rental rooms down the street from the retreat house, so you’re welcome to stay there as well (with no fees or taxes). Most accommodations range from $89/night and up. I can arrange for you to share a room with another participant if you’d like to share accommodations.
Cancellation & Refund Policy

You can apply some or all of what you have paid towards another retreat. This will be determined by the date of cancelation, the amount paid, which retreat or training you apply it to, among other factors. There are no cash refunds. We recommend you get travel insurance, in case you need to cancel or something unexpected comes up. 

Invest In Yourself!

  • Deposit $395 holds your place. 
  • Balance Due After Deposit is $900
  • Retreat Price is $1,295
  • Payment in Full Due 20 days before adventure begins.



Sedona Adventure

I really had the time of my life. THANK YOU dear family for the greatest Adventure ever! Everything was perfect! everything! the most beautiful dream ever!!! What made the Adventure unique, beautiful and profound was the group connection and I experienced what PLAYFULNESS means. Rosana Suarez – 4X Adventurer

Hawaii Adventure

My experience was a big mixture of challenges, love, overcoming fear, getting to know myself, growing my confidence and connecting with people who made me feel like I could do anything and I was worthy of anything I set my sights on. I’m changed forever because I came to Maui. Ruth Watson – 5X Adventurer


Amsterdam Adventure

The Amsterdam adventure was amazing!! It exceeded my positive expectancies! 🙂 Really! I expect nothing of life and love these surprises! I have even more clarity on my track now. It was amazing to see and witness a Self who already figured everything (a lot!) out. To see you the way you man eu ver, interact and play within a space of people and with people was like watching a dance. Beautiful! Nele Dewilde, 2X Adventurer


All Adventures

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of joining Bridget on a number of her adventures over the past few years. Without a doubt, I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life on them; from swimming with humpback whales in Hawaii to scaling Skellig Michael in Ireland as well as feeling the absolute serenity of the White Spring in Glastonbury.

Bridget creates such a loving, supportive & playful space for each of us to have our own unique experience. These adventures fill you up in ways I didn’t know was possible and leave me with a deeper understanding of myself.The connection too with the group is extra special – you meet people you feel you’ve known for lifetimes and it’s a joy to rekindle those friendships. Rob Watson – 6X Adventurer