Glastonbury Adventure with Bridget

“Open to Your Divine Expression” 

July 2nd, 2016 ~ Gliding Through the Mists of Light!


A few more spots for my Ireland Adventure. Click to check it out 🙂

Ireland Adventure 

Rekindle The Magic of Your Heart ~ Write Your Own Fairytale Future

You are more amazing and have more to share than you can possibly imagine.
This adventure is about opening up your full expression so you are able to communicate and create whatever excites your divine self. We will open our voice in the Glastonbury, the throat chakra of the world, so we can sing forth, paint and physicalize the vibration of our beings into this reality. We’ll connect with the light lineages of Avalon, visit the sacred springs and take in the rich history of support in such a powerful place.

Learn to listen, soften, slow down and attune your own sensitivities of wonder all around you.  Let yourself fall into a dream and reawaken as a new being.


Playful Adventures and Activities ~ What You’ll Receive

  • Soul song, Toning and Throat Expression Circle
  • Tour of the Sacred Tor & Connection to Avalon
  • Art and Creativity Playshop
  • Meditation Connecting Glastonbury to Sedona & Other Power Spots
  • Sacred Springs Experience
  • Intimate Group of Like-Hearted and Supportive “Family”!
  • Lots of Playtime with Bridget!

Give to Yourself Click to Reserve Your Spot 

  • Adventure Price $111 (99€ or 78£) & Free Gratitude Meditation (July 3rd). Click Here to Sign Up Now! See more about Accommodations and Transportation below.

Glastonbury Adventure Itinerary

Friday, July 1st ~ Open Day ~

  • Arrive at your hotel in Glastonbury and Settle In
  • Shopping and Tour Around Town
  • Rest for First Group Gathering in the Morning

Saturday, July 2nd ~ Main Day ~

Theme: Opening Your Divine Expression

  • 9AM: Meet at Designated Location in Glastonbury
  • Group Connection at the Glastonbury Tor
  • Tour of the Tor & the Sacred Springs
  • Group Soul Song & Toning Circle
  • 1PM: Lunch in Town
  • Creative Expression Playshop at Gathering Space
  • Rest & Integrate
  • 6PM: Group Dinner


Sunday, July 3rd ~ Bonus Gratitude Morning ~

Theme: Connecting The Heart & Earth

  • 10AM: Free Group Meditation
  • The rest of the day is free to explore. More suggestions below…
  • Avebury Stone Circle & Westbury White Horse
  • Wiltshire for Crop Circle Exploration
  • Bath Thermal Roman Spa
  • Stonehendge CIrcle
  • Glastonbury Church
  • Solsbury Hill

Your Guide ~ Bridget Nielsen

Bridget Nielsen


I am Bridget and my soul essence is linked to this land. Many of us have strong soul lineages (other lives – future & past) connected to the Druids, the Priests/Priestesses of Avalon and more. For this adventure, my focus will be on holding a golden light container for you to open your expression, creative capacities, and bring forth the soul aspects of you that are springing forth from this land, frequency and group. It is my honor to go on this journey with you where we will quest as one family ~ dining, playing and exploring together. 

Glastonbury Adventure – Gallery of Places We’ll Explore!


  • Air. There are inexpensive flights from most places in Europe that fly into London or Bristol. London is 3 hours away from Glastonbury. Bristol is a smaller airport, but is only 54 minutes away. From mainland Europe- France, Belgium and Holland you can drive your car and take a ferry that is around $50 to England.
  • Car Rental. You are welcome to rent-a-car if you’d like to visit the surrounding sacred sites outside of Glastonbury. You can also take a train and then a short bus ride to the town.


  • Stay at a Hotel. There are many hotels in Glastonbury to stay at. This list is just some of the ones so we can stay closer as a group that are not to expensive.

Hotels Nearby

  • Coming Soon!! In Process!

Click Here to Reserve Your Spot


What is Included

  • Adventure with the theme of “Opening to Your Divine Expression” for a full day, connecting with many other soul family members from all around Europe and Bridget.
  • Land journeys to epic The Tor and the Red & White (if open) Springs.
  • Art Play & Creative Expression & private banquet room.
  • Soul song, Toning and Throat Expression Circle
  • Personalized Guidance from Bridget throughout each day!
  • Designed Days so you can flow and relax, with reservations for Skellig Michael (weather permitting) and healthy restaurant options for our meals.
  • BONUS Free Gratitude Meditation on the morning of Sunday, July 3rd.

What is not Included

  • Airfare to England via Bristol or London
  • Transportation from your mainland European country to Glastonbury or train from airport.
  • Lodging. Numerous hotels are available in Glastonbury. I have noted the ones I recommend that will be in close proximity for our group to stay close.
  • Food. We’ll be eating at a healthy cafes for lunch together and restaurants for dinner as a group. You are welcome to go off on your own as well.


Recommended Extended Itinerary ~ Stay a few more days…

Near Glastonbury

  • Avebury Stone Circle & Westbury White Horse
  • Wiltshire for Crop Circle Exploration
  • Bath Thermal Roman Spa
  • Stonehendge CIrcle
  • Glastonbury Church
  • Solsbury Hill

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