I’m excited to share my top 11 high vibe gift picks for 2020.

I created this list for you to give others gifts that are conscious, useful, friendly to the environment, and all-around awesome!

These gifts are perfect for conscious, “spiritual” friends AND also great for your mainstream family!!

These items are a clever way of exposing the recipient to higher vibrations. Here we go!


Nourishing Organic Skincare

I love AnnMarie’s organic and wildcrafted skincare masks. I’ve been using this brand for over a year and love how my skin glows.

The Pure & Proven Set for Radiant Winter Skin includes a cleansing Charcoal Cacao Mask, aKaolin Micro Exfoliant, and a luxurious Illuminating Pearl Mask. #stockingstuffer

$19 (Regularly $40) Click Here >>


Stylish BlueBlockers

I’m gifting these to each of my family members and my social media team last year! They have that Clark Kent cool factor and are super helpful for reducing your blue light intake.

I wear mine whenever I’m in front of a screen (I have the yellow lensed version) and experience a major difference in my mood, emotional balance, and dream recall. It’s important to note that cheap ones don’t block out the blue light, so I suggest buying ones with tested blue blocker technology such as these.

$99 + (25% Off through November 30th) – Click Here! >>


Crystal Jewelry

Jewelry is often a very loved gift, and it’s simple. This brand uses high-quality crystals and sterling silver to craft their beautiful jewelry.

Choose the perfect crystal that matches your friend or loved one’s energy! They have many different kinds of crystals including moonstone, turquoise, labradorite, Larimar, and more!

$27 + (55% Off Black Friday Sale) Click Here >>


Spiritual Healing & Manifestation Process 

Discover The RADIANCE Of Your Soul Through This Energy Clearing, So You Can Activate Spiritual Manifestation In All Areas Of Your Life!

By the time you finish this process you will feel lighter, experience renewed support, and spiritual guidance that will continue to create positive manifestations in your life.

$17 – Click Here >>


Gift Trees Planted In The Rainforest

This is the gift that continues to grow and create oxygen in Earth’s forests. This company is doing great work. Their mission is to rapidly accelerate tropical reforestation by inspiring and channeling women’s Nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.

£10 Plants 33 Trees in rainforests around the world! Click Here >>


Delicious Organifi Hot Chocolate

This is the best medicinal hot chocolate I’ve ever had! It’s organic, glyphosate-free, low sugar, and packed with medicinal herbs and immune-boosting mushrooms. 

This is the perfect ready-to-go drink for winter. All you need to do is blend it with hot water or milk and enjoy. Also, the flavor is off the charts! 

$69 (20% Off Black Friday Sale) Click Here >>


Guardian Angel Meditation

I love this gift because it is perfect for anyone interested in general spirituality or for someone who is religious. 

You or your loved one are just minutes away from effortlessly meditating with your Guardian Angel to melt away tension, sleep better, renew your mind, body, and spirit, and manifest blessings into your life.

$7 (Normally $17) Click Here >>


Synergy Organic Clothing

I switched my whole closet to organic, eco-clothing almost a decade ago! I feel a major vibrational difference wearing natural fiber!

Synergy Organics is one of my favorite brands! They have darling, high quality, free-trade organic clothes you’ll love!!

$25 + (40% Off Black Friday Sale or use code “BridgetNielsen” to get 20% Off) Click Here >>


Near-Infrared Light Sauna Therapy

I’ve had a near-infrared pocket sauna for over 3 years and it’s a game-changer. It helps me reset my energy, release stress, and ground into my body.

Near-infrared light helps to reduce body fat, promotes cell regeneration, increases energy, reduces inflammation within the body, improves circulation within the body, and boosts your metabolism.

$349 + (20% Off Black Friday Sale) Click Here >>


Sacred, Mother Earth Restoration Trust Coffee

The Coffee is likened to a homeopathic remedy which helps remind us of our ONENESS, serving to bring us back into UNITY as peoples of the Earth. Each plant is cultivated with cultural and spiritual values that preserve the sacred balance of Nature and sustain life on the planet.

This Coffee is grown in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia and 52% of coffee revenues generated complements the communities in the Heart of the World persevering in processes to assure the permanence of their cultural identity by living coherently with pre-ancient norms as they carefully tend to each stage of the Coffee.

$15 + Click Here >>

Immune Boosting Chaga Mushroom Tincture 

Considered one of the most groundbreaking supplements discovered for its anti-aging, immune-supporting, and adaptogenic terpenes, from the world’s most unique mushrooms

I also love Surthrival’s ancient beauty tonic – Schizandra Berry Concentrate! It’s is made from 100% Organic, American-grown Schizandra Berries, dried at peak ripeness using a proprietary process to lock-in and maximize their Antioxidant Potential and Nutritive & Adaptogenic properties!

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I hope you are inspired by these gift ideas! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!