Ireland Adventure with Bridget

“Rekindle Your Magical Spark” 

June 24 – 25, 2016 ~ 2 Days of Frolicking in the Emerald Isles!

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Rekindle The Magic of Your Heart ~ Write Your Own Fairytale Future

You are more amazing and have more magic inside than you can possibly imagine. 12657302_10100488299331106_1480232625327700950_oThis adventure is about opening to your own childlike playfulness and abundant creativity. We will free our hearts in the high heart chakra of Ireland and connect with the magical realms of the elementals and the fae. We’ll connect with Willa and the future realities of the hybrids in Ireland, creating storybooks of what we wish our lives to be!

Learn to listen, soften, slow down and attune your own sensitivities of wonder all around you.  Let yourself fall into a dream and reawaken as a new being.

We’ll be utilizing the stunning coastline along the Ring of Kerry, the Skellig Michael Vortex and the charm of Killarney’s nature to invoke inspiration and new life in each of us.


Playful Adventures and Activities ~ What You’ll Receive

  • Creativity & Art Fairytale Booksurl-1
  • Daily Meditations Grasping and Breathing in the Vibrancy of the Land, Your Heart & The Light Realms All Around.
  • “Ring of Kerry Experience” and Skellig Michael Vortex (weather permitting)
  • Connection with the Future Hybrids Upline, Celestial Blessings & New Earth Energies
  • Journey to Killarney’s Magical Waterfall and National Park
  • Intimate Group of Like-Hearted and Support “Family”!
  • Lots of Playtime with Bridget!

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  • Adventure price $222. There are only 10 spots available for this adventure so reserve your spot soon! Click here to Pay now! See more about Accommodations and Transportation below.
  • About Skellig Michael is a very powerful vortex and challenging to get to. We journey by boat, but the seas at times can be to rough to go so they will cancel all transportation to the island. It is our group’s intention to have clear passageway to this sacred site. If for some reason it isn’t open to us, we will spend the day on a journey around the wondrous peninsula of Dingle or The Ring of Kerry.

Ireland Adventure Itinerary

Thursday, June 23rd ~ Free Day ~

  • Arrive at your hotel in Killarney and Settle In
  • Shopping and Tour Around Town
  • Rest for First Group Gathering in the Morning

Friday, June 24th ~ Day 1 ~

Theme: Rekindle Your Magical Spark

  • 9AM: Meet at Designated Location in the town of Killarney & Carpool
  • Group Connection & Meditation at Killarney Waterfall
  • Killarney National Park Scenic Drive
  • Future Earth & Elemental Meditation
  • 1PM: Lunch at Muckross House
  • Creativity Fairytale Playshop at Banquet Room
  • Free Time ~ Tour Muckross House or Return to Killarney
  • 6PM: Group Dinner

*Saturday, June 25th ~ Day 2 ~

Theme: Deepening into The Joy of Adventure

  • 8AM: Drive the Famous Ring of Kerry Enroute to Portmagee (Hearty Breakfast Recommended)
  • 10AM: Take the Boat to the Vortex Skellig Michael (If available, weather permitting)
  • Adventure Around the Island
  • Group Vortex and Connection Meditation
  • 2PM: Drive Back to Killarney Along Ring of Kerry
  • 6PM: Meet for Group Integration & Painting Play
  • 7PM: Group Dinner & Closing Circle

*Our group can choose to Travel the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle Peninsula if Skellig Michael is Unavailable.

Sunday, June 26th ~ Free Day ~

Theme: Continued Exploration & Journey on Your Own

  • The Dingle Peninsula
  • Cork & Blarney Castle Tour to Kiss the Famous Stone
  • Cliffs of Murroogh Scenic Drive
  • (Towards Dublin) Wicklow National Park
  • (Towards Dublin) Kildare Sacred Site
  • (North of Dublin) Hill of Tara
  • (North of Dublin) Newgrange Sacred Site

Your Spritely Guide ~ Bridget Nielsen

Bridget Nielsen


I’m “The Bridge” and my soul essence is linked to this land being associated with the energy of Brigid, the Patron Saint of Ireland. The magic of Ireland has always bubbled forth in my in my essence and as a strong supportive ancestry. Many of us have strong soul lineages (other lives – future & past) connected to this land. For this adventure, my focus will be on holding a golden light container for you to awakening your creative capacities, and ignite into the aspects of you that are able to springing forth from this land, frequency and group. It is my honor to go on this journey with you where we will quest as one family ~ dining, playing and exploring together. 

Ireland Adventure – Gallery of Places We’ll Explore!


  • Air. Fly into Shannon Airport (1.5 hours from Killarney). Cork is a smaller airport and often more expensive, but is only 85.4km or 1.5 hours from Killarney. Dublin Airport (DUB) is 308km or 3.5 hours from Killarney.
  • Car Rental. I recommend renting a car upon arrival in Shannon to have throughout our adventure and before or afterwards to explore more of Ireland. We will carpool as a group around to the sites just using 2-3 cars. I welcome 2 other drivers who are excited to volunteer for our group. At least half of the group can take a train or bus from the Dublin Airport, or bus from Shannon Airport, and ride with me (Bridget) or the other participants throughout the journey. 


  • Stay at a Hotel. There are many hotels in Killarney to stay at. This list is just some of the ones so we can stay closer as a group that are not to expensive. 

Hotels Nearby

  • Coming Soon!! In Process! 

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What is Included

  • Adventure with the theme of “Rekindling Your Magical Spark” for 2 days, connecting with 10 tribe members and Bridget.
  • Land journeys to epic The Ring of Kerry, Torc Waterfall, Killarney National Park, Skellig Michael Vortex (Weather Permitting).
  • Art play & FairyTale Bookmaking & private banquet room. 
  • Personalized Group Meditations & Activities. Including future hybrid, high heart and magical elemental meditations.
  • Personalized Guidance from Bridget throughout each day!
  • Designed Days so you can flow and relax, with reservations for Skellig Michael (weather permitting) and healthy restaurant options for our meals.

What is not Included

  • Airfare to Ireland via Dublin or Cork Airport.
  • Transportation & Car Rental (Optional). Transportation from Dublin to Killarney and to our adventure destinations. I recommend you rent a car and we will carpool as a group around to the sites. At least half of the group can take a bus from the airport and ride with me (Bridget) or the other participants throughout the journey. 
  • Lodging. Numerous hotels are available in Killarney. I have noted the ones I recommend that will be in close proximity for our group to stay close. 
  • Food. We’ll be eating at various healthy cafes and restaurants as a group. You are welcome to go off on your own as well. 
  • Boat Fare to Skellig Michael. I have made reservations for our group to voyage to the island. The fee for this is 60 euros which you can pay me before the journey begins. If the weather doesn’t permit passage to Skellig, I will refund your 60 euros. 


Recommended Extended Itinerary ~ Stay a few more days…

Near Killarney

  • Blarney Castle Tour to Kiss the Famous Stone (outside of Cork)
  • Cliffs of Murroogh Scenic Drive
  • Galway- Daytrip to Arin Islands (ould need to stay in Gallway)

Near Dublin

  • Hill of Tara
  • Newgrange Sacred Site
  • Kildare Sacred Site
  • Wicklow National Park

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